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  1. I wonder whether everyone associated with the AFL, including a lot of people on this site, would want to have the game as an industry shrink by 25% because that is what such a decision would represent. The major factors in making the game so popular with television stations are : its entrtainment value and therefore consistently high ratings; the length of the game itself ( more revenue per game); consistent scoring and therefore plenty of opportunities for natural Ad breaks; and yes length of seasons. Reduce the season by 25% and theefore reduce income likewise. All these features give us a n
  2. Wasn't suggesting we SHOULD delist them. Far from it, if fit, I think Gawn and Tappsott have some of the highest potential in the club. All i was doing was querying how serious their injuries were and whether we may HAVE to delist them. Personally, I think the Gawn recruitment is one of our more far sighted ones, and one that could potentially be a huge contribution to winning a premiership.
  3. Sure the mid field has to slow the delivery down, but it also must attack. One of the heartening aspects of our play over the last three weeks is the attack coming from relentless running, speed of the ball movement and taking risks. If we think purely defensively against Brisbane we will get killed. We must thinmk positively and build on our strenghts as well as negate theirs. We beat them when they were last on the "g" against us by uncompromising running and all out attack in spite of J Brown being in sublime form. We can do it again.
  4. And another tall back in Rivers.For me, i'd put Garland up forward to provide a target, and put Rivers down back
  5. Remember, one of Bailey's few wins in the last couple of years was against Brisbane on the MCG with Jonathan Brown in full flight. If I remember rightly, Wonna was on fire that day. Go Dees
  6. no you aren't. In spite of my posting the "watts" post, I am very optimistic that JW will be another Royce Hart ie a GF match-winner. Watts, Scully, Trengove, Morton , Grimes, jurrah, pettard, sylvia, Jamar, and hopefully gawn will keep us at or near the top of the AFL for a decade starting in two years time. It doesn't really matter who is the best - they will all be in the elite.
  7. does this mean Tappscott, Gawn, Meesen, and effectively Jurrah are out for the season? Does anyone know whether any of the first 3s injuries are likely to be career ending which will lead to delisting? It sounds as though these injuries are pretty serious.
  8. Watching the Dees over the last several weeks, we are seriously small down forward and lack a key target. It is all very well against lesser opposition such as the Crows and Tigers, but it will be a real defficiency against class opposition. At the moment we have a class backman in Rivers playing in the 2's, and a class tall player in Garland playing down back. Garland has in the past provided a tall forward option very successfully. While Watts prepares himself, why don't we swap them. I believe it would greatly strengthen the team overall. Thoughts?
  9. Not a half bad team. Indeed a top 4 team IMO
  10. Wonna when fit will be a huge asset. We need a skilled hard at it crumbing forward, and Wonna in full flight is one of the best in the AFL. He has to though convince the club he will not break down all the time, otherwise he will be traded
  11. Brad Green bleeds for this club. God there are some silly posts on here sometimes. It is about time loyalty is honored and respected.
  12. I agree. The closest thing to Paul Salmon, well....since Paul Salmon. The russian and PS, what an amazing combination, particularly with Scully and Trengove at their feet.
  13. Well said. My point entirely. We should not pretend on this issue. The facts are there to see, and the coaches know it. Supporters should do the same.
  14. I tend to agree. I did not mean to imply he will not be a good player, but ido think supporters are entitled to query progress. Niknak to me is irrelevant. We have JW, and we have to develop him to his utmost potential. That is what this post is all about.
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