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  1. 7 minutes ago, Rocknroll said:

    Anyone at the game see kossie hit on rayner i think in the second.  On the telly you can hear the umps telling him to let go after.    It looked like a decent hit but overseas viewers didn't see the carry on  after.  

    I wasn't at the game but saw the bump and heard the umpire telling both Rayner and Pickett off in the background while play was continuing on lol.

  2. Random observation but I kept a keen on Deven Robertson knowing that we were fairly interested in his in the 2019 draft. We were obviously desperate to pick him in the draft had he drifted out to the Trent Rivers pick and imo it would have been a giant steal at the time. Larke Medallist and there were comparisons to Joel Selwood.

    On his performance last night I was so disappointed in what I saw. In fact he looked like a genuine plodder and only had the 8 disposal as an on baller. In fact, looking at his overall career stats it seems like he hasn't really cemented a spot in the senior side and has had some underwhelming numbers.


  3. 6 hours ago, DeeSpencer said:

    He’s generally won his 1 on 1’s when needed, it’s a big part of his game. Seeing him get out marked by McCluggage is insulting and Bowser will know that. 

    Riv needs his speed and run 100% back to really get that spot. 

    Insulting that he got out marked by a 24 year old, 118 game veteran and All Australian midfielder?

    I think your post towards Bowey regarding this is far more insulting. 

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  4. No coincidence Lever has played the best half all year now that May is back.

    Jackson is doing a fantastic job competing. He's getting rag dolled for strength at times but hos follow up forward and tackling intensity is elite.

    Viney really got us going that quarter alongside Petracca and Oliver.

    Benny Brown unlucky not to have 3 goals on board.


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  5. 24 minutes ago, chookrat said:

    Agree on this DD. Caro is not for the faint hearted and when she is investigating a story re your club it's not a pleasant experience but she is good at her job.

    Agree wholeheartedly.

    I have read her articles over the journey about the footy which I've disagreed with. Doesn't mean I can't stand her as a Journo.

    He recent article of the Cyril Rioli saga was sad from a story perspective, but brilliantly written.

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  6. 3 minutes ago, 1964_2 said:

    Daily double right there:- defending caro & picking out typo’s on a forum = dominating life. 

    Yes, I mean this is coming from someone that his first response to a reply is a vomit emoji because it goes against what that person believes in.

    Funny enough, I have no idea what typo you are on about that I think is laughable, it's the fact you think she's vicious.

    I'd hate to think your thoughts on Andrew Bolt.

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  7. 28 minutes ago, Vipercrunch said:

    I love how he very carefully considers his response so he doesn't give too much away while still being as informative as possible.  


    7 hours ago, Sir Why You Little said:

    A real asset is Alan. Always thought he was a good guy. 
    was always great talent on AFL 360

    Very good operator is Richo.

    Interesting story about Richo. Was speaking to a past player who I've gotten to know well over the past few years. Comes up camping on the Murray over the summer period and hits thr local golf course a fair bit.

    We were discussing about the past players club that Rod Grinter started up which has grown really big in the past 24 months to the point where some ex players from opposition clubs have said it's the best in the AFL with how tight and big its become. I remember hearing Shane Crawford say on his podcast stating he was jealous of how good it was because he felt Hawthorn had no past players group even though with recent premiership success.

    Anyway, he was saying that when Josh Mahoney was involved he created a big divide within the past players and the club which all started by Mahoney removing Spike Harris? (Not sure of his actual name) unfairly and with no acknowledgement after many years of service for the Melbourne Football Club. This didn't go down well with many of the past players, current staff and even administrators.

    When Richo and Mark Williams came to the club the first thing they did was amend this relationship between the past players and the club and Richo was supposedly very big driver in this and making the club as whole again.

    He was very big on the concept of having past players still having a sense of belonging to the footy club even after they've finished up, and also making sure the current day players understand the importance of the history and contribution they've made towards this footy.

    It's no surprise that for the first time in a long time we're seeing past players doing jumper presentations to first gamers this year and last year also with James McDonald.

    Whilst Richo has been significant in this area I will also make special mentions to Mark Williams and Max Gawn also. 

    Club is in great hands under the likes of Richo, Chocco etc..



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  8. 16 minutes ago, dee-tox said:

    Weed to ruck in the forward line. Jacko to ruck in midfield and drop back behind the ball?

    The important thing is we have someone this weekend that can take a contested mark around the ground. The talls of Collingwood, Freo and Swans have thrashed us in recent weeks.

    Who's that?

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