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  1. Alright, alright, alright.... Let us remember, we are the Royals; so if it came to us wearing our clash strip royal blue, no problem.
  2. We're mostly playing well, but get screwed over by the umps!
  3. What a joke of a 'holding the ball' call!
  4. Authoritarian statement above. 'we are all trying to fix', who is 'we', and what are you 'trying to fix'? Are you another champion of 'anti racism'? The vast majority of people are anti racism, and are anti racist's who oppose racism without virtue signalling the fact. There is still racism is our society, and I imagine in almost all societies of the world. We should strive for equality together. So many sanctimonious posts on Demonland lately like 'we need to be more then anti racist'. Racism is a human frailty that hysterical keyboard behaviour, or actions isn't going to solve.
  5. I'm not interested in what you 'suspect'. You're quite arrogant to assume authority on the matter, and pre judge. Asking if anyone knew what was said is called gathering information. Obviously Walker said something racist. I don't need you to state what's plainly obvious, and keep your history lessons to yourself, there boring. Anyway, he'll get punished.
  6. Geez, you're going to a lot of effort to withhold information. Suit yourself. My curiosity is losing interest. I didn't realise the discussion was going to be so gaurded.
  7. It's poignant. It's information. It reveals more about his character, it reveals more about the story. Simple.
  8. It's a discussion isn't it? We're all communicating in text on a forum right? I'm noticing that through merely inquiring about what Tex Walker actually said it's raising suspicion and censor like responses like yours. Why discuss the story at all if you don't want to go into detail?
  9. Such blatant assuming behaviour you have, and you're claiming the moral high ground? You have no idea who I am, or where I come from
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