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  1. 23 hours ago, deanox said:

    Nah, we won't agree to disagree, I'm going to keep holding you to account.

    I (and others) are telling you that people can discuss ANY topic without offending if a) you are respectful and b) you are not trying to impose your moral/ethics on someone else.

    You say that offending each other in  discussion is unavoidable, but can't explain a reason why or a situation that doesn't fall into a) or b) above.

    I've been quite specific, the obfuscation is at your end. Either provide an example where offence is unavoidable (should be easy according to you) or accept that you're wrong.

    You may not realise or accept it, but your current line of argument is actually part of the problem that we are all trying to fix.

    Authoritarian statement above.

    'we are all trying to fix', who is 'we', and what are you 'trying to fix'? Are you another champion of 'anti racism'?

    The vast majority of people are anti racism, and are anti racist's who oppose racism without virtue signalling the fact. 

    There is still racism is our society, and I imagine in almost all societies of the world. We should strive for equality together.

    So many sanctimonious posts on Demonland lately like 'we need to be more then anti racist'. Racism is a human frailty that hysterical keyboard behaviour, or actions isn't going to solve. 

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  2. 4 hours ago, Half forward flank said:

    I suspect you want to judge whether in your view it was a racist thing to say.  You cannot accept that a team mate or team mates. Adelaide officials, AFL officials and  indeed Tex Walker himself after taking advice from his Manager and others all agree it was racist. To spell it out for you it would be morally and legally racist for anyone to repeat what was said. Why, because that just reinforced and amplifies the damage to any indigenous people who hear it. Do you get it. Final note, Walker did not try and worm his way out of it like in the old days by saying, all I said and thought that was just like calling the red headed bloke bluey.

    I'm not interested in what you 'suspect'. You're quite arrogant to assume authority on the matter, and pre judge.

    Asking if anyone knew what was said is called gathering information. Obviously Walker said something racist. I don't need you to state what's plainly obvious, and keep your history lessons to yourself, there boring.

    Anyway, he'll get punished.

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  3. 5 minutes ago, deanox said:

    I've told you that I read in an early article (since redacted) that he used a reasonably well known slur to describe the person. That has differentiated that what he said was a slur in casual speech rather than a diatribe spoken in vitriol to their face, nor was it a wider scope cultural attack. So gives sufficient context. Why does it matter which slur it was? 

    If you really want to know, think of the 5 or so common slurs you've heard used for first nations people and imagine it's one of them. It doesn't really matter which one it is.


    Geez, you're going to a lot of effort to withhold information. Suit yourself.

    My curiosity is losing interest. I didn't realise the discussion was going to be so gaurded. 

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  4. 6 minutes ago, hardtack said:

    Why do you feel the need to know exactly what was said?  How will that add to the discussion in any constructive way… particularly now that Walker has admitted to it?  

    It's poignant. It's information. It reveals more about his character, it reveals more about the story.


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  5. It's a discussion isn't it? We're all communicating in text on a forum right?

    I'm noticing that through merely inquiring about what Tex Walker actually said it's raising suspicion and censor like responses like yours.

    Why discuss the story at all if you don't want to go into detail?


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  6. 11 minutes ago, Half forward flank said:

    Try and understand this then

    Yirip      Indigenous name for your hometown, Stawell, for ten of thousands of years.  

    How would you and your family get on if a superior military power took  over Stawell and australia, banned you from talking English, took your home, stole your children and then told you you were hopeless? So give it a rest understand Walker was in the wrong and deserves every penalty that has been  put his way.

    Such blatant assuming behaviour you have, and you're claiming the moral high ground?

    You have no idea who I am, or where I come from 

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