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  1. 12 minutes ago, A F said:

    Their 2017 year was nowhere near as good as our 2021, so our base was higher. And their second year they failed to make the GF. Let's see...

    That wasn't really the question. 

    He's talking about the form this time of the year similarly to Richmond’s in each of their premiership year. Richmond's form in each premiership year and even 2018 far outweighs ours this year alone.

    Their 2018 is already far better then what we've dished up this year. Their home and away season they only lost 4 games before getting shell shocked in the preliminary final. 

    In 2018 they also had top 4 locked in from about round 12 onwards.

    As it stands, we're no where near a lock for even top 4 this year. Lets get that sewn up first before we even start talking flags this year. 

  2. 2 hours ago, SFebes said:


    You’d  hope Viney, Petracca and Oliver would be a fair bit more above AFL average. This is what I was taking about today. We need more from them than possessions, we need more quality, not quantity 

    Jesus christ this is depressing.

    We're paying how much exactly for Oliver and Petracca to be one of the worst ball users going inside 50's? Unbelievable. 

    The Sparrow one is not one bit surprising. All he ever does is continually blaze away with zero awareness in front of him. It's like watching Brent Moloney all over again.

    We've missed our opportunity this year to get in cleaner ball users like Laurie and Chandler in cleaning this up a bit better. Instead we're stuck with guys like Sparrow who have been in poor form for a number of weeks and adding absolutely nothing to the team going forward.

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  3. 1 minute ago, Fat Tony said:

    This is the issue with the penalty being so contingent on the outcome. It would be a travesty if Petracca or Oliver miss a grand final for such an incident where a player gets accidently concussed.

    My view is that Cripps left the ground to contest the ball but was late and braced and bumped Ah Chee. I am not saying Cripps was blameless but IMO some of the intentional punching to the body is more worthy of suspension.


  4. 51 minutes ago, sue said:

    If you need an example of an outstanding performance by a player that subsequently doesn't go on to deliver what was then expected, look no further than Weid in a final a few years ago.  

    Good point.

    I genuinely thought Weideman was going to be the one of the best up and coming forwards in the game after that 2018 finals series..

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  5. 28 minutes ago, Scipio said:

    Our forward line was such a shambles. And what the hell is with continually kicking it to the same congested pocket, every bloody time? Needs to be sorted out ASAP.

    Collingwood's forwards were consistently marking 20m out, no angle... and not just after a coast to coast break.

    It was predictable all game.

    Was waiting for the change up in game plan with forward entries after half time but nope.

    Coaching staff extremely slow to react.

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  6. Lol I honestly don't see what the issue is?

    He's only firing back to what Langdon said pre game. They obviously used it as extra motivation. 

    Had it been the other way around and it was Howe saying the exact same thing pregame and our players came out with this then we'd be all lauding what a legend of a bloke our player is for firing back.

    I love the words fired back and forth now. If there was a chance to meet Collingwood in the finals then something tells me this will create a bit extra spice to the game and our players will certainly make sure we're not losing 3 times in a year to these maggots.

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  7. 5 minutes ago, BDA said:

    If you are genuinely arguing that experience doesn't count I won't bother wasting my time 

    lol yourself mate

    Oh dear..

    You legitimately said experience counts and the teams we played last year weren't really experienced either, which is  again where you're clearly wrong.

    I then pointed out to you that both Geelong and Western Bulldogs were vastly more finals, and grand finals experienced then we were last year yet we both blew them out of the park with our inexperienced team.

    My point is that you can have all the experience in the world, but if doesn't stand up on the day which the doggies and Geelong didn't last year, then it just proves that being the vastly experienced teams means jack [censored] if your system and game doesn't isn't stacking up well when opposition clubs ramp the pressure up.


  8. 5 minutes ago, BDA said:

    A giant myth!

    In every walk of life, every endeavour, experience counts. To say otherwise is absurd.

    Of course we had little finals experience but then neither did the other contenders. I'm sure glad it wasn't Richmond we were playing in the granny last year to break our drought. Dusty would have produced another Norm Smith from muscle memory alone

    No it's a myth and my point proves that 

    Huh? We played Geelong in a preliminary final who were a far more greater finals experienced then we were. In fact Geelong played off in a grand final the year before.

    Even the doggies in the grand final still had majority of their premiership players still playing from 2016.

    It was our system and game plan that stood up. Not because we were inexperienced lol. 

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  9. 34 minutes ago, BDA said:

    One big advantage we have is we are the only team with grand final winning experience to draw on when the whips are cracking in September.

    Geelong have a massive monkey on their back, the collywobbles are a fact and the rest of the contenders have little to no finals experience. Richmond have plenty but they don’t have the cattle anymore and will just make up the numbers.

    This is whole notion of little finals experience is a giant myth.

    We proved that in 2018 when we marched off to the preliminary final on the back off being 12 years without any finals experience. 

    Then again last year off the back off little finals experience. 

    Every year is different. What happened last year is completely irrelevant going into this year's finals.

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  10. 36 minutes ago, JimmyGadson said:

    The Naughton talk is interesting. 

    I hate this time of year because I'm always let down when we're linked with a player we inevitably don't get. 

    It's hard to believe Naughton would leave the dogs and come to us. 

    But if he did, good God. We'd be laughing. 

    Me too. Hence why I probably took the [censored] out @chook fowler initially..

    Naughton is my definition of a generational talent. Getting him would be the biggest coup that I have seen in my time supporting the dees.

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  11. 23 minutes ago, Lord Nev said:

    Add a ruck to that otherwise we could be in big trouble.

