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  1. On 11/01/2024 at 00:37, hardtack said:

    Definitely agree!! You’ll need to track down a copy of Out of the Blue; it’s a brilliant album.  Unfortunately I don’t have the room for a full vinyl friendly set up, so I went the other way and recently purchased a JBL sound bar to replace my bulky space consuming home theatre set up. It has detachable speakers that can be placed to act as rear surround speakers. Seeing as how I’d invested in this technology, I decided to subscribe to the Apple Music streaming service and now seamlessly stream from my iPhone via bluetooth; it’s been a godsend since I’ve been mostly confined to my home. I’ve been tracking down a lot of Oz music from that early 70’s, era and hearing it in a whole new light. Tully, Company Caine, Spectrum and the Indelible Murtceps, La De Das, Coloured Balls, Ariel, Chain, Wendy Saddington and on and on the list goes.

    And while I think of it, I’m assuming that you do know that Rob Mackenzie is a member of Demonland.

    He’s living in LA now, but when he was in town visiting, myself, my son Liam and Rob, would meet up with another Dees fanatic in David Bland who would be familiar to those of us old enough to remember the miming show Kommotion… fantastic times and I’m still in contact with Rob now and then. I’m hoping if he makes a return visit and that my health also makes a return visit, the four of us will be able to do it all again. 

    I love late 60s/early 70s Oz music ... Seasons of Change, Golden Miles, I'll be Gone, Lotus One, The Freak/Hey Pinky (Zoot) ... need I go on? 



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  2. 43 minutes ago, old55 said:

    You mean the side that we belted up there in the last round last year with a makeshift forward line?

    Grundy won't make that much difference and their captain Mills is out.

    There's reasons to be positive.

    I was at that match. We didn't 'belt' them.

    I don't think we can rely on Fritsch to kick 5 goals every match!!


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  3. I'm not sure that we can keep playing both Langers & Hunter on the wings. Gus is a great winger (and HB, and midfielder!!) so we mightn't be able to play him on a wing. One of the young fellas might well get a crack on a wing ... 

    I'm very worried about Petty. Those foot injuries are diabolical. 

    JVR is really good. Very confident about his continued progression.

    Clarry ... hmm. Who knows?

    Sparrow ... needs to go to the next level. Hopefully he does. And Chandler.

    And Kozzy needs to improve his consistency. I'm a real advocate of giving him short bursts on the ball to get him into the game.

    TMac & BBB are cooked. Sadly. 

    I worry about Max. He's not getting any younger, and is repeatedly assaulted.

    Maysie ... great player, but on the wrong side of 30. Hopefully his inevitable slide is very gradual.

    Not sure it's exactly on topic, but I really hate the filth. As for Maynard ....



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  4. Having an A+ ruckman is an obvious asset.

    But, as has been said many times before, the Toiges won 3 flags with Nankervis as their ruckman. And for those with long memories, so did Brisbane years ago with Keating*. And another flag with another ruckman whose name I can't remember!


    *Aaron, not Paul.

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  5. On 19/01/2024 at 21:37, Little Goffy said:

    I love Jake Lever but I'm not sure he's a good choice as captain.

    It's a strange paradox - one of the smartest players on our list, but has also had some of the most spectacular brain farts I've ever seen on a football field!

    Another factor is that his effectiveness relies a bit much on others doing their job properly. In his role there's not a lot he can do to turn things around and lift morale and intensity if we are faltering.

    All that said, definitely a leader and definitely a super valuable player.

    Our next captain is going to be a whopper of a decision. Right now just about every candidate on our list is either almost as old as Gawn or in a dedicated role and persona that isn't quite captain-ish. It could be very interesting to see what happens if Brayshaw is given a more central game-defining role rather than the game-saving role he has often been in.

    If Brayshaw didn't have his health issues, he would be the perfect captain (IMHO).

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  6. On 08/01/2024 at 22:09, rjay said:

    Which version of the Doobies do you prefer 'Red'?

    Just realised he also missed one of my all time favourites, Steely Dan who crossover with the Doobies on a few fronts.

    The Beatles are secreted in at 27, first look I thought he had missed them as well. Not used to seeing them come in so low.

    A great list non the less...

    Jeff 'Skunk' Baxter and Michael McDonald say hi.

    Personally I can't stand the Michael McDonald (yacht rock) version. Yeah, yeah, I know they won a Grammy with What a Fool Believes. While it's ultra slick, I can't stand it!!

  7. 1 hour ago, Pipefitter said:

    I just feel he isn’t that player. He’s a Hogan/Reiwoldt type, and to get the best value out of him we need him in that 50 line as much as possible. 

    He's a ripper. I liken him to Reiwoldt (Richmond version) in that he's slightly undersized as a key forward, but gives a serious contest every time.

    Thankfully he's not a DH like Reiwoldt. 

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  8. 10 hours ago, Macca said:

    Socceroos @ India in a world cup qualifier on the Ch10 main channel now (game starts at 10.30pm) 

    Martin Boyle is back and starting 

    2 - 0. Not impressive.

  9. 22 hours ago, WalkingCivilWar said:

    I’d love to see Josh flourish if for no other reason than so as he won’t be remembered (by Dees fans) only as the unused sub. That’d be doing him a great disservice and isn’t what defines him. 

    I think poor James Jordon (aka Jordan Jones) is the definitive unused sub.

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