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  1. I woke up this morning with a crazy thought that perhaps the club is a bit concerned about the way Mitch Clark may recover from his foot injury. Don't get me wrong, I pray this is not the case as Mitch is out most important and favourite player, but the fact that the club is targeting Dawes, Pederson and secured Hogan - maybe they are just stocking up incase Mitch can't play a full season next year? Thoughts? P.s I love Mitch and this probably isn't the case whatsoever!
  2. this was mainly in regards to the GWS and Gold Coast games, which one would think we have to be some chance to win.
  3. I know a majority of you will say this is nonsense and we need to try our best to win games for team morale, etc. But let's face the facts: Our list simply isn't good enough at the moment, we have too many battlers and/or players who are unwilling to give it their all for whatever reason. Whatever your opinion, if we have to take Jack Viney with a top 3 pick this year, it would be a disaster, no matter what his worth. We need to inject as much young talent this year and by tanking it means we will have at least picks 1 & 2 and will be able to pick up Viney in the second round. This means
  4. I'm going to be honest, I am completely devastated, bewildered and shocked at our lack of development in this early stage of the season but after watching the Casey game on TV yesterday, it looks as though we've found ourselves a potentially great midfielder in Rory Taggert. He disposes of the ball excellently by foot, does the hard things and wins his own ball; not to mention his finishing skills in front of goal. I know it's too early to call, but he is almost Dustin Martin-like in his approach and it would be great to have a player of this calibre after we made a huge mistake of not picking
  5. At the very least, omissions must include: Macdonald (loves to fumble and take the game on before he even gets the ball, not to mention trying to be too fancy when he does get it), Mckenzie (i will admit he was ok today, but ffs, learn how to kick!), Green and Blease. As for the inclusions: who cares!
  6. It is beyond me that at this day in age, guys like Mckenzie can still get a game. Sure, he has the ability to win an in and under ball and extract it by hand as well as lay a strong tackle. But we all know if you cant kick, you cant play. His inability to hit a target by foot and his hesitation to kick the sherrin is simply not good enough - not to mention his lack of pace. You may all say, at least he has a dip and put his body on the line. But who gives a [censored] ! You don't build a good team around guys who can't hurt the opposition with their disposal. It's time to get some real athlet
  7. Neeld was just interviewed on Seven News by Sandy Roberts and said that Jack has a slight hamstring strain and has completed his allocated amount of pre-season time on the ground. He is being rested this week and will be available for round 1 selection.
  8. I have been told by a very, very reliable source that Nicholson is guaranteed an upgrade for the start of the season. I can also say, without as much clarity that Magner was seemed to be ahead of Couch for rookie upgrade before the practice match where Couch was among the best.
  9. I got down to training for the last half hour and was super impressed with our kicking efficiency. Concluding the match simulation drill, the squad was split into 2, with one half playing 'keepings off' in a 50m by 50m square with only KICKING, while the other half was also playing 'keepings off' in a 20m by 20m square with disposal only by HAND (each group effectively had 2 teams of bibs and non-bibs). We looked like a totally new team with our ball skills by foot. The drill would last for about 7 minutes and the ball would only hit the deck at most 2 to 3 times. Can't wait for the season
  10. Could someone please clarify something for me...with this automatic rookie elevation, does this mean they are placed permanently on the senior list and are no longer considered a rookie or is it just for this year? Thanks in advance
  11. I went to training 2 weeks ago and Morton certainly doesn't look any bigger whatsoever. If anyone else thinks otherwise they are delirious
  12. I really hope we don't pick this guy up - he would be the ultimate list clogger Big deal if he came 4th in the Liston trophy, Shane Valenti won it and was an average AFL footballer at best. Travis Tuck struggled to play consecutive games at Hawthorn for 4 years; he has terrible disposal by foot and would simply be a terrible pick up considering we have Viney and hopefully another couple mids to come in 2013.
  13. chipa

    Best 22

    I cant seem to find a thread of our best 22 so please feel free to merge this if one already exists, but this is how i see our best 22 going into season 2012: FB: Garland Frawley Tapscott HB: Blease Rivers Grimes C: Bail Trengove Jones HF: Petterd Watts Howe FF: Davey Clark Jurrah Foll: Jamar Moloney Syliva Int: McKenzie Green Morton Martin Unlucky to miss = Bennell Jetta Bartram Gawn Would like to hear your thoughts...
  14. With the conclusion of Trade Week can someone please find out what draft picks the club now holds and how many players we still need to move on to use those draft picks? Additionally, what do you think will happen now with guys like Maric and Dunn?
  15. I haven't seen too much of MacAffer to have an opinion on his fit for MFC, but from what i have seen he isnt much of a small forward? Isn't he of a similar build to a guy like Dunn? Please feel free to correct me if im wrong...
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