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WHITEWASH by KC from Casey

The Casey Scorpions who finished a lowly second-last in 2014, ahead only of the now defunct Bendigo Gold, finished the practice match series off on Saturday with an emphatic victory over a lacklustre Werribee Tigers to go into next Sunday's opening game with a 3 - 2 preseason record.

However, as an indicator of the season ahead, the game really provided nothing. The Tigers were a lifeless inept opposition which produced very little pressure and, as a consequence, there is very little one can say about the home side other than every player beat his opponent and did what was expected of him.

Jack Grimes marshalled the forces and, with skipper Evan Panozza, led the team brilliantly. Grimes finished the game with 30 disposals and a neat goal. The other Demon listed players also had a picnic with Jordie McKenzie, Matt Jones, Viv Michie, Aidan Riley and Jimmy Toumpas all putting their hands up for a return to AFL ranks. Likewise, the talls in Jake Spencer, Max Gawn, Jack Fitzpatrick and Cam Pedersen all had a picnic. Dean Terlich got better as the game went on and youngster Billy Stretch showed touches of brilliance for the future.

Some of the players whose disposal is often wayward in the intensity and heat of the battle at AFL level , were constantly hotting targets, indicating how much leeway their opponents were giving them.

There were good signs from the VFL contingent with newcomers James Munro, Luke Walmsley and Tom Muir all impressing and young goal sneak Angus Scott kicking three goals.

All in all, pleasing but not much of a pointer for the future because of the lack of opposition pressure which cause the match to result in a complete whitewash.

Casey Scorpions 4.1.25 612.9.82 16.10.106

Werribee 0.1.1 1.1.7 1.1.7 2.3.15

Goals Michie Scott 3 Pedersen Toumpas 2 Gawn Grimes Muir Spencer

Best Michie Grimes Toumpas Spencer Walmsley Scott Terlich

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