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    Watching Flash Chase Down Forwards; Pickett off half back; Watching the new Schwartz - Mr Dunn. Seeing if Melbourne Can Go All the Way. Keep up the Tackling Boys.
  1. i dont think any of us had too high confidence against hawks.. come on newton 15 out.. should be first goal !!!
  2. +1 +1 - sad day another.... 70 points behind boyles kicked another one, its out to 64 points another one for hawks... geez would u rather be kane johnson locked up for peeing on the copshop in st kilda road... or the dees out on the G now... buddys 20 out in a pocket.. damn not another one, he's got it fk. dew kicks first goal.. its a procession jones kicks point early in 3rd damn could of had the first now its back to the other end.... equal lowest score against hawks.. and worst half time score since 1999... melbournes lowest half time score against hawks is 11 points.. dees at 10 p
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