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On a Saturday when the Saints come back from 10 goals down, and the Giants beat the reigning premier, the stage was set for a fairy-tale triple header with Melbourne facing the in-form Sydney.

And while there was some sort of comeback as the Demons kicked five or the last six goals to add some respectability to the score, a first half solitary goal and a six goal deficit meant the match was over by half-time.

The only fairy-tale was a first game, first kick goal by Billy Stretch, but given that was all the Demons could muster in 50 minutes of football, only those supporters who believed in fairies had any hope of a resurgence.

The Swans showed the Demons what was necessary to play top-line AFL football but sadly the message will bypass many who took to the field. They are simply not up to AFL standard themselves and show no promise of ever reaching that standard.

Tommy Mac and Nathan Jones know what it is all about, but the critical observation is that the next best of our players, Hogan, Lamumba, Vince, Cross, Tyson, Brayshaw, Salem and Garlett werent at the club 2 years ago.

The team is still filled with the old guard who learnt their football from the likes of a player who had gone west and found out that discipline and commitment is a prerequisite to getting a game.

The simple lack of depth of quality in the side is now strikingly apparent. Many have questioned how Watts, Howe and others continue to get a game, rightly so. Stretch, a draftee who didnt play last week is called up to the senior list to fill a gap. Spencer is elevated to the firsts, yet cannot jump off the ground, kick nor mark the ball to this day.

And when Dawes and Tyson sustain leg/knee injuries during the game and can only move at half pace, the stocks become even lower.

Meanwhile, down at Casey who is pushing to replace these types.no-one of merit. The names that keep getting suggested on this site are those that have been tried and failed before. And so the senior list is filled with these NQR players.

The few glimmers of hope for the fans is that there is some genuine talent already here. Hogan continues to impress, Salem is poetry in motion and has that fierce desire to compete at all times. Stretch, even in his first game, was not overwhelmed and although still lightly built has skills similar to his old man.

Tom McDonald continues to grow each week and surely must be a certainty for AA selection on his current form. He has played on the best forwards in the competition and has nullified the likes of Cameron, Riewoldt, Walker and now Franklin. His determination and emergence as a player who last year had disposal and decision making problems is a true credit to himself.

Yes, the fairy tale wasnt forthcoming. Yes, we werent blown away by a team that played in a Grand Final only 7 matches ago, and that surely shows some improvement from where we were. And yes, there are some players who will develop into something special.

If we want some fairy-tales to emerge they will only happen with hard work. They wont happen for those players who are living the dream and nothing more.

For them the fairy tale will become fractured in 3 or 4 months time!

Melbourne 1.1.7 1.3.9 4.5.29 7.8.50

Sydney Swans 4.3 7.6 11.9.75 12.16.88


Melbourne Garlett Hogan 2 Dawes Newton Stretch

Sydney Swans Tippett 4 Kennedy 2 Goodes Hannebery Jetta McGlynn Parker, Pyke


Melbourne T McDonald Salem N Jones Hogan Vince

Sydney Swans Mitchell Kennedy Tippett Jack Parker Jetta McVeigh


Melbourne Nil

Sydney Swans Nil


Melbourne Dawes (right knee) Tyson (left knee)

Sydney Swans Hannebery (left ankle) Heeney (right knee) Lloyd (ankle)


Melbourne Watts replaced Pedersen in the third quarter.

Sydney Swans Goodes replaced Heeney in the second quarter.


Melbourne Nil

Sydney Swans Nil

Umpires Margetts Findlay Harris

Official Crowd 26,894 at the MCG

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