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  1. I think Bailey is a smart bloke, and will drill home this consistancy thing with Miller. He's played him down back, and he knows he's not up to it. It's not about if Miller can play forward and back, or if he should kick more goals, or to be aggressive or hold back, it's all about just focusing on playing consistantly well. I've had him on the junk pile for quite some time, but I'm hoping he'll start playing around the level he did against Freo every week. His time is right now.
  2. I once knew a girl called 'Connect Four', but that's a different story...
  3. Beau Waters is a beauty. Scoring or trying to score is all well and good, but the lack of accountability is always going to bite hard. I should know, after years of watching Daniel Ward and Adem Yze. PS was it Pink Floyd or Cog?
  4. McLean used to watch Essendon train. He's been quoted as saying he didn't support any team.
  5. And they'd be wrong. Craig Bolton plays for Sydney, one of the hardest tackling teams, ever. He also semi-knocked himself out on someone elses shoulder, had nothing to do with a hard tackle. Kerr is about as hard as they come, and got a freak corky-type-thing sliding for a tackle. The game was soft with no great defence (apart from the brilliant Scarlett). I can see though why you'd disagree with me, as that's exactly how Knights has Essendon playing, and you'd be used to it. Enjoy that, I'll enjoy the real stuff.
  6. High quality scoring, at best. Would've been nice to see perhaps 1 or 2 tackles, a feature of this great contact sport. The Geelong and Sydney players must've thought "grass roots" was being well and truly applied to that match, and it was back to little league days when you weren't allowed to tackle.
  7. <- I am the creator of that avatar as stolen from Demonology. New moves have been added for your enjoyment.
  8. I don't want Naitanui on our list. I couldn't stand having yet another player on our list none of the supporters can spell. Wonaeamirri Petterd Moloney Robertson Davey Miller (yes, some spell it Millar) is enough.
  9. Can't stand Brian Taylor, but my sarcasm dectors have gone off, and I reckon he attempting to be humorous. OR, sometimes he just picks any topic which all people seem to agree on, and goes against it. But I'd say he was trying to be funny. In any event, Wonaeamirri's goal against Brisbane was a fair "trick".
  10. It's no sure thing that Neitz will even be able to take the field again. From his tone and the tone of Garry the night he was on FC, and the week after, there was a lot of "I hope" "we hope" in regards to him being able to get back to play his last few games. Will it be worth it? Neita loves the club, he would've been caught up as much as anyone with the enthusiasm Aussie generated on Sunday. If Aussie keeps it up (pretty big IF to maintain that level) personally I reckon Neita would take one for the team, especially if his injury doesn't come along smoothly. He'd do it way before Yze would anyway. I've loved watching Aussie so far, and Sunday was the best, so I hope we see him all year. But like others have said, it won't be so bad if he has to be put back on ice until next year. Also opens the door for Maric.
  11. He should get a job on a sports radio station so people get the last 3 letters of his name right.
  12. That's the most factual thing I've ever read on Wikipedia. Is "clanger" on Wikipedia? If so is there a photo of Wardy?
  13. All of the above posters must be on a serious amount of crack and other narcotics because none of you mentioned DAMIEN GASPAR. An Eskimo kickin' a fish around would look like more of a footballer than that complete clown. And calling him a clown isn't an insult, apparently he was the funniest bloke at the club, humour must be very highly rated at MFC for DAMIEN GASPAR to have ever played more than a quarter of football. Worst Player Ever In History
  14. Why is it 3 words only? A tad lazy on the author's part one would think. I mean, Why three words?
  15. Good one. The way you jinx us I'll expect him to smash his face on someone's knee and wreck his back, in a Hird/Lyon type display.
  16. Davey will play. He's fully over his foot cramp.
  17. They've been spelling it like that for two years, you'd think they'd contact Brent and tell him he's not spelling his name correctly. Another thing that shits me is every week Robert Walls says Adam Fiora. Her name is Princess Fiora.
  18. You want height try Martin. You want speed try Frawley. We can't keep doing what we're doing though obviously. I'd rather Martin or Frawley get FB with Rivers in the team, the difference for them with or without him would be huge. Carroll can stay, but on a smaller forward.
  19. I'm going to bootleg copies of the Hawthorn match and sell them at the Comedy Festival. Should raise 12 bucks or so.
  20. How many goals did Franklin kick in his first final? And how many did J Brown kick in his first final? Reckon he might go close to Brown in his career, only lacks the intimidation. But yes, he's a [censored] and very hard to watch against your own team. But I'd like a [censored] with such talent on my team. Remember when Bruce kicks a goal, I know I know it's been a while, but his gangly, puppet on a string, knees hitting his chin celebration is also hard to watch.
  21. Funny how Moloney never rates a mention when it comes to leadership at this club. He's the only one out there with a friggin' heart and some determination, even when he's not playing. Also never takes a backwards step, hates losing, loves winning. OH, now I see why he's not up there with the likes of Bruce, Yze, Miller, Robertson... White... whatever other so called leader has been in that joke of a group... Neitz was a great captain, his career is almost up. Rivers, Moloney and Jones are the only ones I see fit to be leaders of this bunch of softies, perhaps Green if he didn't go missing so often. Rivers and Moloney rarely play, and Jones is too young for a club with no balls. What leadership (?) Edit: Brock has shown a huge lack of respect for rules, the club and the new coach. Born leader, also a born idiot, so he's on ice for a while.
  22. I agree, it was the only reason I watched it, but nothing. A 10 second pre recorded Hutchison interview with P Mac at least... anything... but no, bugger all.
  23. He still kicked a goal, this kid just doesn't give up! Can't wait til he actually gets a game this season, will kick 20.
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