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  1. I'm staggered how many people overrate Martin on these boards Yeah the guy might have some athletic talent, but what has he done except for a 4 week patch in 2011. Furthermore, the guy is constantly injured and doesn't seem to have the ability to play through sore spots and niggles. I would take Dawes for Martin in a heart beat
  2. Honestly I don't mind it. Yes, he's completely past it, but who are we kidding? We need anyone who can play
  3. God I can't believe I used to admire this guy
  4. Players can't be traded in the first year when they have just signed a new contract. Herald Sun journalism at it his finest. BTW I would let him go at the right price, had a terrible year.
  5. We're in a great position if Gold Coast refuse to bend over. Could let him walk straight into the PSD
  6. Very interesting. I'll happily admit I was wrong. Thought he would definitely get another contract or at the minimum a rookie list position. Thank Barry, you piece of crap
  7. What were they harping on about tonight? I've completely given up on watching these tabloid shows. Not only do they provide nothing of interest but more often than not their opinions are completely baseless.
  8. http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/newsarticle/tabid/7415/newsid/146623/default.aspx Finally
  9. I've heard we are. Yes he's not the greatest player, but if he can play a role for 2 years then it will be a worthwhile pick up.
  10. Did anyone read Jay Clark's article in the Herald today. Anyway he seems to think that we are keen on Jesse Hogan and may give up pick 3 in the mini draft for him. What the article doesn't mention however, is what happens to Viney in that case, Quite a glaring omission. Anyway I assume if we trade pick 3 to the GWS and GC does the same with their pick 2, we may be able to pick up little Jack in the 2nd round. Something like Hogan, Mayes, Kennedy, Viney would be a pretty good draft
  11. Still there are plenty of others who would face the chop before Cook.
  12. I apologise for some of the inane behaviour on this thread RudeBoy. You've been a fantastic contributor not only on this forum but to the Melbourne Football Club. I wish you all the best mate.
  13. Keep Dunn. Efficient by foot. His booming kick can break lines off the back flank. He's much better than Petterd, Bate, Bennell etc
  14. This thread is laughable Lets just delist everyone! Idiots
  15. FB: Rivers Frawley McDonald HB: Watts ______ Grimes W:_____ Jones Trengove HF: Howe _____ ______ FF: ______ Clark _______ RR: Jamar _____ ______ I: McKenzie _____ _____ _____ These are the only blokes currently on our list who are up to AFL standard. It's a sad indictment on our club. it actually makes me feel sick
  16. McDonald suffered chronic fatigue and missed a lot of junior football. He then went on to dominate amateur football for Old Xavs as a 19 year old and was subsequently drafted. He was an immensely junior talented player and Melbourne were extremely lucky that at the time he was drafted Neil Balme had several friends who were on the coaching staff at the Old Xavs who assisted in getting him and Andrew Leoncelli across to the Dees. Magner is a 24 year old who was in the VFL system for 6 years before being rookied. His determination to never give up is no doubt admirable but to suggest that his pa
  17. For once Bluey is right. Anyone who thinks Magner has some sort of trade value is absolutely deluded.
  18. Have they? I know the Herald Sun inferred that they would???? But as to whether or not GWS/GC have actually stated they would....... I'm not so sure.
  19. These are the players who IMO have what it takes to win a premiership FP: Jurrah Clark _____ HF: Howe_____ Trengove C: Blease Gysberts Watts HB: Grimes McDonald______ FB: ______ Frawley Garland R:_______ Jones________ I:_____ ______ ______ _____ Those who could get there pending massive improvement Tapscott Cook Taggert Tynan Gawn Strauss Magner Davis Martin These players could there pending a miracle Bail Bennell Spencer Jetta
  20. He's in contract. Will be interesting to see how this unfolds
  21. It's actually almost laughable the lack of luck we have
  22. From what I've heard, he's effectively our recruiting manager for the 2012 season.
  23. It was embarrassing wasn't it. Good on Dunstall for playing devil's advocate
  24. I understand where you are coming from but jeez it could be worthy trying, not like it could get any worse with him down there. If I recall correctly he played a game against Carlton there in late 2009 and racked up a fair bit of the ball. Admittedly it was a game when Bailey wasn't overly concerned about winning for reasons known.
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