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  1. 4 hours ago, Lord Nev said:



    Second hand info passed on, but good source. Copped a wrist injury during the Freo game and has had to have surgery, likely out for 6 weeks or so. Also copped a nose injury as well so did well to just play out the game.

    Definitely changes my perspective on his performance somewhat.

    Shame on me. I saw a post on Facebook about harmes being plastered in Prahan Saturday night. Assumed it was alcohol not plaster on his wrist. 

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  2. What this kid is pulling off at such a young age is completely flying under the radar. He’s going to be a top level talent for sure. After some lean years at the draft, we def nailed that one with Jackson, Pickett and Rivers.

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  3. It’s obviously not great that his troublesome knee has flared up after ramping up training but this is common with players coming back from any sort of long term injury. We’ve recruited him for a few years not just round 1 2021. The hysteria on here is amazing. I’m dec thankful that we kept T-Mac. This is his chance prove everyone wrong.

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