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  1. Dean Cox, Born August 1st 1981 Champion who in tandem with the Russian means that we would have the best ruck combination in the league now whilst developing the likes of Gawn, Fitzpatrick, etc. Simultaneously fills our desire for a gorilla forward (when resting) and less chance of us "breaking" the Russian with too heavy a workload. Why would he come to us? - desire to play finals again during his career (3 year left?) Why would the Eagles let him go?...their list needs a major overhaul and trading valuable commodities can expedite the process.
  2. has not set their status

  3. A little birdie just told me that the rectangular stadium sponsorship deal has been struck with AAMI Hopefully this will change our luck!
  4. Look, I have no idea if the information on Big Footy has any validity but the posters there state that for NAB challenge Week 3... "Dates to be confirmed - matches to be played at Mt Gambier, Subiaco, Morwell, Visy Park, Narrandera and Casey Fields". A lot of them are pie supporters hoping to being playing us at Casey Fields If anyone actually knows the where and when then please clue us up. edit: NAB Cup Semi Finals & NAB Challenge schedule
  5. Bouquet to the MFC. Delighted with my little daughter's Little Devil members pack. Especially the "Throw Rug / Blanket"... and believe me the Little one does like to throw! Will definately help keep her warm at the G Great effort MFC
  6. Yep, afraid you're right, time to get the kitchen scissors out boys!
  7. Possibly the most positively profound kick in the club's history since Froggy Crompton's
  8. The Phantom...slightly cryptic, not too much I hope.
  9. Who knows...if this gets out around the club you could become responsible for his nickname becoming Ella.
  10. True, but then it did provide the spectacle of some ferocious contested possessions! Overall a great night to be a Dee!
  11. Any truth in the rumour that Freo are renaming their social club "the hanger"?
  12. They didn't, you announced it in post 11 Loose lips sink ships...
  13. I mean when you're try to bluff, it's best not to show your hand, e.g. announce that your bluffing.
  14. Leon was a September wonder...I wonder where he went?
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