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  1. Nothing to do with leadership. Jones Jetta and Vince provide that but the sheep do not follow. We only have a handful of other players who can be relied on week in week out to perform The future is in only a few players hands. Hogan Petracca Brayshaw Oliver and maybe Weideman. The remainder may not reach the required standard
  2. Much discussion seems centred around the CHF position in a proposed side. I am now of the belief it is time to move Hoges to that position as he is so competitive and very mobile. Ideal for CHF. If Dawes is fit try him at FF as his marking is not great and others ie Kent Watts Garlett can feed off the spillages. In 2015 it was too easy for the opp to sweep the ball away from the HB line with Dawes in that position. Also a smokey for the FF position this year is King ( the older )
  3. Was at training today. Watched a number of match simulations. was quite surprised with the ball movement and accuracy of foot passing skills. Namely Vander Jones White Watts Oliver Brayshaw and Vince the most convincing. The standard dropped a tad after a number of the simulations and a few of the old habits returned EG dropped marks and mis directed hanballs under pressure. I did witness the Tommy Mac incident. One of the assistant coaches was kicking long high passes into the goal square where Tommy Mac was defending. He seemed to be collected by every player in the area in
  4. Let's be realistic guys unfortunately Mitch will be struggling fitness wise to hold down the position of a roamingCHF let alone perform stints in the ruck for some time this year. He is far too valuable with his accurate goal kicking to be running around attempting to keep up with a fitter ruck man. In fact I would early on consider Dawes CHF and Mitch FWD or even Pedersen to give him a chance to settle in to match fitness
  5. Most replies have included some new blood which should add skill and strength to a team lacking both qualities this year. I believe the match committee will go with best fit for match day. Having said that our backline is short on height with both Garland and Frawley as last line of defense. Garland is not a strong body player for the bigger fwds to be encountered. I would run with this team to cover most situations. B. Jetta. Frawley. Sellar HB. Watts. McDonald. Garland C. Howe. Grimes. Toumpas HF. Blease.
  6. In todays competition an AFL side requires 2 to 3 elite mids and up to 8 quality supports. i.e approx 50% of a side seeking finals action must have this number of quality mids. If we cannot achieve these numbers in the next few years we are no where. A certain amount of good luck recruiting and training is paramount for our success
  7. This is the team we should run with B. Tapscott. Rivers. Martin HB. Strauss. Garland Blease C. Bail. Trengove. Gysberts HF. Cook. Dunn. Petterd F. Green. Watts. Maric FOLL. Spencer. Moloney. Scully I/C. Jones. Howe. Bennell. Nicholson. Jetta. Evans Tapscott can share the kickins with Strauss. Blease to create run out of back line. Gysberts to provide extra skill in midfield Petterd to assist with defensive pressure in fed line.
  8. A few weeks ago some Posters were singing the praises of one new Draftee Troy Davis. The wraps in fact were as high that within a couple of years we would be grooming a future AA Key Backman. Since that time we have heard "Sweet Twadly" and in fact has not even been mentioned on Injury Lists or potential NAB Squads. Has he returned home?
  9. Hey Guys, Just have new Apple I Mac. Cannot access any Demon Videos from our AFL Site inc. The new Xmas Video. Any clues to what is required. EG any downloads of Programs to operate. All videos fron Newspaper sites work
  10. Seems to me that Jack is now well behind his mate Tom Scully in AFL development for the year. Is he stuggling with injuries or have we overrated his potential? I hope for the future that the former is the solution to his lacklustre completion to the year. By the way I agree with another Poster it is time to review Mat Bate to see any worthwhile trade available. Morton I am prepared to review on year end 2011 0 Report Back to top of the page up there ^ MultiQuote Reply Edit --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. Just a thought Guys. A great deal of discussion on this Forum tends to centre around the compilation & review of our best 22 current team. I believe an interesting measure of how we are travelling is to compare the side that represented us in the fateful 2000 Grand Final v The Bombers. For example how many of the 2000 side would still be considered for the "Best22". Eg Nietz, Farmer, Schwarz etc
  12. There are a number of players already who are a bit "iffy" to be considered for Round 1. I consider those players to be amongst: Garland, Blease, Strauss, Wonna( due to injuries) Scully, Trengove. Gysbers( due to being raw recruits) Of the newies I believe Tapscott may be the "bolter" due to his advanced physical development. My team therefore Backs Junior Warnock Rivers HB Grimes Frawley Bruce C Morton Moloney Davey HF Sylvia Bate Jurrah F Green Martin Bennell R Jamar Jones Jetta I/C Miller Tapscott
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