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During the week some of our readers would have received a survey from the MFC and the AFL, seeking their opinion of the Fan Experience, which has resulted in our senses being assailed by bright lights, loud music and boorish ground announcers.

Sadly for the Demon supporters they would be happy for some fan experience of the traditional type going to see their side compete ... perchance winning now and then, and even dreaming of the fan experience of the Hawthorn supporters who have witnessed decades of success both on and off the field.

But the only experience they got was another shellacking from a team that is obviously a premiership contender (again), and a football lesson on how very, very far the Demons are from being both relevant and successful in todays competition.

And that shellacking was delivered without the services of Luke Hodge and Jordan Lewis!

The opening two goals by the Demons pointed to something possible, before the Hawks had registered a major but the first two goals to the Hawks came from direct turnovers, as the Melbourne players set about destroying their own confidence. To finish the quarter they then piled on another four for good measure, as the players in Red and Blue in many cases stood idly by.

That was bettered again the 3rd with an 8 goal haul, and another 6 in the final term to round it out nicely.

Were it not for Tom McDonald and Col Garland the rout that was to ensue would have been even uglier. And yes, they made a couple of mistakes themselves, but when the ball keeps coming in so freely and often, they can be more than forgiven.

Similarly Nathan Jones played his guts out again, and seems to have lost all the promised support he had at year start. It certainly doesnt help when your ruckman cant hit the ball remotely near a red and blue shirted player. Or even to hit the ball!

What cant be forgiven is the unwillingness to run and run hard when needed by the Melbourne players. A classic example was when Gibson gathered the ball in the Hawthorn backline and delivered to Rioli on the wing. As Rioli ran forward to eventually score the goal, Gibson ran behind him all the way to the goal line, protecting him from any defenders. A look back to the Melbourne forward line saw Gibson's direct opponent still standing, looking downfield.

For the Hawks it is all about team!

The ruthlessness of Hawthorn has to be admired and their goal-kicking and field delivery is exceptional. Roughead, Gunston, Suckling, and Bruest have the most delightful kicking style and accuracy. The 50 metre arc is only a way-point to goal as they consistently make the distance and usually the accuracy.

Contrast that with the efforts of a number of Melbourne players who couldnt make either the distance or the accuracy from points well inside the 50 metre arc. While the overall result wouldnt have changed, another 5 or 6 very gettable goals start to make the score-line respectable and give some hope for the future.

But even if everything had gone our way up forward, the obvious holes and NQR players proliferate throughout the side. We have imported, traded and drafted some serious talent over the past 2 years, but when the names of M. Jones, Bail, Grimes, Howe and Spencer appear in the team selected, we can be certain that we are scraping the barrel.

The fact that we HAVE to play kids like Billy Stretch, Angus Brayshaw and then supplement them with other first year players like Aaron Vandenberg, shows the true lack of depth that the club faces.

Yet all of these first year players acquitted themselves admirably. That no one in the Casey lineup can or is capable of giving them a rest is a real indictment. By season's end they may well be burnt out, battered and deflated. Even more so when they realise what some players are being paid to run around with the Scorpions!

Contrast those NQR players with the performance, and strong marking efforts of Cam Pedersen, who truly took his slim opportunity to play at senior level and turned it into a sterling performance. He willed himself to contests and created opportunities up forward to not only score three goals off his own boot but give Garlett chances that wouldnt have otherwise happened. Then he pinch hits in the ruck and even gives us a couple of clearances that were non-existent for most of the match.

Hell be back next week, and unfortunately the list will be populated with more of the NQR players again. Losing Christian Salem to a hamstring makes the selection committee's job even harder as they are forced to put forward names that simply shouldnt be on the radar.

Worse still is the fan experience that the supporters will be forced to endure when those same players run out on the ground again, and perform to the same miserable standards that we have witnessed all this season.

Melbourne 2.0.12 3.3.21 4.6.30 7.8.50

HAWTHORN 6.2.38 10.6.66 18.8.116 24.11.155


Melbourne Garlett Pedersen 3 Bail

Hawthorn Roughead 4 Breust Rioli 3 Hale Langford Puopolo Schoenmakers 2 Ceglar Gunston Hartung, Hill Mitchell Suckling


Melbourne Garlett Pedersen T McDonald N Jones

Hawthorn Mitchell Hartung Hill Roughead Burgoyne Langford Shiels Ceglar


Melbourne Jesse Hogan (soreness) replaced in the selected side by Cam Pedersen

Hawthorn Isaac Smith (illness) replaced in the selected side by Jonathan Simpkin


Melbourne Christian Salem (hamstring)

Hawthorn Nil


Melbourne Billy Stretch replaced Christian Salem in the second quarter

Hawthorn Jonathan Simpkin replaced David Hale in the third quarter


Melbourne Nil

Hawthorn Nil

Umpires Rosebury Edwards Ryan

Official crowd 41,935 at the MCG

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Good report. A team like ours cannot handle to many injuries. Two number 2 picks - Trengove and Petracca with long termers. Petracca was said to be a once in a generation players by at least one TAC manager - his development has been set back a year. Viney and Kent who both looked set for a breakout season!! Jetta and JKH out. Dawes and Tyson with niggles. Now Salem with a hammy.

We will not know for at least a couple of years how good our recent picks are:

Hogan, Tyson, Salem, JKH, Stretch, Brayshaw, Petracca, ANB and McDonald if they really come on to be special could push this team right up the ladder. Predominately outside players like Toumpass will thrive in a team which wins contested ball and delivers it well.

Trying to be positive!!!!!!

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