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SANDBANK by KC from Casey

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SANDBANK by KC from Casey

You would have hardly known that spring was coming as gray skies and drizzling rain greeted the smallish crowd entering the Trevor Barker Beach Road Oval for the clash between the Zebras and the Scorpions to mark the final round of the VFL season.

The conditions weren't conducive to great football and perhaps it was just as well that Casey had secured its place in the finals a week earlier because it was no match for Sandringham which needed the win to secure second place on the ladder and a home final.

After an early scare when the visitors controlled the games opening stanza to keep them goalless and lead by three goals, the Zebras took over and that home final was never in doubt from about 10½ minutes into the second term when they scored their fourth goal. The game turned into a real scramble in the difficult conditions and Casey managed a late major after five unanswered goals to be in arrears by two goals at the main break.

However, they were held to a single goal in the second half so that when it was all over, Sandy had marched to a 51 point win to put it behind only the Box Hill Hawks and headed towards a likely home assignation against Williamstown in the second qualifying final next week. They left the Scorps listless in their wake as if beached on a sandbank in the bay nearby.

The result was hardly unexpected by those who noted the youth of the Casey team selected to do battle, a team which contained a season low of six senior AFL listed players (one returning for only his second game after a long layoff with a hamstring injury) and two rookies. With half a dozen youngsters who have played mainly development league games this season including debutant Kim Wilson and skipper Evan Panozza still missing with injury, the inevitable result occurred.

Early in the game, Jay Kennedy-Harris proved handful for the Zebra defenders and his two goals were a handsome result for his great endeavour and attack on the football but like the rest of the team he tapered off a little after that. However, he did add some much-needed speed and his contribution on the day was handy. Dean Terlich was tireless against the relentless tide of Zebra attacks, particularly after quarter time and he could possibly have earned himself a game in the Demon lineup for next week, assuming this is his farewell season.

Likewise, Mark Jamar, one of two players (along with James Munro) in Scorpions' colours to have played for the Zebras and in fact a premiership player with them. The big Russian dominated the ruck and was the standout big man on the ground but much of his work there was undone by an opposition midfield that sharked his hitouts and constantly won the breaks at the stoppages. Mitch White and Jimmy Toumpas put in but were swamped by the intensity of the home charge and often forced into error. Conditions didn't really suit big Max King, coming back from injury but he did at least snag a goal in the second half while Dean Kent, displaying a nice turn of pace and some good kicking, is well on his way back after a long lay off. Another comeback player Tim Smith worked hard and will be a welcome addition to the lineup in the finals.

You can expect a much different and more experienced Casey to take the field for next weekend's finals opener. The team will need to be at full strength after limping into the finals with just one win in its last six home and away appearances.

Peter Jackson VFL

Casey Scorpions3.2.20 4.2.26 5.8.38 5.8.38

Sandringham 0.2.2 5.9.39 8.13.61 12.17.89


Casey Scorpions Kennedy-Harris 2 King Rennie Smith

Sandringham Saad 4 Dennis-Lane 3 Delaney Jones Shenton Siposs


Casey Scorpions Kennedy-Harris White Terlich Smith

Sandringham Pierce Siposs Cook Jones Weickhardt Saad


Rohan Bail 23 disposals 9 kicks 14 handballs 2 marks 9 tackles 88 dream team points

Mark Jamar 6 disposals 3 kicks 3 handballs 1 marks 1 tackles 64 hit outs 65 dream team points

Jay Kennedy-Harris 2 goals 19 disposals 13 kicks 6 handballs 1 marks 10 tackles 102 dream team points

Dean Kent 14 disposals 8 kicks 6 handballs 1 marks 4 tackles 3 hit outs 49 dream team points

Max King 1 goal 6 disposals 3 kicks 3 handballs 2 marks 1 tackles 11 hit outs 36 dream team points

Jimmy Toumpas 16 disposals 11 kicks 5 handballs 5 marks 7 tackles 87 dream team points

Dean Terlich 22 disposals 14 kicks 8 handballs 5 marks 5 tackles 93 dream team points

Mitch White 1 behind 19 disposals 10 kicks 9 handballs 5 marks 4 tackles 80 dream team points

The more accurate Scorpions shrugged off the Zebras after a close three quarters in the development league game to win by three goals and will also feature in the finals.

2015 AFL Victoria Development League

Casey Scorpions 3.0.18 5.1.31 8.2.50 13.5.83

Sandringham 1.3.9 4.6.30 7.7.49 9.11.65


Casey Scorpions Lang 3 Fisscher Scott 2 Droessler Moncrieff O'Brien Paredes Stanlake Wyatt

Sandringham McTaggart Uthayakumar 2 Cameron Daidone Harris Jones Williams


Casey Scorpions Scott McDonald Johnson Thwaites Hillard O'Brien

Sandringham Laumets Fisher Woodman Maitland Wallace Hooy

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