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  1. Love what he brings to the table. Always composed, keeps his feet, superb kick..... and he's tough! With 70 games now under his belt we have a good one here.
  2. Bumped into a Melbourne supporter mate yesterday, who went to the BnF night, and saw a girl there that he knew, spending a lot of the night with Jesse. Later when my mate spoke to her, she claimed "if there is one thing i'd say about Jesse, is that I think he'll go back to Perth". Obviously take with a grain of salt.. but thought i'd share anyway.
  3. Absolutely we need Jesse Hogan. Lets not forget the kid is 21 years old! To put that in perspective Josh J Kennedy is 28, Buddy 29 and even 'the best player in the comp' Tom Lynch is 23. Sure he can mope around times etc. but he is still a baby in relative terms... so give him a break, and watch him continue to grow and dominate! Wouldn't trade him for the world....
  4. What if the club and Heritier know he is finished... and this so called 'concussion' is merely an perception management type play... in order for it to appear he finished his career due to injuries rather than poor form.
  5. As i'm sure it's well known, rumours were about that Rocky was considering his options in the final year of his last contract and that Melbourne was a potential destination (i.e pick 2 may have been turned into Rockliff, rather than Dom & Salem.) After reading this article: http://www.couriermail.com.au/sport/afl/teams/brisbane/brisbane-captain-tom-rockliff-pulls--contract-proposal-he-made-to-the-lions-off-the-table/news-story/a3620679ca8679812858ff37e5bbcdf6 IF he decided to leave (e.g. Ryan Griffen style) could we dare? and should we dare? Given Dion isn't able to be lured.
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