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I was down at the Ministry of Truth the other day to find out how things were going with the government enquiry into the AFL's integrity department and the person at the desk asked, "What enquiry?"

I told her that I really wanted to know what the value  was of draft pick # 84 and she looked at me, staring dismissively and sneered, "there is no pick # 84!".

"Well, er ... that's not quite correct. It says on the AFL website that Melbourne has pick # 84 and I want to know if the club will use it or will they upgrade a rookie like Wagner?"

Now she was angry.

"If you want to know about Wagner, try next door at the Ministry of Music!", and with that she slammed the window of her compartment shut in my face. She was gone.

There isn't much more that can be said about Pick 84 at this year's AFL National Draft. People usually quote the exceptional examples from draft history like a few of the "inspired" early West Coast selections, Chris Grant and James Hird to suggest that there's still value to be had this deep in the draft but the odds of picking up a rare gem with draft pick #84 are not good.

AFL clubs are forced to use three picks at the AFL National Draft meeting next month but they can use fewer by allocating list spots to upgrade rookies. Therefore, my bet is that the Demons' last pick will be either Josh Wagner or Joel Smith - either one of them would not be a surprise selection.

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