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  1. They're a dysfunctional team, players who play the individual game and just don't link in and work together. A few who bash and crash in, a few who chase kicks....no structure, no discipline, no leadership, no game plan. Shown up by an opposition team who had all of those qualities tonight. There's 8 players in the team who are VFL players at best, that's another issue. The list has some talent at the top (but who do their own thing) but the bottom half are garbage.
  2. He's way out of his depth. Fremantle showed they have a plan, they're well drilled, the players know their role. Goodwin's team has none of that.
  3. He departed Collingwood following the rookie draft and has officially joined Melbourne. Terrific scalp for the Demons to get him on board. I'm sure the Demons will get something up following the christmas holidays office closure.
  4. Jack Fitzpatrick might have just set some sort of record...tonight named in the Melbourne, the Casey Seniors and the Casey Reserves team!
  5. I think he would be a good appointment. As good as some of the names being thrown around, if not better. Might come a tad cheaper than Malthouse or Eade as well.
  6. I may as well start it...time for the Melbourne Footy Club to show some balls for the first time in a while and get rid of this bloke. Zero improvement in the skill level over four seasons, and the lack of a game plan is concerning to say the least.
  7. Clearly not. They just signed Bailey up for another year...must think he's doing a great job.
  8. Expect an interstate game next week, then Casey Fields in a fortnight.
  9. Pretty sure Vic Park is booked for a TAC Cup practice match that day. So unless you are playing afterwards I doubt you'll be able to use that ground.
  10. oh please...I can assure you none of the other AFL clubs will be out there trying to poach Dean Who?
  11. Great work fellas, sounds like there's a bit of talent in the team and you're the envy of the other footy forums at the moment. Who'd have thought the MFC would have the largest batch of young people available to play for them - aren't we meant to have one of the lowest supporter bases among young people in the AFL? And WJ, well done on the coaching record.
  12. Richard plays for North Ballarat in the TAC Cup but is ineligible for this years draft. Les is his uncle.
  13. I think the opposite. If he was a tall, lanky caucasian kid getting six or eight touches a game and turning it over with half of them nobody would look twice at him.
  14. He will be a very good player, but I'm trying to say pick 2, or pick 3 or pick 6 could end up being just as good. Joel Selwood is a star and he went pick 7. It was all Scully and Butcher until mid year, and since Butcher dropped off it's really been a one man show. All I'm trying to say is that a couple of others aren't the length of the Flemington straight behind him and that is currently how the media are portraying it. Paticularly given the other contenders are interstate players and they dont generate much publicity over here.
  15. Can't happen now since WC won, but as I said the question was HYPOTHETICAL. I'm making a point about what is more important - PICK ONE or TWO PICKS INSIDE THE TOP FIVE. To me, two picks inside the top five is a better, more valuable prize than landing Tom Scully. HYPOTHETICAL. KEY WORD.
  16. I'm not convinced Watts will be a dominant player in the future no. A few players out of last years top 10 have stepped up and had a big impact already, Watts will be good, but I'm not sure he will have a better career than a few of those other guys. He probably will go at pick 1, but if I had pick 2 or pick 3 or pick 4 I'd be just as happy with what Santa is going to deliver me. Pick 1 is no where near as crucial as getting two presents on the big day instead of just one. Hypothetically, if you could have EITHER: - pick 1 only; OR - picks 2 and 4 What would you choose?
  17. I said two players, not one. As for Scully, don't believe all the hype. You'll get a star at pick 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 this year I can assure you of that. It's still a good top order draft. In your dreams maybe.
  18. In case you haven't noticed, the best player so far from last year's draft is Daniel Rich and he went at pick 7. A bloke called Joel Selwood also went at pick 7 not too long ago. Pick 1 or pick 3...irrelevant. You'll still get a good player. What is relevant is getting two players as opposed to just one.
  19. I saw the Sylvia one live, it pains me to say that it deserves every bit of three weeks. It was plain stupid.
  20. I can't recall bagging Watts. I did say at the time I thought Matthews was intitled to his opinion, whether we agreed with it or not and that Watts was disappointing that night and he's paid to say what he thinks. But people shouldnt be personally attacked for having an opinion, should they H?
  21. What a stupid thread!!! He's a third gamer, a tall developing player. Much like Watts. And I bet the footy club went into today with one clear instruction for every player on the list...GET INTO NIC NAT!!! The club had a lot to lose today if Naitanui dominated, it would have increased the pressure on Watts and on the footy department.
  22. Ordinary venue. And getting more and more dated by the year. The seats are covered in crap and the scoreboards are getting harder and harder to read. About time Collo spent some money on the place. I too got Row X on level three. Why should they tell you where you have to sit?
  23. Love the sarcasm darling. No players like waiting around for night games...but I still think they should take it easy on the day of a game. Again, Watts playing a Friday night game after he's been at school for the day isnt ideal. I know the club wanted his debut to be on Queens Birthday for financial reasons, but logically having looked at the draw the debut should have come during the school holidays - not debuting the day before a VCE exam and then playing second game straight after he's spent a day at school.
  24. I liked it. Hopefully they wear it again.
  25. Apology accepted. However, the reality is the next couple of weeks are probably the best time to play Jack because he wont have the demands of school and I assume he'll be able to spend more time at the footy club. He was at Brighton Grammar on Friday, watching his school team play in the afternoon having kick to kick with his mates on the ground at half time - like five hours before he was playing an AFL game. That's questionable management in itself, but I think we need to be aware how difficult it is to balance Year 12 and AFL footy and perhaps play him the next three weeks and then cotton wool - VCE study and Casey where his footy is still intense, but more "fun".
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