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  1. 5 hours ago, MadAsHell said:

    Jackson to Fremantle.

    Fremantle send Pick 13 to Filth and future 2nd Round Pick to Gold Coast.

    Collingwood send Grundy to Melbourne.

    Gold Coast send Bowes and Pick 7 to Melbourne with Freo picking up a large portion of Bowes contract.

    Dees get Bowes, Grundy and Pick 7 for Jackson

    Gold Coast get a future 2nd Round Pick and cap relief for Bowes and Pick 7.

    Filth get Pick 13 for Grundy.

    Freo get Jackson for Pick 13, Future 2nd Rounder and taking on part of Bowes contract?

    My brain hurts ....

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  2. I don't agree with the 3-2-1 system. You can have 3 players having played well, with not much difference in their performances. The umpires' darlings (e.g. Neale) get 3 votes ... and Oliver or Miller get 1. So, Neale gets 3 times the votes. It's too heavily weighted towards the darlings. 

    I suggest the votes be 5-4-3, so that the votes are weighted more evenly. 

    I doubt that anyone will agree with me ... that's ok, I'm used to that.

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  3. The filth supporters are diabolical. They boo and call "ball" from the opening bounce and never let up. Thankfully they seem to have stopped doing the ridiculous "USA/USA" chant.

    So glad they didn't make the GF. 

    So annoying that they lucked in with 2 excellent father/son picks.

  4. 1 hour ago, layzie said:

    And let's not forget about the other great things life has to offer as well. Like flowers, music or a big can of soda pop!

    It took me a few days, but I'm over it too. 

    I'm over the 2022 season ... just hope neither the filth, nor Jee-long win the flag. Can hardly be bothered to watch any further matches. I've never felt that way any other season. 

    P.S. I was in the MCC GF ballot. Missed out ... but don't really care. I won't bother to wander up on the day, which I have always done in the past when I've missed out in the ballot.

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  5. I've been totally blindsided!! Did anyone else suspect he was going to leave?   😉

    I hope the Club doesn't accept some lame offer from Freo. If they can't offer something decent, let him take his chances in the draft. Not sure what compensation we'd receive. He was a #3 draft pick. Rising Star winner, premiership player with 2 years of development. Despite his indifferent form this year, the compensation should be at a very high level.

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  6. I had zero expectations of us winning the flag this year. We would have been thrashed by Jee-long next week. However I thought that reaching a Preliminary Final would have been an acceptable year.

    The capitulations in both finals, particularly last night, were unacceptable. And Turner being the only debutant or the season. So yes, a waste of a season. 

    The only thing to hope for for the remainder of the season is to hope that neither the filth nor Geelong win. I think that the Swans are the only other team capable of winning the flag.

  7. Bike ride this morning, followed by early afternoon nap. About to have afternoon tea ... tea + orange cake. 

    Goin right off in Northcote.

    Pre match dinner at Mountain View Hotel ...

    Pumped ... 

    A loss tonight would be a massive disappointment.

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  8. 25 minutes ago, Jaded No More said:

    The woman lived an incredible life and died peacefully at 96 in a castle surrounded by Corgis
    I want this exact death. 

    Not for me. Corgis are really annoying dogs.

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  9. Captain Obvious here ...

    Reigning premiers, undefeated after 10 rounds. Going out in straight sets would represent a fail.

    Reaching a Prelim would be a pass ...

    One difference between 2021 and 2022 is our record against top teams.

    Thank you ...


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