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CASEY ALL AT SEA by KC from Casey

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The Casey Scorpions lowered their colours for the fourth week in a row despite a much improved performance when they went down to the highly fancied Williamstown by 17 points at Casey Fields. The result was disappointing because a win would have entrenched their place in the finals and they now face some nervous moments over the last two home and away rounds before their ultimate fate is determined.

Already facing a challenge against the second placed Seagulls, the Scorpions suffered a major blow in the lead up to the game with the loss of skipper Evan Panozza and last minute injuries and illness to senior Demon players which cost them the benefit of two important in form midfielders Rohan Bail and Aidan Riley* who stepped up for AFL duty.

The team opened brightly with the first use of the breeze thanks to the dominance of Jake Fitzpatrick who had two goals from three shots at goal in the opening four minutes. He managed another by the quarter time break but thanks to a late burst that yielded the visitors two goals, the lead was a mere 10 points.

Fitzpatrick was then involved in an incredible solo goal when he ran 70 metres and took three bounces, before putting his team 16 points up at the three minute mark of the second term.

However, instead of inspiring the Scorpions, the goal stung the Seagulls into action and they booted five goals to none for the rest of the first half. To make matters worse, Casey's best two players - Fitzpatrick (blood-sugar level issues) and Jimmy Toumpas (concussion) failed to take the field after half time.

Casey struggled early in the third term but came back strongly late in the quarter and managed to grab the lead early in the fourth when Nathan Page kicked goal number three and stretched that to seven points with Mark Jamar's goal. However, the strain of playing catch-up with the limitations of reduced rotations took its toll and the Seagulls powered home to a 17 point win.

Youngsters Mitch White and Billy Stretch were adjudged Casey's best.

The result left Casey with a one game lead over ninth placed Coburg who they meet away from home next week. With two games to go before the finals, the outcome will most probably determine which of the team's makes the top eight.

* Riley was held back as the emergency for Sunday's game.

2015 Peter Jackson VFL

Casey Scorpions 4.5.29 5.5.35 9.7.61 12.7.79

Williamstown 3.1.19 8.6.54 10.6.66 14.12.96


Casey Scorpions Fitzpatrick 4 Page 3 Hunt Jamar Lovett Pattison Stretch

Williamstown Dunell 5 Anastasio Critchley Gallucci 2 Banner Carr Wheeler


Casey Scorpions White Stretch Jamar Terlich Page Muir

Williamstown Jolley Dunell Banner Meese Sing Carr


Jack Fitzpatrick 4 goals 1 behind 6 disposals 5 kicks 1 handballs 2 marks 1 tackles 53 dream team points [played only first half due to injury]

Jayden Hunt 1 goal 7 disposals 5 kicks 2 handballs 1 marks 1 tackles 32 dream team points

Mark Jamar 1 goal disposals 4 kicks 3 handballs 2 marks 6 tackles 41 hit outs 93 dream team points

Jay Kennedy-Harris 1 behind 18 disposals 13 kicks 5 handballs 1 mark 6 tackles 68 dream team points

Oscar McDonald 15 disposals 7 kicks 8 handballs 4 marks 2 tackles 58 dream team points

Jordie McKenzie 25 disposals 14 kicks 11 handballs 3 marks 7 tackles 103 dream team points

Ben Newton 1 behind 24 disposals 11 kicks 13 handballs 2 marks 3 tackles 1 hit out 73 dream team points

Jake Spencer 15 disposals 5 kicks 10 handballs 6 marks 1 tackle 38 hit outs 94 dream team points

Billy Stretch 1 goal 19 disposals 13 kicks 6 handballs 6 marks 3 tackles 87 dream team points

Dean Terlich 18 disposals 13 kicks 5 handballs 3 marks 4 tackles 72 dream team points

Jimmy Toumpas 16 disposals 10 kicks 6 handballs 1 mark 7 tackles 1 hit out 74 dream team points [played only first half due to injury]

Mitch White disposals 9 kicks 9 handballs 5 marks 2 tackles 65 dream team points

The Development League team recorded a great 58 point win which should shore up its position in the finals.

AFL Victoria Development League

Casey Scorpions 4.5.29 7.10.52 9.11.65 14.13.97

Williamstown 0.3.3 0.3.3 4.6.30 5.9.39


Casey Scorpions Anderson 5 Fisscher Rennie Wyatt 2 Hillard Smith K Wilson

Williamstown Casley 2 Di Ciero McKenzie Myers


Casey Scorpions Corrigan Hillard Rutherford Anderson Gains Walmsley

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