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  1. Cripps or Honeychurch should be available around our second pick, both nice inside accumulators
  2. Haven't seen a lot of Kelly, how does he go about it on the inside? Does he tackle, put his head over it etc? Don't really want pure outside player, would rather a Sheed or Scharenberg with a bit of size on them. Aish looks really classy, was getting paid a lot of attention from opposition and is coming back from a shoulder reco, so he is better than what he was showing.
  3. Agree. Jake is a different player, he started in the square at the beginning of each quarter which suggested he was in the first selected midfield group. Whenever he gathered the ball in a contested situation, he would hit it hard and stick out a forearm to create some room before getting rid of it. Also took a ripper mark in the last quarter. Bit of Dusty about him
  4. Vitriol towards Garry is pretty unbelievable. I bet the people, hindsight merchants as Lyon called them, who are condemning him for picking Neeld were the ones getting all excited when he came in and appointed the new panel. Garry admitted on the show that he was disappointed the decision he helped make didn't pan out, and said to the Melbourne supporters not to worry he'll stay out. Pretty disgusted in this, that a former champion of our club, the centrepiece of the ****** banner for gods sake gets slandered like this for trying to help the club. He'd be hurting as much as any of us would over the past few years.
  5. Can't find the real stats online, but if I had to take a swing from face value it would be 184cm and 75-80kg? Nice frame, runs with a similar gate to the old man
  6. Boys, in a pretty disappointing year, it's important to try and find some positives that we, as supporters, can look ahead to. Billy Stretch, son of Steven is one of them, really encouraging to see that he is in SA U18 contention. Jake Lovett is another one that looms as potentially another father son option. Son of Brett, Jake has been selected in the Vic Country U16 team this year, and wil travel to Blacktown to play in the tournament in the coming weeks. Obviously it's a long way away until he could be drafted, and he has a lot of work to do, but he has nice size already, strong physique and really has a crack. One thing he does need to work on (this is just from one game that I have seen on Richmonds training oval before Queens birthday) is his fitness, doesnt exactly move smoothly around the ground. But a lot to work with there, and hopefully can do enough to warrant selection in the 2015(?) draft! https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&sqi=2&ved=0CDMQFjAB&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.sportingpulse.com%2Fget_file.cgi%3Fid%3D2335412&ei=ZuS-UeuVD4bxlAWzioHQAw&usg=AFQjCNF_8d_5UuvegRuEXN0Fx7XDp8CEdg&sig2=1Y9w8bgZsx0NavyJQy_K7w
  7. Petterd clearly didn't get the kick up the ass required during his stint at Casey, well back you go son (hate to say it). Jeremy Howe seriously needs to work on his set shots.
  8. Spot on, that was the thing that stood out the most for me.
  9. Gaz just reporting on Triple M that Jack already put one player out of the game, but then got hit by Wojinski and was down for a minute, which was, as Gaz said, probably the longest he has ever been down his life. toughest young player he's ever seen
  10. Is he in line for a call-up? I think I remember someone saying he only had 11 touches, but was electrifying with them. Except I'd love Bleasey to be cracking 20+ possies most games in the 2's.
  11. Highlights are up on the dees website now, the few clips of Blease were impressive, however as posters have pointed out they may have been the only good things he did for the game. The snap goal at the end was all class in the clutch.
  12. Unfortunately that was ruled out when we signed him 2 years ago. This is professional sport, no team is going to give another an edge, especially when (if we get our [censored] together) we will be challenging the cup against GWS and GC, the same teams that have the opportunity to bid for him this year. Hypothetically, say if Richmond finish last next year and us 17th, and they have this boom FS recruit, would we not bid and allow them to take him at pick 19, especially after they've already committed to him? To quote Neeldy, "Not on your life". Our hand was forced when Adelaide were sniffing around Viney in 2010, we had to make a call and now we are paying for it.
  13. Fair enough, be prepared to cop it back when Jurrah plays though.
  14. We'll take Viney with our first pick, the kids worth it and will be streets ahead of other kids we could potentially pick due to his work within the club over the past 2 years. There is no option of not taking Viney and calling GWS/GC bluff. We know what we're getting, and I couldn't be more happy. Seen him play numerous times, including the under 18 carnival and TAC gf last year. Watch him absolutely tear this competition to shreds at the end of the year, then there will be no doubt he's top 3 ilk.
  15. Can someone fill me in why Melbourne supporters were booing Milne after his 500th? I understand if he did something that game like Montagna or Goddard did, but it was a good effort for a small forward to hit 500 goals and the booing that ensued wasn't a good look.
  16. Out: Joel Mac, Tapscott, Tom McDonald, Sellar In: Grimes, Sylvia, Martin, Couch/Petterd Joel Mac, god, I like his attack but in the modern game if you can't kick (which the majority of our backline can't) then you get butchered. Batram hanging on by a thread, perhaps because he is in the leadership group. Tom Mc has a future, but needs to have a spell at Casey to work on some of his deficiencies. Kosi out doesn't help his case. Tappy just does not look fit at all, was limping towards the end of the game, give him a rest and then a couple of hitouts at Casey (as much as I love him) Grimes and Sylvia should add some much needed class. Endeavour needs to be replicated.
  17. Defenitely, super impressed with his game. Don't think Boyd would have gone under 20 possessions a lot in the last few years.
  18. Exactly, Mcaffer tore up plenty of games for the Pies, and played very well in one of the Grand Finals last year as well. In saying that, our Forward line is turning into a strength, and if we picked him up whos position would he take? Howe, Green, Jurrah? I think we have a surplus in these sorts of players.
  19. Honestly I think it's suss Clark's manager coming out and saying how outstanding our offer is. I think he is trying to freak out Freo a bit, making them raise their offer to trump ours, because I don't see why Clark would want to come to Melbourne considering he has outlined the reasons for moving back to W.A. Barret said that Young, Clark's manager, is a very good trade week operator, and one of the player managers that handles the trade situation very well. We could be getting played here.
  20. God I hope so, would be ecstatic with Greene, he is a jet. Works well in the clinch as well, him and Viney together would provide midfield grunt for 10-13 years for the Dees.
  21. Pftt balls to that. Trade Tapscott, Trengove's best mate? No thanks, especially since the kid showed a lot in his first couple of games before being hampered by injuries. Tapscott's not going anywhere, both Jack and Luke will be 10+ years players for this club, bet on it.
  22. He's had 5 posts, most likely taking the [censored]. Gysberts has a thirst for the contest [censored], is regularly digging the ball out and putting his head over it. Get a clue
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