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The Casey Scorpions won their third match on end by overcoming a persistent Coburg Lions combination after a hard fought afternoon of football at Casey Fields.

The Scorpions kicked off the game with a fine goal from Demon rookie Max King who was to herald his return to the seniors with a five goal performance in perfect conditions. Both sides were on target with Casey in control for much of the first term and taking a three goal advantage into the break with a goal on the siren to Nathan Page.

Goals were more difficult to come by in the second quarter and Coburg rallied to narrow the margin with some strong work at the stoppages despite the home team's superior ruck strength. Thanks to the work of King and Spencer up forward (each kicked his second goal during this quarter) and the prolific ball-winning ability of Matt Jones, Rohan Bail and James Harmes, the Scorpions were able to maintain a handy little buffer of 14 points at half time.

However, the accurate Lions kicked the first three goals on end after the break to take a two point lead before King booted his third. It was goal for goal in a tense tussle that saw the visitors lead by the narrowest of margins when the teams went into the huddle at three quarter time.

The Coburg Lions have had to battle against adversity and to stay alive in the VFL competition in recent years. They are now a stand alone club with no big name players but against an aligned club with 11 AFL listed players they stood tall coming back every time Casey threatened to run away with the game. Max King kicked his fourth and the Lions came back. King got his fifth and still they fought back with another goal to be down by a solitary point. Even when Casey scored the next two goals through Jordie McKenzie and Chris Dawes, the Lions rallied with a reply but it was too late; the Scorpions prevailing by eight points when the siren sounded.

All in all, it was a big day for Demon rookie listers. King is no overnight sensation as he has played in NAB Challenge matches and VFL seniors before but he remains a work in progress as a tall, strong marking and accurate kick for goal. His five goals overshadowed the emergence of James Harmes who continues to impress as a hardworking midfielder who is not only good with his clearance work but has a significant impact around the ground. Mitch White also continues to produce positive efforts in defence and his accurate and long kicking is an asset.

Bail put in a fine performance and produced good run as did Matt Jones while Ed Morris continues to do his future prospects no harm. Former Gold Coast utility Jack Hutchins was strong all day as Justin Plapp continues to mould his list of emerging players into a team with final eight aspirations after last year's disappointing result.

The team travels to Central Victoria next Saturday to take on North Ballarat at Eureka Stadium in a must win game against a traditionally difficult opponent.

2015 Peter Jackson VFL

Casey Scorpions 6.0.36 8.4.52 10.8.68 14.13.97

Coburg Lions 3.0.18 6.2.38 11.3.69 14.5.89


Casey Scorpions King 5 Page Spencer 2 Bail Gent Dawes McKenzie Newton

Coburg Lions Featherstone 3 Carnell Cauchi Thomas 2 Christensen Fox MacDonald Mance Younan


Casey Scorpions Bail Newton Smith Harmes M Jones Hutchins

Coburg Lions Iacobaccio Clifton Allan McConnell Christensen Venditti


Rohan Bail 1 goal 1 behind 34 disposals 26 kicks 8 handballs 14 marks 7 tackles 173 dream team points

Chris Dawes 1 goal 10 disposals 5 kicks 5 handballs 3 marks 4 tackles 57 dream team points

James Harmes 1 behind 31 disposals 15 kicks 16 handballs 5 tackles 101 dream team points

Mark Jamar 2 behinds 17 disposals 14 kicks 3 handballs 7 marks 2 tackles 29 hit outs 96 dream team points

Matt Jones 1 behind 36 disposals 20 kicks 16 handballs 13 marks 7 tackles 157 dream team points

Max King 5 goals 9 disposals 7 kicks 2 handballs 4 marks 6 tackles 91 dream team points

Oscar McDonald 1 behind 18 disposals 13 kicks 5 handballs 10 marks 81 dream team points

Jordie McKenzie 1 goal 10 disposals 7 kicks 3 handballs 5 marks 48 dream team points

Ben Newton 1 goal 10 disposals 7 kicks 3 handballs 3 marks 4 tackles 56 dream team points

Jake Spencer 2 goals 1 behind 15 disposals 8 kicks 7 handballs 6 marks 4 tackles 31 hit outs 113 dream team points

Mitch White 15 disposals 12 kicks 3 handballs 8 marks 1 tackle 71 dream team points

The development team came back to earth with a thud after it was ambushed in the first quarter and remained goalless at half time. The team fought back in the second half but couldn't bridge the huge gap and went down by 25 points.

2015 AFL Victoria Development League

Casey Scorpions 0.2.2 0.6 .6 4.10.34 6.12.48

Coburg Lions 6.2.38 9.4.58 11.7.73 12.11.83


Casey Scorpions Lang 2 Fritsch Hunt Paredes Petropoulos

Coburg Lions Hemala Symes 2 Corigliano Easton Gleeson Hill Holdsworth Madden Robinson Totino


Casey Scorpions O'Brien Kennedy-Harris Lang Wyatt Hunt Gains

Coburg Lions Sturgess Totino Holdsworth Williams Posar Easton

Disposals K Wilson 25 Petropoulos 24 Paredes 23 Kennedy-Harris 23

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