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It was late in the second quarter of this game in Round 2 at Startrack Oval that our season began to unravel.

My question this week is if we couldn't beat this mob last time with a 6 goal start, how are we going to go with the current mindset which involves not showing the slightest indication of scoring any goals until late in the first half?


B: Heath Shaw, Phil Davis, Joel Patfull

HB: Nick Haynes, Aidan Corr, Rhys Palmer

C: Tommy Bugg, Callan Ward, Tom Scully

HF: Lachie Whitfield, Jeremy Cameron, Cam McCarthy

F: Adam Treloar, Adam Tomlinson, Josh Kelly

FOLL: Shane Mumford, Stephen Coniglio, Dylan Shiel

I/C: Toby Greene, Ryan Griffen, Devon Smith, Nathan Wilson

EMG: Matt Buntine, Andrew Phillips, Zac Williams

IN: Nathan Wilson

OUT: Curtly Hampton (omitted)


B: Colin Garland, Lynden Dunn, Jeremy Howe

HB: Neville Jetta, Tom McDonald, Christian Salem

C: Daniel Cross, Heritier Lumumba, Ben Newton

HF: Dean Kent, Jesse Hogan, Jack Viney

F: Jeff Garlett, Chris Dawes, Jack Watts

FOLL: Mark Jamar, Dom Tyson, Nathan Jones

I/C: Angus Brayshaw, Sam Frost, Bernie Vince, Aaron vandenBerg

EMG: Jay Kennedy-Harris, Viv Michie, Jake Spencer

IN: Chris Dawes, Bernie Vince

OUT: Jay Kennedy-Harris, Jimmy Toumpas (both omitted)

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