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The Casey Scorpions leapt into second place on the VFL ladder after a resounding 33 point victory away from home against the Essendon VFL team.

The Scorpions list was tested with the mounting number of injuries at Melbourne and for the first time this season they fielded a majority of VFL listed players after Cam Pedersen was withdrawn for AFL duties. Youngster Billy Stretch, who has impressed in his two games so far, also did not play. Into the team came Oscar McDonald and Alex Neal-Bullen for their first senior VFL games along with senior Casey men in assistant coach Shannon Byrnes and Will Petropoulos returning from a long stint off through injury.

Kicking to the scoring end aided by a slight breeze, Casey attacked early with rookie James Harmes kicking two goals but the Bombers pulled back and it took two late goals to give the visitors the ascendency at the first break.

The second quarter was a tight defensive struggle with skipper Evan Panozza and beanpole Jack Fitzpatrick holding the home side back on numerous occasions and but for some skill errors on the rebound, Casey could have been further in front than a mere 5 points at half time.

With the breeze stiffening, the Scorpions put in a magnificent third quarter kicking 7 goals 5 behinds to 2 points to effectively ice the game. Midfielders Aidan Riley, Matt Jones, Rohan Bail and Mitch Gent were in total control with the support of Jake Spencer in the ruck giving the forwards, most notably Max Gawn and 23rd player Paul Pattinson multiple goal opportunities. The game was never in doubt but the visitors dropped down a gear in the latter part of the game to still run out convincing winners by 33 points.

As for the two debutants to Casey senior ranks, Neal-Bullen was impressive with his hard at it style of play picking up 21 touches and effecting 8 tackles while McDonald put in a handy first up performance. Harmes was subdued after his early burst and managed only none disposals for the day.

The Scorpions take on old rival Sandringham at Casey Fields in next Saturday's telecast match. The game starts at noon.

2015 Peter Jackson VFL

Casey Scorpions 5.2.32 6.5.41 13.10.88 16.11.107

Essendon VFL 3.3.21 5.6.36 5.8.38 10.14.74


Casey Scorpions Gawn Pattison 3 Harmes Petropoulos Smith 2 Byrnes Hutchins Morris Muir

Essendon VFL Hardingham 3 Edwards McLeod 2 Fantasia Long Schroder


Casey Scorpions Riley Fitzpatrick M Jones Bail Panozza Gent

Essendon VFL Hardingham Fantasia O'Brien Kavanagh Steinberg Ashby

Match Statistics

Rohan Bail 2 behinds 23 disposals 15 kicks 8 handballs 9 marks 4 tackles 107 dream team points

Jack Fitzpatrick 24 disposals 15 kicks 9 handballs 12 marks 1 tackle 1 hit out 104 dream team points

Max Gawn 3 goals 1 behind 12 disposals 10 kicks 2 handballs 11 marks 4 tackles 27 hit outs 128 dream team points

James Harmes 2 goals 9 disposals 6 kicks 3 handballs 1 marks 3 tackles 48 dream team points

Matt Jones 30 disposals 16 kicks 14 handballs 4 marks 5 tackles 107 dream team points

Oscar McDonald 12 disposals 7 kicks 5 handballs 4 marks 1 tackle 48 dream team points

Alex Neal-Bullen 1 behind 21 disposals 8 kicks 13 handballs 2 marks 8 tackles 88 dream team points

Aidan Riley 23 disposals 5 kicks 18 handballs 2 marks 9 tackles 97 dream team points

Jake Spencer 2 behinds 15 disposals 9 kicks 6 handballs 4 marks 3 tackles 21 hit outs 86 dream team points

Dean Terlich 18 disposals 10 kicks 8 handballs 2 marks 2 tackles 54 dream team points

Jimmy Toumpas 1 behind 19 disposals 12 kicks 7 handballs 5 marks 4 tackles 82 dream team points

Mitch White 8 disposals 4 kicks 4 handballs 4 marks 2 tackles 40 dream team points

The Development League side had the bye.

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