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DEJA VU by George on the Outer

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It couldn’t possibly happen, could it? 
It was just like last time.  With a 2 point, after the siren loss to Geelong at Goomba stadium, the Demons fans were (once again) experiencing that feeling of Déjà vu that leads to an outbreak of MFCSS.
Not just that feeling of losing after heading the Cats by nearly 4 goals into the final quarter, but the feeling that this loss may be just another version of the 2017 season when the Demons failed to make the finals by a kick or 2.  
For this loss puts Melbourne back in the pack fighting for a spot in the final 8, and should that happen then the fans will be entitled to ask how a whole season hinged on the dying minutes of one game.
And not for the first time.  A loss to Geelong in Round 1 by 3 points when Max had the chance to seal the game with less than a minute, the Port Adelaide game, the St.Kilda match. All of these had a similar feel.  Melbourne managed to snatch defeat from a position of strength and come away with nothing.  
Despite losing the match, the effort from the players with only a few exceptions was exemplary.  Right from the start they had come with an intent and a fire that was indicative of the style of play necessary to perform in September action. The pity is that like September you cannot get across the line unless you have 18 players on the field who do that for the full match.  
And unfortunately, there are still a couple who think they can put in when they feel like it.  They are the ones who keep finding themselves down at Casey Fields on a regular basis.  They will be getting that feeling of déjà vu once again in coming weeks, because we have seen the same patterns before.  
Those performances were in sharp contrast to the likes of Clayton Oliver, Angus Brayshaw and Christian Petracca who drove themselves and the side to that winning position with sheer grunt and ability.  James Harmes shut down a couple of handy Geelong players in both J Selwood and Dangerfield, and up front Tom McDonald held his own with 4 goals to keep the side in the match.
Down back Jordan Lewis showed why he is in the side when he had 30 touches and just kept filling the massive hole created by the losses of Hibberd and Lever.  Although Hawkins kicked 7 for the match, it was too much to expect any different outcome from Oscar McDonald. Without the support around him and in the absence of any other “gorilla tamer” at the club, it was a near impossible task.  Having seen it before, the feeling of déjà vu was well justified.  
In the ruck Max Gawn and Rhys Stanley fought each other to a draw.  The mids fought each other to a draw.  The respective forwards and backs fought each other to a draw, and but for the sake of 2 points, the match deserved to be a similar outcome.  
Sadly, the umpires intervened yet again gifting Geelong a goal when Dangerfield was awarded a free as a ruck when never in a position to be the ruck contest.  Perhaps it was gamesmanship, but the umpire fell for it ... again.  
Most Demon supporters would not have put this match down as a win. The MFCSS determined that we had seen a loss at this venue too often to think a win possible.  Déjà vu determined that gut feeling, even when controlling the game deep into the final quarter.  
It is now up to the side to overcome the same feelings heading into the final weeks.  Have we lost regularly at Adelaide - sure have.  Have we dropped games against lowly sides like Gold Coast - sure have.  How about Sydney and West Coast?  Mmmm, that seems familiar.  Another wasted season after falling at the final hurdle?
It's starting to look that way.  
It’s about time the MFCSS and sense of Déjà vu were dispelled.  
Melbourne 2.3.15 5.8.38 11.9.75 14.14.98
Geelong 2.1.13  5.3.33 8.4.52 16.14.100
Melbourne T McDonald 4 Garlett Melksham 2 Brayshaw Gawn Hogan Jones Petracca Spargo
Geelong Hawkins 7 Dangerfield 2  Duncan Henry Jones Kelly J Selwood Tuohy
Melbourne Oliver T McDonald Harmes Petracca Lewis Brayshaw
Geelong Hawkins Dangerfield Kelly Stewart Blicavs Ablett Stanley
Melbourne Nil
Geelong Nil
Melbourne Nil 
Geelong Nil
Umpires Rosebury, Brown, Nicholls
Official attendance 30,125 at GMHBA Stadium

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