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It's only round one but things look promising for the Casey Scorpions who are perched on top of both the Senior and Development League ladders after resounding victories over stand alone neighbour Frankston at Casey Fields.

The elements were not conducive to attractive football with heavy rain and strong winds making life tough for the players for most of the day.

In the main game, the Scorpions effectively killed the match with a dominant first term against the wind. Their defence was tight and strong, constantly frustrating the visitors who managed a mere two points for the quarter and were stunned by the ferocity of their hosts in the early going. Cam Pedersen turned their opening quarter into a nightmare with a long goal against the tide and they never recovered.

When Casey's turn with the wind came, Aidan Riley had a purple patch with two early goals and, but for some poor kicking for goal, the massacre would have been complete by half time. As it was, the lead was insurmountable and, despite some improvement in the third term when the Dolphins kicked two late goals, they were swamped in the final term by a dominant but inaccurate foe.

Viv Michie had an outstanding game with his 29 possessions and nine tackles and Rohan Bail was classy at times with three goals including a classic effort against the breeze in the third quarter when he ran the ball out of defence, through the centre, passed it forward and continued to run all the way into the square where he retrieved the ball in a pack for a snapped goal.

Evan Panozza played a great skipper's game in defence and Jack Fitzpatrick was again outstanding down back with 22 touches and 11 marks.

The rucks completely mauled Frankston with Jake Spencer and Max Gawn (71 hit outs between them) far too strong for their counterparts. Gawn was also good up forward but his kicking for goal let him down badly. With a dominant ruck it was little wonder that the midfield had a day out. Michie, Riley, Matt Jones, Jimmy Toumpas, Jordie McKenzie, Jack Grimes and Scorpion Mitch Gent who was out injured for most of last year all had plenty of the football.

Billy Stretch looks a real prospect for the future. His run and carry into the forward fifty was exciting while lightly built Dingley recruit Luke Walmsley again showed his class.

The end result in the wet conditions - a 13.19.91 to 5.9.39 - was a just reward despite the inaccuracy but the Scorpions' real test will be in the weeks to come starting with a big test at the Whitten Oval against the reigning premier Footscray in a game which starts at noon next Sunday.

Casey Scorpions 1.2.8 6.11.47 8.12.60 13.21.99

Frankston 0.2.2 1.4.10 4.8.32 5.9.39


Casey Scorpions Bail 3 Pedersen Riley 2 Harmes Terlich Scott Gent Smith Gawn

Frankston Gardiner 2 Cavarra Irving Wood

Casey Scorpions Michie Bail Gent Panozza Fitzpatrick McKenzie

Frankston Wood Wilsen Foote Cavarra Pickess Hockey

Match Statistics

Rohan Bail 3 goals 1 behind 22 disposals 15 kicks 7 handballs 8 marks 4 tackles 1 hit outs 116 dream team points

Jack Fitzpatrick 22 disposals 15 kicks 7 handballs 11 marks 93 dream team points

Max Gawn 1 goal 5 behinds 17 disposals 11 kicks 6 handballs 8 marks 3 tackles 31 hit outs 118 dream team points

Jack Grimes 3 behinds 20 disposals 15 kicks 5 handballs 9 marks 5 tackles 104 dream team points

James Harmes 1 goal 11 disposals 7 kicks 4 handballs 0 marks 1 tackle 36 dream team points

Matt Jones 1 behind 25 disposals 8 kicks 17 handballs 8 marks 3 tackles 93 team points

Jordie McKenzie 26 disposals 13 kicks 13 handballs 3 marks 7 tackles 102 dream team points

Viv Michie 29 disposals 13 kicks 16 handballs 6 marks 9 tackles 118 dream team points

Cam Pedersen 2 goals 2 behinds 15 disposals 12 kicks 3 handballs 9 marks 5 tackles 4 hit outs 109 dream team points

Aidan Riley 2 goals for 29 disposals 8 kicks 21 handballs 4 marks 3 tackles dream team 101 points

Jake Spencer 1 behind 14 disposals 6 kicks 8 handballs 4 marks 6 tackles 40 hit outs dream 93 team points

Billy Stretch 24 disposals 12 kicks 12 handballs 2 marks 2 tackles 71 dream team points

Dean Terlich 1 goal 18 disposals 14 kicks 4 handballs 8 marks 4 tackles 80 dream team points

Jimmy Toumpas 26 disposals 14 kicks 12 handballs 8 marks 3 tackles 99 dream team points

The Scorpions Development League team established early control in trying conditions against the young Dolphins. The team has great depth although given the poor opposition, the game should not necessarily be taken as a pointer for the season ahead.

2015 AFL Victoria Development League

Casey Scorpions 6.8.44 9.8.62 15.13.103 17.15.117

Frankston 1.0.6 2.2.14 2.2.14 2.3.15


Casey Scorpions Waters 4 King 3 Moncrieff Morris Paredes 2 Battle Johnson Neal-Bullen White


Casey Scorpions Gains Morris Thwaites King Corrigan Waters

Frankston Tuddenham Bailey Valles Hammond Bastinac Halsall

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Warmsley is a beauty. I think they call him noodle but he is a real find. His game against Werribee was terrific especially after getting his head split.

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