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  1. I wrote them off weeks back, many did. Now they've beaten the top side of the year! and won the Grand Final!! I'd like to hear from Melbourne fans who aren't hater's of Richmond. I'd like to hear of how they enjoyed the Grand Final?
  2. Excellent year! Hope next year he stays fit and interested. I say interested because i think he gets dropped unfairly.
  3. Clean cut generally means well presented, orderly, predictable, trustworthy. Yes i have attended games this year, even though i live interstate. What Oliver is obviously one of your favorites, and many at Demonland it seems, so what? I used him as an example. I think he's good player. My point is i'm worried that there may be a club bias that determines a imbalance between ''brains a brawn'. It's a provocative hypothesis that i'm making.
  4. I like the sting in your tongue, it's Barassi esque!!!
  5. I agree with you about him being in our best 22. And I think you made good points about his season. I think there is room for him and Hannan in the starting team. I hope he gets going for 2018!
  6. I think he proved to be one of our top forwards. Glad to have him in our list.
  7. A great year. A clever and unique player. Very aware of who's around him when he has possession. Great forward pressure, good hands, good decision maker and great kick. He also seems to have a good temperament.
  8. I didn't know that. Funny. He became very important for the Lions.
  9. Is that your own football card? I remember collecting those! Pike was pretty to the point. Impressive career!
  10. My questions and examples weren't well framed. Yeah i was following, but very young.
  11. I don't think it's that strange. The purpose is to provoke some opinion. I've heard many Melbourne fans and other fans speak about Melbourne being too soft for years. And I agree with that. So I wanted to put in out there.
  12. Can't we instead call something more like the 'fearful arts of Brutality'.
  13. When Silvia and Moloney were in the team most of our team had a poor work rate. Not sure why your mentioning that with those two. And they were hard, they could crash pack When Silvia and Moloney were with us, most of our team had a poor work rate. Not sure why your mentioning that. And they were hard, they could smash through packs and hold tackles. People were loving Bugg's work, then as soon as he get's out 'Bugg'd' we turn on him. Clayton Oliver is great under the packs, but he has a way to go before i'd start calling him hard. He's courageous.
  14. To me there seems to be a trend where fans favorites are usually nice boys. Players like Bugg, Kent, Silvia and Moloney to name a few, may have issues with club rules, but having had too passive a playing list for so long surely they should be encouraged not condemned. In my opinion there's a club bias towards clean cut players like Oliver, Watts, Trengrove, and so on. Quicknote, I'm not slandering those players just mentioned. 'When the going gets tuff, what do we sing!' Thoughts?
  15. It's hard not to find your last two comments infuriating.
  16. I think he's better as a forward. Oscar definitely doesn't have it as a defender.
  17. Dusty's awesome, but whey're lucky to have Petracca. He's a similar player.
  18. She speaks well like her father did.
  19. Bruce doesn't wan't to let him go!
  20. Dusty's a classic!!! Cool and real dude!
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