    Our ruck lineup next year could be - Gawn.... that's it.

    I think we have to look at someone like a Lloyd Meek, Sam Hayes and Matt Flynn to come in and play a support role next year. 

    There's no doubt we have to recruit a developing ruck in the national draft as well. 

    I'd even add a delisted free agent just for extra insurance. 

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  12. 1 hour ago, Tough Kent said:

    I had a conversation with Jason Taylor at the President's Club on Friday night. He played a pretty straight bat.

    Me - "What's Dogga doing next year?"

    JT - "He's going okay, isn't he."

    I asked him again.

    JT - "We'll be good either way."

    Me - "How would Freo even come close to doing a deal if he does go? They'd have to get another club involved."

    JT - "We've been having these conversations for a while now. We'll do well out of it."

    This is why, as much as I'll be disappointed he leaves (but understand of his circumstance), I'll be fairly excited what the Jason Taylor/Tim Lamb combo can produce.

    If we're a able to get an early draft pick or two and recruit another Pickett/Jackson like gems that can come in and impact straight away then it's a win in my eyes.

    If we can get a key forward early or an elite midfielder with class, then it'll go a long way to making sure we're in contention for the next few years at least.

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  13. 25 minutes ago, Lord Nev said:

    It's an indicator when he has 10 handballs compared to 6 kicks. Not what you want from a key forward and indicative of our game as a whole on the night.


    1. Our game style is built on pressure and our forward pressure has been lacking.

    2. How does Brown compared to those forwards for goals, marks, contested marks, marks inside 50 and score involvements this year?


    Yes, I do have a high bar for Ben Brown as I think he's a very very good player. I actually find it completely bizarre how much of a let off he gets on here. Former Coleman winner who is now just a 'try to bring it to ground' player.


    IMO Brown's stats were not fully indicative of his performance. He was messy, slow and at times not competitive. He also turned it over 5 times out of those 16 disposals.


    Agree on this. It's why I don't completely blame Brown even though I think he should be playing better.

    Our game style is built on pressure yet we're ranked 17th in the AFL for pressure.

    So realistically he's on par with the best key forwards in the game who play for teams with higher pressure rating then Melbourne. It's not that bad.

    It's not just bringing it to ground. He's still hitting the scoreboard.  14 games this year for 25 goals. He's missed 6 games due to injury/covid. Had he played every game this year he's trajectory towards 40 goals a year. He's not kicking the big bags as what he's use to but it's better then what the likes of Jackson and Weideman have produced this year when up forward. 


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  14. First rounder that was in the Jackson/Pickett draft.

    I know we certainly showed interest in his draft year. He's an outside players who's got speed and power with a clean kicking skills. 

    Had a break out year last year playing wing/half back and received a rising star nomination. 

    Could easily slot in on a wing or half back to utilise his kicking skills.


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  15. 16 hours ago, Lord Nev said:


    Would it make any difference if I was?

    Yes, he seemed to really roam around and cover lots of ground, unfortunately that doesn't mean he played an "immense" game. And yes, I remember him being down the Collingwood end and being done for holding the ball, he had a fair few moments like that that cost us.

    6 kicks is not what you want from your lone full forward either, and he made way too many errors - 5 turnovers, 4 clangers.

    7 pressure acts and 0 tackles is really poor too given there would have been focus on our forward pressure.

    Brown needs a second tall to make the forward line work more efficiently IMO, so I don't 100% put the blame on him, but geez if that is what you consider an "immense" game from a full forward then I would raise the bar if I was you.

    It wasn't an immense game by Brown as you pointed out. I certainly thought it was one of his better games he's had for a bit but.

    Also, since when is how many kicks you get in a game a key indicator of how you performed on the day, especially for a full forward? In fact, I bet coaches don't put a huge emphasis on how many kicks a full forward should get.

    I mean even pressure acts for key forwards, is that really another key indicator? Some of the best forwards in the game right now are rated 'below average' for pressure acts.

    Charlie Curnow

    Tom Hawkins

    Jeremy Cameron

    Harry McKay.

    All 4 players, including Ben Brown are rated 'below average' in the AFL for pressure acts and they have the exact same numbers or similar. 

    Either your bar is set way too high or you're just now judging his performance unfairly and looking at nitpicking the smaller things when possible.

    In comparison to some individual performance this weekend from a stats point of view and I'll add the pressure acts as well.

    Ben Brown: 6 kick 7 marks, 3 which were contest marks, 7 pressure acts 0 tackles and kicked 2.1

    Last night

    Tom Hawkins: 7 kicks last nigh, 5 marks, 1 contested mark only, 6 pressure acts, 0 tackles and kicked 3.1. 

    Jeremy Cameron: 10 kicks, 2 pressure acts, 4 marks and 0 contested marks, 1 tackle and kicked 2.1

    I reckon Chris Scott would still be fairly happy on their performances. So in comparison, Benny Brown had a good game on Friday night.

    Do I think Goody is using him to his strengths? no I don't. Another genuine key forward is needed for the chop out and I think we missed the opportunity to bring JVR in a few backs back to build cohesion. 


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  16. 13 minutes ago, chook fowler said:

    I think you will see from my history that this is not my style. I thought posters would be interested in the rumour but of course it comes with no guarantee except that the source is reliable.

    Oh fair enough mate, apologies. 

    I genuinely thought you just threw that out as wishful thinking. 

    Naughton to Dees is something I would not have expected at all.

    I have no idea of your history but thanks for the rumour. 

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