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  1. We've got the list. I've seen enough to know that. Do we have the coach??? No f-ing way. For my thoughts on the game I direct you to this clip
  2. Hmm I smell a club suspension coming. Let's hope it's not true. We really need him against the GC as well, he's the one player that would physically intimidate their younger players.
  3. Ha this is what I don't get. The longer this kinda crap is dribbled out the more likely it is that Tom is going. Still can't believe all of this is happening.
  4. People are really getting carried. Everyone calm down. Essendon beat us by about 10 goals last year in a NAB challenge match. Interesting to see how the year panned out.
  5. Just got off the phone to an attendee of a bayside function that occurred this morning. Apparently there was some very positive chat in regard to retaining Tom. When Bailey was quizzed by the MC he responded that he was very confident in retaining Tom and that he would be in a dees jumper for the next 10 yrs.
  6. I remember running on to the ground after the game. Turning back to the members stands and watching the whole crowd singing yet another rendition of the grand old flag. It was quite a surreal moment and I don't think ever in my life have I been prouder to be a Melbourne supporter.
  7. Got a pretty big serve by some of the posters on here regarding his performance in the intra club. I thought he showed quite a lot however, worked well into space and made some great defensive efforts. The boy no doubt has talent
  8. Food for thought Jack Watts signed a new contract halfway through the season last year
  9. I'm tipping a very high finish in the b n f from the kid next year. Is it possible to say that Scully's year was underrated? We here on Demonland get carried away with the likes on Watts, Jurrah, Sylvia and co admiring there god given talent however when it comes to young Tom I don't think he receives the same praise. Perhaps it has just got to do with the way he plays his footy. Uncompromising and a will to win at all costs. As Matty Campbell said the kid is a ripper
  10. Good luck to him. Ha very odd.
  11. I'd be interested if we could get him cheap. Having him off a half back frees up Grimes Ha big if.
  12. Let's just hope we can get 22 games out LJ next year. If he does I reckon we make finals. We saw how dangerous he was in the last couple of weeks when he got some match fitness under his legs.
  13. Levi Greenwood looks pretty handy as well. Killed us in rd 22
  14. Totally agree with this post. People get far too carried away with height. It's how you play the position your assigned to that matters. Darling to me seems to be somewhat of an Aaron Hammil type. He could be the perfect fold for the sublime talents of Watts and Jurrah.
  15. Whilst it's disappointing I can't really blame him. The lure to be back coaching at your old club with a good mate would be too good to turn down I would have thought. Nether the less we move on with our young gun defence.
  16. Do you think Wonna will be more effective as a defensive small forward come 2011? I'm not so sure. Either way having Wonna and Alywn fully fit and up and about wouldn't be a bad thing. Pace kills. We only have to look back to the Sydney match for that.
  17. Jones surely won't leave. Just trying to bump up his contract and get a bit more solidarity in the side. Seriously though if Jones is unsure about his position in the best 22 he should train his but off over the pre-season and prove Dean Bailey wrong. Don't do the coward thing like McLean and seek a trade. Fight for your spot
  18. Morton isn't as bad as people make him out to be. I've got plenty of time for Cale. He did a bad turn over in the last because our forwards were stagnant.
  19. Lol god I know he has time on his side but when you look at the calibre of players taken in the 2nd round of the 08 draft Beams, Trengove, Suban, Ballantyne, Swift, Hannerbury makes you think we might have stuffed this one up.
  20. Sad state of affairs. However this just contributes to the steely resolve that the current admin has in getting our next premiership. Enter Jordan Gysberts I guess
  21. Bate is not being played due to poor form. He's slow and has the turning circle of the the Titanic. He needs to improve a hell of a lot if he wants to be part of the future of the MFC
  22. If true. Congratulations Dandeeman. Really inspiring stuff
  23. Lol why would Jordan Gysberts leave???
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