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DEES MAKE IT THREE IN A ROW by Georgina on the Inner

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It’s not clear how history will treat the current round of AFL women's matches between Melbourne and the Western Bulldogs but, in the meantime, why not bask in the glow of victory for a third time in a row?

Despite being held goalless in the second and third quarters, probably in sympathy with the men’s team in recent times which has had that honour on several occasions, the Dees won the low scoring game by eight points kicking 4.13.37 to 4.5.29.

The team got on top early to lead by 13 points at quarter time and fought hard throughout, as evidenced by injuries to defender Cecilia McIntosh (knee) and Ellie Blackburn (ankle).

Kara Donnellan picked up 23 possessions and emulated Nathan Jones with that hard at it effort which included four tackles on her way to winning MVP for the game.

Most observers were surprised at the high standard and it should not be long before we have an elite competition perhaps based on AFL lines. When that happens, the Melbourne Football Club will be recognised not only as the pioneering team in the sport for men but also for women.

When the men’s team knocked off the Scraggers later in the day, it marked a perfect weekend for the club with both Casey teams winning the day before.

Melbourne 3.3.21 3.8.26 3.11.29 4.13.37

Western Bulldogs 1.2.8 2.3.15 3.4.22 4.5.29


Melbourne Bowers Harris Phillips Swanson

Western Bulldogs Hope 2 Vescio


Melbourne Donnellan Swanson Blackburn Pearce Blackburn Bowers

Western Bulldogs Brennan Hope Anderson Hutchins Vescio Chiocci


Melbourne McIntosh (knee) Blackburn (ankle)

Western Bulldogs Nil

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Went early to watch the game.

Thoroughly enjoyed the contest along with about 5000 others.

Very impressed at the hardness the girls show and their skills.

Great win.

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