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  1. Trengove is on triple m at 5.30pm as well. Poor kid he's had to speak more about the issue than Tom has!!! Makes it easier to admire him
  2. Just having a look over Mark Kleiman's twitter account? Was he Tom's former manager? Anyway this is how his tweet went "cannot believe the crap i just heard on the footy show by Damian Barret & the deadline for Scully and GWS. Couldn't be further from the truth" Thoughts???
  3. Lol what? Are Melbourne aware that the GWS have made an offer to Tom? They may suspect it, but as long as Tom and his management continue to deny it there's nothing much they can do about it till the end of the year. The Bulldogs are rightly making a complaint because there aware that Callan has been made an offer outside the rules. Young Callan has been transparent about the issue. Considering the circumstances it's actually quite admirable.
  4. Really need to see who is in and out on contract to get a good grasp on it imo
  5. Lol honestly some people Why would you drop your #1 forward before the biggest game of the year???
  6. Oh thanks Freak for your insight into such a complicated issue
  7. It's going to be very interesting to see this unfold over the coming weeks. The media scrutiny will only intensify.
  8. Just out of interest who would have taken Dunn's spot in the 2nd half last year? He was in good form and deserved to be part of the team for mine. Won us the game up at the GABBA for one.
  9. Hmm I don't quite agree with your sentiments towards the conclusion of your post. If Tom is being offered a contract around the $1mill mark, then I hate to think how much more Pendleubry, Selwood, Franklin and co were offered. Still yet all these young superstars are happy to take their $500,000 odd contract and repay the faith which the club instilled into them. At the end of the day it comes down to the individual, plenty of big names have knocked back huge contracts to join GC and GWS.
  10. Another interesting thing to come out of the Connors video is the fact that he mentions that the CBA will drag on to at least late November. Didn't Tom originally say the reasons for delaying his contract talks was to factor the CBA into his contract??? Well what now? Clearly there is a very likely chance that the CBA won't be finalised before Tom has to make his decision.
  11. I just don't understand our forward set up at all. Is it to push numbers up, kick into space over the top and let our forwards run on to it ala Pagan's Paddock??? Also at centre bounces we start off in a fish bone type structure, however for the life of me I can't figure out why we start LJ off running into the square and not deep. I know who out of Juice Newton and Jurrah the opposition coaches would be more concerned about playing one out and deep in the forward line.
  12. Lol jesus christ the quality of posting has declined over the past few years
  13. Hmm don't they take draft position and future potential into account? Jon Ralph really seems to be getting stuck into the Dees of late.
  14. Thanks Rudeboy. I completely agree. Jones has done it a couple of times in previous weeks. LJ is our biggest weapon up front, why we don't isolate him in the forward 50 more often is beyond me.
  15. I was thinking the exact same thing today, Played a game against Carlton in 09 there and from memory did quite well
  16. Ha jesus christ. Good story though
  17. At least we have C Gar to help him through. Poor kid. Just not fair sometimes.
  18. Sling tackle on Dangerfield Pretty stiff I would have thought Huge loss
  19. Hmm there's probably merit in that.
  20. Well one thing we know is that the players respond to Jim Stynes on an emotional level. Seeing as there is a view we play without passion this could be a nice change up.
  21. Demonland is in meltdown. Ha it's quite humorous seeing all these outlandish statements
  22. i'm surprised by the angst towards Sylvia. I'd hate to see how much worse our midfield would be without him
  23. Great post. Honestly I don't care about how much we lost by last night, it's simply the manner in which we did.
  24. Out:Bennell (sure he does a couple of nice things a game, but it his work off the ball that concerns me. When was the last time he applied some forward pressure?), Morton( I'm not sure what his role is these days), Dunn In: Petterd, Maric, MacDonald
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