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  1. 21 minutes ago, DeeSpencer said:

    Good for Casey, but for the sake of Melbourne we can’t carry so many experienced fringe players and VFL players chewing up important minutes.

    Casey’s first priority is to develop afl players and that needs to be reinforced next year.

    Jesus christ..... 🤦‍♂️

    They've just won a flag.

    Take this [censored] somewhere else.

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  2. 10 hours ago, 640MD said:

    Saints play the eagles

    Koroit are into their 8 straight GF. Lost the first, then won the next 6.  That’s the definition of a powerhouse club.   Support in koroit is total.

    eagles have Dion Johnston who played for the Casey demons a little bit. Other sides have beaten koroit this year but they are still in the granny.   So not as dominant,  should be interesting 

    Tim McIntyre still playing for Koroit?

  3. 41 minutes ago, dazzledavey36 said:

    Geelong are cherry ripe.

    They're just toying with the Lions. Watch for the dam wall break.

    Funny how Geelong look fit and fresh. Wonder if that's got to do with management of players through the season..

    Hmm funny that........

    Broken alright..

  4. Geelong are cherry ripe.

    They're just toying with the Lions. Watch for the dam wall  break.

    Funny how Geelong look fit and fresh. Wonder if that's got to do with management of players through the season..

    Hmm funny that........

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  5. Jesus I can deal with losing Jacko but to lose Pickett would be soul crushing.. he's one of my favourite players and he brings some genuine excitement and X factor to our team.

    I mean he's still contracted for another year so we do have the upper power. 

    Really hope signing guys like Brayshaw to 6 year deal isn't going to hinder getting contracts sorted for the likes of Pickett.

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  6. 23 minutes ago, WalkingCivilWar said:

    How am I to know you were being sarcastic, when I’ve read so many similar (and similarly ridiculous) sentiments, ie. Melksy only gets a game coz he and Goody are mates. And these comments are actually serious! Why is yours any different???

     And @dazzledavey36 you can FacePalm all you like, but you’ve had it in for Melksham since (at the very least) I’ve been here. Probs since he first came to us. You all need to quit the personal attacks. Seriously. 

    You've completely overblown this.

    There has been absolutely no personal attacks on Melksham in any form on this thread.

    It's been a pretty measured discussion from a football contract perspective and everyone has added solid discussion regarding futures of Melk and Hibberd. 

    I've been really careful with my discussion on here regarding Melk because we're discussion people's future so I've tried to be respectful and on topic with this thread, which is a trade and free agency discussion am I not right?

    How you saw @A F thread as a personal insult to Melksham really is confusing because if anything I took it as a sarcastic little dig at me which is totally fine and I did see the funny side in it.

    What's the point of having a football board if can't even have the discussion on point?

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  7. 1 minute ago, Scipio said:

    Really good to hear Leigh Williams doing well, I remember when he had that brain infection episode back when he was listed. 

    Yeah not entirely sure we gave him a fair go.

    He was delisted after only a year where it was ruined by that infection. 

    He's been an absolute brute of a goalkicker at lower level.

  8. Jeff Garlett's Albury Tigers team who have been an absolute powerhouse of the ovens and Murray were eliminated last week. Same club where Daniel Turner was recruited from.

    Leigh Williams who was a former rookie listed player, now plays for Yarrawonga and took our the league goal kicking. They're set to play off in a preliminary final.

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  9. 6 minutes ago, Scipio said:

    Could Goody's close relationship with Melksham have muddied his judgement re the contract extension? Obviously it's not entirely up to Goodwin but I do wonder about this.

    I have brought this up before regarding his team selection this year.

    To be honest, this is genuinely the only thought I have that may explain him being re-signed.

    Other then that, I'm still perplexed that this is under heavy consideration by list management and Goodwin..

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  10. 6 minutes ago, Accepting Mediocrity said:

    Hard to disagree with any of that Dazzle.

    But then, I was pretty vocal about wasting a first round pick on a highly speculative small forward (Kossie) over Brodie Kemp, and couldn't for the life of me understand why we'd pick a ruckman in Jackson at 3. Plenty questioned the recruitment of Lever and May.

