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BLOW UP by KC from Casey

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The Casey Scorpions surrendered a 26 point half time lead over the Werribee Tigers and any chance it might have had of a double chance in the VFL finals on a wild and woolly day at Casey Fields.

The game was strongly affected by the weather conditions with a stiff breeze blowing down the ground until three quarter time when the heavens opened and brought torrential rain, making scoring well nigh impossible. It could be argued that the gods conspired against the Scorpions because they missed out on the wind advantage in that final term and that this was a significant factor in the 39 point turn around that led to their demise by 13 points. After all, both sides were able to score seven goals when they had their respective turns of kicking with the wind in the second and third quarters.

Casey also lost significant scoring power when goal kicking youngster Jayden Hunt withdrew before the game and another goal kicker in tall forward Max King came off with a hamstring injury in the third term, adding to the team's shortage of key forwards with Tim Smith's absence. To make matters worse, Dean Terlich also came off not long after King, leaving the home side with a reduced bench to deal with playing in the difficult conditions that faced them in trying to catch up in the ensuing slog.

However, Casey had itself to blame for its parlous circumstances. It dominated the opening 20 minutes, despite kicking into the breeze but managed a mere four behinds to a single goal, then conceded two goals and pulled one back through Tom Muir who reaped the advantage of some good play by King. Jack Fitzpatrick was dominant in defence in the early stages taking several strong marks and outstretching his smaller opponents whilst not giving anything away when the ball hit the ground.

The eight point quarter time deficit was reeled in and, with the ruck combination of Jamar and Spencer well on top, a dominant midfield led by Aiden Riley, Ben Newton and Matt Jones and new-found accuracy in front of goal, Casey dominated the second. The tables turned after half time with the Tigers nullifying the ruck advantage but the clock had ticked past seven minutes before the visitors scored their first for the quarter with the now roaring gale behind it.

The wind strength at this stage was enormous ahead of the threatening rain and Werribee took full advantage despite a brief fightback when Angus Scott and Newton goaled to restore the lost lead. However, the quarter dragged on until the 36th minute and three late goals gave Werribee an 8 point lead just as the rains came tumbling down.

The Scorpions players who has no doubt been expecting the advantage of the wind to help bring them home were suddenly brought down to earth with a thud. They were outplayed by the Werribee small men who ran out the game brilliantly and tackled strongly against an opposition that looked shot and simply went through the motions unable to score more than a single point in the antarctic conditions that smothered the ground.

The Scorpions have now lost two vital games on end against opposition similarly placed on the ladder and their season is in danger of coming to a screeching halt. That this has occurred when it has had more AFL listed players at its disposal is worrying with several careers on the line in coming matches as they confront the top three teams in the competition in the run home.

2015 Peter Jackson VFL

Casey Scorpions 1.6.12 8.7.55 10.8.68 10.9.69

Werribee Tigers 3.2.20 4.5.29 11.10.76 12.10.82


Casey Scorpions King Newton 2 Muir Page Salem Scott Terlich Toumpas

Werribee Tigers Porter Wood 3 Reid Sodomaco 2 Fordham Harper


Casey Scorpions Fitzpatrick Riley Salem White Newton M Jones

Werribee Tigers Hanson Daw Porter Brett McMahon Conway

Statistics Rohan Bail 17 disposals 12 kicks 5 handballs 2 marks 8 tackles 81 dream team points

Jack Fitzpatrick 19 disposals 11 kicks 8 handballs 10 marks 77 dream team points

Mark Jamar 1 behind 14 disposals 11 kicks 3 handballs 47 hit outs 84 dream team points

Matt Jones 29 disposals 25 kicks 4 handballs 5 marks 13 tackles 145 dream team points

Jay Kennedy-Harris 6 disposals 3 kicks 3 handballs 9 tackles 48 dream team points

Max King 2 goals 1 behind 6 disposals 5 kicks 1 handball 2 marks 1 tackle 41 dream team points

Jordie McKenzie disposals kicks handballs marks tackles dream team points

Ben Newton 2 goals 1 behind 21 disposals 14 kicks 7 handballs 1 mark 6 tackles 93 dream team points

Aidan Riley 29 disposals 13kicks 16 handballs 2 marks 13 tackles 121 dream team points

Christian Salem 1 goal 14 disposals 8 kicks 6 handballs 1 mark 5 tackles 65 dream team points

Jake Spencer 12 disposals 6 kicks 6 handballs 5 marks 2 tackles 32 hit outs 84 dream team points

Dean Terlich 1 goal 9 disposals 7 kicks 2 handballs 1 mark 2 tackles 39 dream team points

Jimmy Toumpas 1 goal two behinds 15 disposals 7 kicks 8 handballs 3 marks 7 tackles 79 dream team points

Mitch White 18 disposals 12 kicks 6 handballs 3marks 1 tackles 62 dream team points

The Development League team made the most of the conditions dominating the first half and coasting to an easy 57 point win.

2015 AFL Victoria Development League

Casey Scorpions 4.3.27 8.7.55 9.10.64 12.15.87

Werribee Tigers 0.5.5 0.6.6 3.6.24 4.6.30


Casey Scorpions Rennie 3 Anderson 2 Fisscher Godfrey Lang Pattison Rosier Thwaites Wyatt

Werribee Tigers Kolang 3 Wales


Casey Scorpions Wilson Pattison Hannon Walmsley Rosier Anderson

Werribee Tigers Taylor O'Shea Jawad Wales Robinson

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