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  1. Clearly, mentally we turn up just thinking it will happen against bottom teams and just rely on our talent. The amount of Times hawthorn were able to find one on ones inside 50 Showed the lack of work rate and will to support. We still lack maturity and this will cost us the flag this year .

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  2. Our forward line sucked tonight. Oliver and Langdon our leading goal kickers was telling. Snaps to Nicks being the only coach who came up with a plan to break our zone. I’m hoping we go into bulldogs with one less tall because they will expose us x10 from defensive 50.

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  3. 11 minutes ago, Kick_It_To_Pickett said:

    Like most games, this will be won in the midfield. We can’t allow ourselves to be beaten at centre clearances like last week. As good as our backline is, we can’t concede that many inside 50s against the blues. They have a bloke leading the Coleman and a few others capable of a day out. 

    Agree. Can’t let McKay have easy entries. Surely we don’t play the centre bounce so poorly 2 weeks in a row. 

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