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  1. 8 minutes ago, Gorgoroth said:

    Colts beat Chiefs! 
    Raiders lose on 2pt conversion 

    Miami get the ball with 1:41, run it twice then throw!!which is incomplete, have their punt blocked for a safety which gives the ball back to the bills with 90secs and now a FG wins for the bills, bills get the ball to within a yard of the FGline, player tries for more yards instead of the sideline and they can’t spike the ball in time. Miami hold on.

    Bloody Bills, cost me the tips and more importantly a multi lol.

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  2. 34 minutes ago, Macca said:

    I've had a wide exacta as I'm not at all confident of landing the trifecta!!  F4 could pay anything! 

    Just got Pride of Jenni up so a decent start, DZ

    Anamoe & Nature Strip should both win I've gone for some value with trifecta's with both those feature races

    Anything that you like today? (mozz factor de-activated)

    Good work. Have Anamoe one out in the Sydney quad and a multi going Macca. Aft Cabin/Nature Strip/Sixbysixtythree. 
    Pretty much my picks for the day. 

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  3. 11 hours ago, Macca said:

    Time honoured Sir Rupert Clarke Stakes tomorrow

    Boom horse 'I Wish I Win' is the favourite but needs 2 from the field to scratch to get a run!!

    With the rain about that might happen

    Very open race, all the same.  One for the exotics

    Incredibly tough race this year Macca. Thrown a bonus bet on Showmanship.

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