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  1. I’m with RJ. Every time Gary Lyon has taken a active role at the MFC, he has mucked it up. I have no doubt his heart is in the right place but his brain certainly isn’t.
  2. That’s right. There is no point in resting players in the first part of the season – which was when we won 10 in a row – and after that, the only games we had that you could pretty much lock in were WCE and North Melbourne. We should have rested a couple of players then, but how many players can you rest in one match?
  3. Lesson: “manage” players during the season.
  4. The real problem on our list is BBB signed to 2024 when he really should be retiring now.
  5. 1. Clarry will be niggled, poked, pushed, held, gouged and punched every week with no protection from the umpires. 2. The score review system will be crap again. 3. We will be motivated by this year and will win.
  6. I think some of us have radically different views about Goodwin (whom the players love) and season 2022 (2nd on the ladder - disappointing end but not really a TERRIBLE season).
  7. Two things: The May discussion - sounds like BS to me. Even if Steven May did that off his own bat, there is no way he would have been given a stern talking to about it since it was such a successful move. So somewhere the reportage must be wrong. The JJC comments about the last quarter – I have watched the replay too, and I agree with him. We were crucified by the umpires, but I accept that that is part of the game. What I also see is that despite everyone saying how fatigued we were, in fact, once we got close, we were running all over them. Which tells me that it is mental fatigue, not physical fatigue.
  8. I think the players were mentally fatigued, not physically. Look at the last 5 minutes of the SF - we were all over Brisbane because the sniff of a victory refreshed the players mentally. They were certainly physically fit enough!! But it Points to the need to manage players during the year, to keep their mental freshness.
  9. Yze to Essendon would be a disaster for him. That club is a coach-killer. But I don’t know why there is such love for him/distrust of Goody on this thread. There can’t be any doubt that Yze had major input into the same game plan that everyone is criticising.
  10. No player, whatever their draft number, is definitely going to be good. There is so much uncertainty about temperament, stability, vulnerability to injury… We remember the good ones and forget the duds, but there are plenty of duds.
  11. I believe we are entitled to be disappointed. We have the best list of players and we have had since the 1950s. Our performance in the finals last year was that of a side that was fast superior to every other team in the league. I believe we are entitled to be disappointed. We have the best list of players that we have had since the 1950s. Our performance in the finals last year was that of a side that was far superior to every other team in the league. But it is done now. I agree with the posters that say we were tired – I believe, mentally tired from playing the same group every week. For instance, Clayton Oliver looked too tired to shake his tag after 24 weeks of being harassed each game with no protection from the umpires. And we have a crying need for another KPF – I believe we have to let BBB go; he has helped to bring us a premiership so his job is done. Now, his ground play is simply an embarrassment. So we need to regroup, tweak the playing list, either get a great trade for Jackson or train him up to play a specific role (perhaps CHF, CHB or ruck-rover) and be much more prepared to turn players over during the season for freshness and motivation. I actually seriously believe that if we treat the next three months correctly, we will be unbeatable next year.
  12. On that assessment, how on earth did we kick 10 goals?
  13. Absolutely. He just isn’t good enough with his disposal for the middle.
  14. Unbelievable player before the knees. Better than Carey.
  15. I know I am ancient and useless at all electronic stuff, but can someone please tell me where I get my barcode? Is the number that came on the email from the club meant to be my barcode? I had a barcode last year but it is completely different. Last year, of course, we actually had membership cards which had the number on them!
  16. It’s absolutely stark, isn’t it? Of the top eight, six of them are in the last two lines of that table – that is, only played other finalists once or twice.
  17. Looks to me like: if we beat Sydney, likely to play Freo in a prelim (good for us) If Geelong beat Collingwood (they will) they play Sydney or Richmond in a prelim (bad for Geelong!)
  18. I love his dare. It lifts the whole team (and the supporters!)
  19. IMHO they are the dirtiest team in the league - snipers everywhere.
  20. I’m not sure that some of the things in this thread make a lot of sense. On other threads, there are massive criticisms of Goody for our predictable game style. I understood that Ooze was his right hand man in respect of tactics. in which case, how does that sit with him being a master tactician and great coach in waiting? my own view is the predictability is exactly what they are trying to achieve at the moment and given that so far we have won a premiership and are now in the top four and looking for a second one, it can’t be that bad a tactic. Another poster has suggested we need someone who can stand up to Goodwin. I thought Darren Burgess made it very plain one of the great things about Goodwin is his preparedness to allow those working with him to have autonomy, with his full trust. Just sayin’.
  21. Extraordinary. Check it out: the umpire manages to successfully bounce the ball on that mudheap!
  22. Geelong: $2.75 (and I believe they will be found out in finals, away from their home ground). Us: $4.00. Next team (Sydney): $7.00. Surely we are in this up to our necks!!
  23. Yes we do. JVR is showing nothing in this game. So yes, Smith. Tomlinson and Bowey are a class above this level.
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