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  1. 1 minute ago, spirit of norm smith said:

    Hawks looking to rebuild Mids through Ward, Macdonald and Worpel. Amon helps immediately and likely get young Bailey Humphrey or Sheezel to strengthen even further.  

    Don't rate Worpel. Reckon he's a bit of a plodder to be honest.

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  2. 7 minutes ago, Lord Travis said:

    One of our family dogs died yesterday so I’m not in a good mood. Seeing this [censored] feed fuel to a fire that shouldn’t exist obviously annoyed me!

    Kozzie is going nowhere.

    Sorry to hear mate.. know the feeling well. It's like losing a family member and the grief can be quite raw.


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  3. On 8/26/2022 at 12:29 PM, spirit of norm smith said:

    Amon walks into Hawks midfield.  Hawks have a very good young midfield developing (and backs and forwards) and then will have more low draft picks to top up their talents. 

    I think Hawks probably offerred more $$$ which helps the decision. 

    Amon might have got into our best 18 but wouldn’t have been a “ week in week out “ certainty. 

    Reckon they're in a bit of trouble with their midfield.

    Liam Shiels has retired and they're about to lose Tom Mitchell.

    Some significant depth right there gutted without any replacement.  

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  4. 45 minutes ago, Lord Nev said:

    I've told you who the source was for this mate. Doesn't come much better than that.

    Nice troll bump though.

    No trolling mate.. just having a bit of fun.

    Went from being done deal at GWS to then agreeing to terms and then completely missing out on the job.

    Poor Ooze must have been confused and frustrated with the process..?

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  5. On 8/17/2022 at 3:59 PM, Lord Nev said:

    Done deal.

    (Edit - Just adding, not officially confirmed, just rumour with a good source)



    On 8/19/2022 at 12:11 PM, Lord Nev said:

    He's agreed to terms, not 100% sure if he's actually 'signed' yet, but it's done.

    *This isn't official info btw, just what I've heard


    On 8/22/2022 at 5:37 PM, Lord Nev said:

    Have a really bad feeling this might be due to Essendon, but I'm hoping not...

    *This was done. Yze was going to be heading there. The only hesitation was moving the family but it was all set.

    That was until Rutten was sacked.

    (*From a VERY good source this time)

    Think you might some new sources Nev.. ;)

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  6. 3 minutes ago, Nascent said:

    Interesting that, unless I've missed it, our alleged "in the know" posters have gone to ground lately. Which could mean a few things.

    1. We have something brewing that the club is keeping tight lipped on.

    2. Outside of Grundy we have no other trade targets.

    3. The posters are bored of the same old player discussion/rumour threads and view most demonland threads as the quality of trade radio.

    2 and 3.

  7. 2 minutes ago, Turner said:

    we're never winning another flag if we lose even half the players linked to the exit this year.

    firstly losing majak and mbrown is a blow to our tall depth given the injury history of the blokes in front of them and the maturity of their bodies.

    then LJ goes and suddenly we have about 3 tall players on the list

    and now Hunt, Bedford, Weid and Tommo are all gettable and suddenly we have literally zero mature bodies outside our 22. one injury on each line and we'll be exposed and playing injured blokes by round 8.

    something HAS to be coming the other way. i know JT is an excellent draft recruiter but he's built the list now we need to plug holes, buy smart and top up. not keep going to the draft again

    Tim Lamb is out list manager and would be the main one who would make making these key list decisions alongside Goody.

    I presume Jason Taylor would have some input around the type of player need through the draft.

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  8. 22 minutes ago, Redleg said:

    These are strange times.

    We are prepared to let a 27 year old player, with pace, who has played 40 games the last 2 years leave and keep a 33 year old for one last year and a 32 year old likewise, both of whom who are probably cooked.

    Moving forward, to me it makes no sense at all.

    If Naughton was gettable, which I think he probably isn't,  the LJ deal could be done fairly easily, with picks and players swapping. Unless we have earmarked another key forward, we seem at this point to be looking to get good picks to draft with.

    Then again who really knows what is going on behind closed doors.

    I am still a fan of the Bowes deal, if we could convince him to come to us. His salary could be easily managed with those two  30 plus year old players mentioned above, being delisted. Then we get pick 7, which could give us another very good player for many years to come, either by trade or draft. You could get Georgiades for example with 7 and a pick back. You extend Bowes contract and amortise the salary. Bowes is not a bad player with nice disposal. HBF, wing or hff and he is ok.

    Anyway, that is my opinion fwiw.

    On top of resigning an injury prone Joel Smith to a 2 deal.

    Go melbourne..

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