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  1. Niners 31 Chiefs 17

    Lets do this! Heading to Brewdog in Coburg to watch the game, the Jerry RIce jersey has been through the wash..I'm ready!

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  2. Sun 8.30am   Houston @ Baltimore (13+)

    Sun 12.15pm  Green Bay @ San Francisco (7-12)

    Mon 7.00am   Tampa Bay @ Detroit (13+)

    Mon 10.30am  Kansas City @ Buffalo (1-6)

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  3. I'm pretty sure I heard correctly that was the fourth coldest playoff game ever?

    Shame as it made for a pretty poor spectacle slow and careful offence rather than explosive plays. 

    And the sight of coach Reid's frozen moustache in close up almost made me spit out my coffee, had to pause it and show the missus, great camerawork. Better than seeing  Taylor swift for the umpteenth time. 

    Didn't see the first game, but very happy as a 49er that Demeco is going so well. 

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  4. Sun 8.30am  Cleveland @ Houston 7-12

    Sun 12.00pm  Miami @ Kansas City 7-12

    Mon 5.00am  Pittsburgh @ Buffalo 13+

    Mon 8.30am  Green Bay @ Dallas 13+

    Mon  12.00pm LA Rams @ Detroit 7-12

    Tues  12.15pm Philadelphia @ Tampa Bay 13+

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  5. That was one ugly outing for the Chargers today, I don't particularly rate the Raiders, but they absolutely obliterated their opposition. I gave up that game at half time, very rare I wont sit through a whole game if I can...

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  6. 8 hours ago, Gorgoroth said:

    Rams lose but played much better than I expected. Two picks in the second half pretty much was the game. 
    Paku Nacua set two NFL records today, Most receptions by a player in his first two games and most catches by a rookie in a single game.

    targeted 20 times by Stafford for

    15 Rec for 147 yds oh and 4yds rushing.

    Man this kid is good!!! 
    25 rec and 266 yds in first two games is insane.


    Not bad for a 5th rounder playing as WR1

    He had a ripping game today.  One you get Kupp back that's a good one-two receiver punch.  Thought Stafford made some good passes to him and Atwell too. 


    Purdy missed a few targets today so we left points out there too,  and Aiyuk missed a lot of snaps with his shoulder issue. Still undefeated in regular season since McCaffrey has started.

    And another great 'home' crowd for us in LA today. Bring on the Giants!


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