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An otherwise dull and boring afternoon at Queen Elizabeth Oval, Bendigo was lifted by a thrilling finish that saw Casey Scorpions youngster Ed Morris goal in the dying moments to give his team a thrilling victory by 2 points against the hapless Bendigo Gold.

There was much sadness in the air from the locals as the final siren sounded. The Gold are on their last legs after it was announced last month that the team, which hasn't won since the Bendigo-Essendon alignment ended two years ago, will fold at the end of the season. The game against poorly performed Casey, was possibly their last realistic opportunity ever for a win.

The Scorpions have introduced a significant amount of new blood into their senior team this season. This week it was the turn of David Gawley and Maia Westrupp, Melbourne's New Zealand born international rookie who picked up seven touches with limited opportunities.

Bendigo took the lead early in the game and although the visitors clawed it back late in the first quarter, it was the home side that held sway for most of the afternoon. The game itself never reached great heights and the skills on offer were what one would expect for two teams that had been winless for so long.

Casey last tasted victory in early May against the Northern Blues. Ironically, that team had a fortnight ago deprived Bendigo of a win when they snatched victory from the jaws of defeat with a last kick goal.

The Scorpions had the advantage of a number of AFL listed Melbourne players. A few of them like Viv Michie, Mitch Clisby, James Strauss, Sam Blease and Jay Kennedy-Harris achieved big numbers stats wise (plus Max Gawn who got the ball often and had an astonishing 80 hit outs) but the real heroes were a trio of youngsters who I predict have extremely promising futures ahead of them.

James Harmes (31 touches), Ed Morris from the Gippsland Power and Dom Barry who had a taste of AFL football over the previous fortnight are the players who impressed most for Casey when the chips were down.

The former, a rookie, played his best game to date; the latter, two players each kicked two goals in a frenetic final quarter. Barry kicked one at the 23 minute mark of the final quarter to regain the lead for his team. Bendigo responded three minutes later to grab back the ascendency. Jack Fitzpatrick marked deep in a pocket at 29 minutes but his shot for goal sailed wide of the goalposts to register a point.

Another minute and a half ticked by until Morris grabbed the ball in a pack and kicked truly. It was to be the last score of the day although another excruciating five minutes would elapse before the final siren saved Casey from what would have been an embarrassing defeat.

2014 Peter Jackson VFL

Casey Scorpions 4.3.27 5.8.38 8.13.61 12.14.86

Bendigo Gold 3.5.23 6.6.42 10.9.69 12.12.84


Casey Scorpions Barry 3 Blease Morris 2 Gawn Fitzpatrick Michie Strauss

Bendigo Gold Downie Pollock Walls 2 Aarts Farrelly Magin Redfern Stroobants Toman


Casey Scorpions Harmes Michie Morris Gawn Clisby Strauss

Bendigo Gold Toman Magin Walls Hayes Redfern Downie


* Dom Barry 3 goals 1 point 9 disposals 6 kicks 3 handballs 3 marks 52 Dream Team Points

* Sam Blease 2 goals 2 behinds 24 disposals 15 kicks 9 handballs 2 marks 6 tackles 107 Dream Team Points

* Mitch Clisby 1 point 28 disposals 13 kicks 15 handballs 6 marks 6 tackles 103 Dream Team Points

* Jack Fitzpatrick 2 goals 3 points 16 disposals 13 kicks 3 handballs 11 marks 3 tackles 34 hit outs 133 Dream Team Points

* Max Gawn 1 goal 1 point 26 disposals 12 kicks 14 handballs 4 marks 5 tackles 80 hitouts 187 Dream Team Points

* Alexis Georgiou 13 disposals 7 kicks 6 handballs 3 marks 5 tackles 57 Dream Team Points

* James Harmes 31 disposals 12 kicks 19 handballs 7 marks 4 tackles 106 Dream Team Points

* Jay Kennedy-Harris disposals 13 kicks 12 handballs 2 marks 1 tackle 74 Dream Team Points

* Viv Michie 1 goal 29 disposals 18 kicks 11 handballs 4 marks 6 tackles 109 Dream Team Points

* Dan Nicholson 25 disposals 18 kicks 7 handballs 8 marks 4 tackles 100 Dream Team Points

* James Strauss 1 goal 25 disposals 16 kicks 9 handballs 4 marks 6 tackles 106 Dream Team Points

* Maia Westrupp 7 disposals 4 kicks 3 handballs 4 marks 4 tackles 46 Dream Team Points

The Development League team came close to winning its second consecutive game but fell short by eight points in a close battle with Port Melbourne.

2014 AFL Victoria Development League

Casey Scorpions 4.0.24 5.5.35 7.9.51 9.12.66

Port Melbourne 3.3.21 7.4.46 8.6.54 10.14.74


Casey Scorpions Jackson Rosier Waters 2 Bundle Drew Thomas

Port Melbourne Johnson 3 McKenzie Magner 2 Hogan Keogh Michaliades


Casey Scorpions Paredes Waters Shiels Rosier Jackson Corrigan

Port Melbourne Johnston McKenzie Keogh Thornton Robinson Vearing

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