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  1. I'm not sure if Adelaide being 8 points up at 3Q time against a putrid Saints side is that good a form line.  And I want Essendon to make the finals so they can lose another final.  So I'm hoping for an Essendon win.

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  2. 5 hours ago, M_9 said:

    When you say ‘any posters’ are you suggesting there was more than just me?

    In my defence I did state (with stats) that the key to Harry’s game is his marking. Good to see on Saturday it was more than that. Tackling, competing and at least one deft touch.

    There were several posters who wanted him dropped in the lead up to the Geelong game.  Some like yourself have owned it, others haven't.

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  3. 1 minute ago, Demon Dynasty said:

    Another lovely play from Sesto off HB through the middle.  Spears a pass to BB but he's out bodied and defender marks in front.

    It was nice lead up play but he had an open player on at the 50 which might have been the go rather than the BBB 50:50.

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  4. 5 hours ago, Demon Dynasty said:


    Surely there's a better alternative than playing this match on the same day as the senior match?

    What's wrong with Sat or Sunday?

    Reserves as the curtain raiser to the seniors worked for a very long time, and is fondly remembered.  It still works for nearly every non-AFL competetion in the nation.

  5. Solid half of footy.  We have been quite fumble at times, so a bit to tidy up.  Great to see McVee in great form.

    Biggest frustration that half for me was Rivers kicking.  Missed a short one that gave up a goal which happens.  The real frustration is when he kicks long and it goes super high and takes for ever to get there.  Kick it long, fast and flat and it becomes a weapon.

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  6. Just wondering if our stats guru @binman can comment on David Kings latest stat buzzword - The Punish.  I'm not sure when he first raised it, but he spoke about several times on Sundays First Crack, and although I haven't had a listen yet, I expect he will dive into it again today during his Means Test with Whateley.  Seems to be all about how crucial it is to score and defend after turnover.

    Cheers guys

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  7. Great win last night. Very proud of the team and rapt for Vines.

    It you want a surreal experience, watch the first 5 minutes of The Round So Far.  Kane Cornes is full of praise for Melbourne, rightfully recognises how good ANB was last night (and has been all season), and also rightfully calls out the Rozee flop that reversed that free kick and gifted them a goal.  

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  8. 32 minutes ago, BoBo said:

    It’s been a very strange night. BT calling posters as goals. Also saying this absolute trash game feels like a ‘finals game’? WTF?


    Umpiring was AWFUL. 

    The standard of the game was terrible by both teams. 

    Brisbane just played worse than Collingwood. 

    Joey Montagna saying Pendles punch was just a fine??


    Interviewing and asking a player about an incident they should be suspended for straight after a game?


    Referring to the incident as a ‘love tap?’


    The reality of what we just witnessed vs the way it’s characterised by commentators is worlds apart. 

    Painfully obvious tonight. 

    After listening to the commentary tonight, I feel very lucky to have grown up with Bruce, Dennis, Sandy and Drew.  I feel sorry for the younger generation who know only the unprofessional rubbish Channel 7 trot out weekly now.

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  9. Hopefully if he does want to go back to SA, then Port also put a big number in front of him too.  I would love a true bidding war to break out if we are to lose him (but would much prefer him to decide to stay though).


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  10. Can’t believe the Foxfooty panel think Collingwood was actually good in that first quarter.  Terrible quarter of footy by two teams they looked terribly nervous.  Half the league would have been 5 goals ahead of Collingwood at quarter time if that’s the skill and composure they played with.

  11. Both teams sucked in the first quarter but Collingwood got a dream run with the umps.  Brisbane was always likely to tidy a few things up and take control. Not surprised at all with the turn around.  If Brisbane tall forwards get some marking touch, it will get ugly.

  12. 46 minutes ago, Gawndy the Great said:

    That was Trac.

    I defenitely saw Oliver shaking a sore hand on Saturday as well as Petracca.  It is possible what happened at training today is related.

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  13. 12 minutes ago, Dee Zephyr said:

    I’m pleasantly surprised Dof. I didn’t think he would get named after taking no part in the praccy matches. 

    I’m was surprised too, but in hindsight we’ve done it many times before.  They clearly rate the competitive match play during training sessions very highly as a way to decide a players readiness to return.

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