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  1. Does anyone else think it would be worth giving him a run on the half back flank? We currently have no run and carry players capable of making a good decision from the back half bar grimes and frawley and that's dubious at best. It also remains to be seen if Tapscott and Strauss will ever perform these roles. You only have to look at the Hawks last night and see how many offensive plays they make from their back half e.g. Suckling etc. Yes, old Col boy defensive abilities might get found wanting but jesus christ could it get any worst. At least it will force him to play rather than sulking round the forward line. Thoughts???
  2. Moloney would be poached under free agency rules meaning that we would get compensated via a pick. What do people think this would be? 18-30 for mine, which I'd take for a heart beat in this draft
  3. http://www.afl.com.au/news/newsarticle/tabid/208/newsid/102362/default.aspx There you go!
  4. Thanks RudeBoy Keep us updated on Liam's progress. We all really appreciate it. Cheers mate
  5. What an unknown quantity!
  6. I'm as disappointed with his development as anyone. But geez who else do you play?
  7. He played ok today. At least he has the ability to get the ball, unlike half of our list.
  8. Exactly right. Anyone who is hoping that GWS or Gold Coast are going to allow us to take Viney with our 2nd round pick is deluded. It's all about having a competitive advantage. But from all reports Viney would be top 5 in this draft so I don't really see what the problem is. We'll be giving up exactly what we should be.
  9. I'm led to believe that we have an agreement in place that the Collingwood assistant recruiter Jason Taylor will be announced as our head recruiter at the start of the 2013 season. My understanding is that whilst he has accepted to take on the role Collingwood has refused to release him from his contract, going against somewhat of an AFL convention that staff are free to pursue more enticing positions. This is why Eddie came out a few months ago in the media and threw that hissy fit.
  10. After all the crap, we're still standing. I'm proud of this brave and defiant club.
  11. This is going to get drawn out fellas. Buckle yourself in the Dees are in the news for another week
  12. When Gerard Healy implied that he had insulted the senior players by withdrawing them from the leadership group I could just feel Neeld wanting to say "mate did you see them play on the weekend" Luckily he showed some restraint
  13. What a legend. Very sad day but the world is a better place for having had him. You will be missed big jim
  14. We'll all turn up Round 1, we'll all pay our memberships for another year, we'll keep donating money at club functions and the like. The board will work their arses off to assure that we have top line coaches and facilities. It's the players turn now to show the same determination and grit.
  15. Hmm thank f*#k we have the 2 compensation picks and Viney coming through. Appoint Rendell and rebuild for the umpteenth time
  16. It's obviously very difficult to gauge where he will be picked up but if you believe the hype somehow I doubt he'll last to pick 36.
  17. The guys haven't even commenced pre season training yet???
  18. I'm not sure to think. Clearly we were never in with a chance with O'Meara however I'd like to see some more details on the Crouch situation. It does seem a little off.
  19. Would have thought the latter. I think everyone is getting a bit carried away with young Jaeger. There hasn't been a single hint from the club as to whether or not were even interested in selecting him. Maybe the club thinks its better to have 3 picks in the top 15 next year?
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