    Our list management team have serious runs on the board. If they're chasing Grundy, they'll have a plan for how to use him. 

    I'll back them in.

    I agree.. they've got good runs. 

    Just feel we've changed tactic this year with the way we've list managed.

    Re-signing Joel Smith to a 2 year deal was the start for me.. and now the Melksham news and 1st rounder for Grundy just all seems to be a bit all over the shop for my liking.

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  11. 1 hour ago, mo64 said:

    From a list management perspective, the right call was to delist Melksham. What Melksham showed in the back half of the season was adequate, but he's hardly a lock to be best 22 next year.

    If you look at the make up of our taller forwards potentially next year, we have a lot of players with question marks. There's a lot that could be playing at Casey.

    BBB - Knee is shot.

    T. Mac - Had his injury concerns and is not getting younger.

    Weid - Seems like the coaches have put a line through him as an AFL forward.

    Joel Smith - Now playing up forward for Casey. Shown very little.

    Grundy - Shown nothing as a forward.

    Gawn - Shown little as a forward.

    JVR - Hasn't played a game, but we have high hopes.

    Fritsch - The beacon in our forward line.

    Melksham is a medium sized forward, which we badly need. But he's also old and slow, and doesn't change the dynamics of our forward line. Very few of our medium/tall forwards apply defensive pressure at ground level.

    I'd rather have chased a proven goalkicker in Gunston as an UFA, and not re-signed Melksham.




    I don't want to jump ahead but a small part of me is sensing our up and coming list management is going to disappoint a lot of supporters.

    Jungle drums beating that we're about to hand over a first round draft pick for a 29 year old ruckman as this is what Collingwood will supposedly ask for. If this is going to be the case then it's a huge mistake imo.

    I'm genuinely confused why we're putting all our eggs in the Grundy basket when our biggest need right now is a key forward. On top of that, we're then happy to pay at least $650-700k for his salary for the next few years.

    This amount of money could be saved to go on an all out assult on say a Harry McKay from Carlton or a Ben King from Gold Coast.

    All this just makes zero sense to me.

    Then to top it off we're now about to resign a cooked Melksham who was part of the mess that is our forward line.

    I have faith in Tim Lamb and co, but if the reports are true which they've obviously have been around the Luke Jackson departing all year and the Brodie Grundy recruitment then its concerning imo for our list demographic moving forward. 

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  12. Really disappointing to hear that we're set to recontract Jake Melksham. Michael Hibberd I can understand because he has been consistent with his form all year, but Melksham..?

    He's last couple of games showed that he's just past it. Other then the Carlton game he didn't much in any other games and he was incredibly poor against Sydney.

    Played as the 2nd tall forward forward so that alone has chewed games off Jacob Van Rooyen who once again justified on the weekend that he was physically ready to go.

    He's going to be 32 next year and our focus needs to be on the next wave of talent coming through like Laurie, Chandler, Bedford and Moniz-Wakefield. 

    If we can get an extra list spot to bring in another developing tall forward/ruckman then surely that makes more sense then keeping washed up 32 year old forward flanker.


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  13. 1 minute ago, binman said:

    Obviously I don't know what personal factors might be part of his decision, but on the face of it it seems a strange choice by Jackson if you ask me.

    To add to your point about the fish bowl he is about to jump into, Jackson is going to have to make one of the longest internal national flights in the world every second week ie Perth to the east coast.

    Five hour round trip in a plane would be hard core for a player his size. I remember hearing pavlich say that was the toughest part of his career (amazing he played 300 plus games).

    Surely the smart play was a two year contract, eek out whatever success he could at the dees, learn the craft under maxy, and then head home if still keen.

    I just hope he is prepared..

    They're brutal bunch over there especially with their already high expectations on him.

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  14. I hope Luke and his family are fully aware just how absolutely brutal the WA supporter base and media can be.

    There is some genuine frustration and anger already from Freo supporters with the players that are being pushed out to fit this guy in alone.

    It's going to take a while for Freo/WC supporters to warm up to him because of the high expectations they'll have on purely from how much draft capital they've had to give up.

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