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  1. Harsh but that's the reality of it unfortunately
  2. Massive news if true!!! Success has followed this guy where ever he has been
  3. So Lyon chose Fremantle over us? Fair decision?
  4. http://www.sportsnewsfirst.com.au/articles/2011/09/13/ross-lyon-looks-headed-for-melbourne/ Well if it isn't our good friend Kim HACKdorn
  5. His name has been taken off the playing list on the clubs website
  6. These guys are less accountable than some of our forward line players
  7. Good call. Francis is really an idiot if he believes that. I chucked $50 on Scott Burns and that market hasn't moved one bit.
  8. Whilst I too am excited by the news last time Melbourne was involved in a betting plunge was when Chris Judd was backing in heavily over a 24 hour period to end up at Melbourne.
  9. Ha it is certainly going to be a very interesting couple of weeks following our last game. Here's my predictions * Scully leaves in a G.Ablett type press conference- "I want to get the best out of myself etc"= complete fluff, kid has been in it for the money since day 1 * Sylvia and Green stay * Scott Burns named coach a couple of days before the preliminary final in which West Coast will feature and lose due to his absence
  10. Lol jesus christ. For ppl who are concerned by this idiot A.Stewart I have seen numerous Melbourne players out on the town, by and large they are a very well behaved bunch of young men and are not under the the influence of any drug.
  11. Thanks very much. Does seem like an extremely odd direction considering that is one of Liam's strengths. You can be assured that I won't be spreading this info. I would also like to thank Rudeboy on your involvement with Liam. It's been a remarkable journey thus far lets hope there are many more memories to come. Cheers

  12. Great to hear RudeBoy. Was there any particular reason why Liam lost confidence in aerial contests? In previous season he's attacked the ball in the air akin to that of a pack busting full forward but as you said since the early part of the year up and till that unfortunate attempt yesterday it's been almost non existent.
  13. Will be interesting to see what happens with young Austin considering his latest set back. According to our latest injury update he won't commence training for another 3 months. Essentially he's already behind the 8 ball for next year. Nonetheless we need to retain at the bare minimum at least as a rookie. Have faith in Aussie he has talent.
  14. Winning football is exciting football to me.
  15. http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/newsarticle/tabid/7415/newsid/121574/default.aspx Whilst he hasn't put pen to paper just yet doesn't look like he's going anywhere. Thank God.
  16. There were some other players out on the [censored] on Saturday night and they seem to be playing.
  17. Honestly if people really think there is confliction within the football department they really have rocks in their heads. Since 2007 everyone from media journalists and supporters have commended the Melbourne Football Club for getting back on track. To suggest that there is a battle of ego's right now is simply ridiculous and to put in plainly is offensive to all the great work Stynes and Schwab have achieved. Yes the James McDonald sacking could have been handled differently, no doubt the Scully saga is internally getting on people's nerves and clearly Bailey is no sure thing to continue on past this year but FFS have some faith in the club, we've simply come too far to let inflammatory articles by the media destabilise us.
  18. I think the nomination process for father/son picks is before trade week. Meaning that when someone nominates Jack with their first rounder we have to match it and are thus unable to trade that pick throughout the duration of trade week
  19. Massive month ahead. I was talking amongst my non melbourne supporting friends last night and they were commenting that despite Melbourne being impressive they are yet to beat anyone of significance and until we do we truly haven't indicated to the AFL community that were the real deal. We'll have close to our best 22 out there over the next month and with a spot in the finals up for grabs we're in a great position to make an impression.
  20. Is he out of contract? If so rookie listing for mine if he's keen to continue his career. Were a football club not a franchise.
  21. Lol what will happen on the eve of rd 24 if he still hasn't signed to either club? Sad realisation that he is gone? Or a complete meltdown?
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