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  1. I have probably got way ahead of myself here but I'm pretty sure we are a better side than dogs. As long as the players aren't way ahead with me and have a sense of reality we can and should win the game without a ruck.

    Need to shut down Naughton who can be a match winner and play a solid contested ball game and hold them to 50 - 60 points.

    They can't hold any side and we are a good scoring side. Should be approx 90 - 60 scoreline. Ha, I am delusional.

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  2. If we are channelling the magnifecent Brisbane Lions era with our own version of the fab four in the middle maybe Max could do a Clark Keating and just time his finals run to perfection, come back cherry ripe for the last couple of Home and Aways for a bit of a tune up then be the player of the finals series. Yeah, go Max.

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  3. Keep them together till we win one, then they can chase the money.

    We are potentially a very good side, as good as any team in it. But when you get to top four good you are judged by a different set of standards, and a team stacked with talent has to deliver a premiership or be damned to the couldabeens, that the world is full of.

    Melbourne's star is rising like a comet. We will need to win one in the next two or three years I'd say or it may be a long, long time before we get the chance again. Further if we don't we will again be laughed at, humiliated or worse pitied by all and sundry.

    We have a good list but as we rise the players will be tempted to change clubs and chase big coin. It is imperative that as supporters we back the players and the club and stop playing little Gods and tearing our players apart. The hatred for Spargo is an example but there is a constant dialogue of "delist him, he's crap, he can't coach etc."

    Please stay together as a team till we win one. I want Gus and Viney in that team.

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  4. I think there is a logjam between avb, Jones, Sparrow, Rivers, Harmes, Jetta and Lockhart. There is probs room for 3 to 5 of the seven.

    I'd prefer to stick with Sparrow, Rivers and Lockhart. I think Harmes who is get ball kick ball, is a liability down back, his turn overs result in goals and when he tries to take more time and hit a target he isn't playing his natural game and again is not very good. There is a little bit of room in the midfield rotations but for me Sparrow deserves to develop and see how far he can rise. 

    Harmes is a good mark but Rivers offers something again to develop and for me Lockhart or Jetta are important to balance so one has to come back in.  So I'm left with a choice between AVB, Jones and Harmes for one spot. They offer good grunt and should play two of when wet but when skills are high only one of.

  5. 10 minutes ago, Salems Lot said:

    Norf had no idea or game plan, just awful.  Said to my young fella even when they were leading that we were a better team, waaaay better.

    North were terrible, just terrible. Players don't want to play, coach can't coach, worst team we've met all year for sure. They are in trouble.

    We are a better side for sure but we still take a long time to get our game going. We should be a good side for a while and when we peak, maybe in the 2021 or 2022 seasons we hopefully can give it a tilt. 

    Personally I don't like the posters who continually call for this player or that player to be dropped/traded. Why can't we grow into a good enough team to have both Viney and Brayshaw out there. Think of the Brisbane era and the fab four of Smart, Voss....and two others. I think three of them won Brownlows.

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  6. 46 minutes ago, PaulRB said:

    Makes me realise that if the current collection of half-wit ex-footy playing commentators worked half as hard on their media role and analysis as they did their footy careers, we might find their output more interesting, even insightful...

    This along with Matthew Lloyd recently gives me the pip. The first three qtrs (admitedly we were poor at times ) against Crows Dermott the insufferable and his crew were just piling into Melbourne.

    We have the makings of a good team. Goody is poor but trying and good teams work it out for themselves and eventually make the coach look good. Our worst issue is destabilisation from outside forces who have their own agendas

    Have a crack at Hawthorn, who look [censored]. Dogs going nowhere, Collingwoods injuries and culture. But no, these weak b#stards want to take the easy route and pick on Melbourne. They can all f#ck  the f#ck off

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  7. TMac has beeen running around looking like he will need hip replacements for a while now. Its sad but I think all his running has caught up with him.

    I'm not sure if there is a natural solution to his hips but he looks like he is 45 out there. Can Burgess help him loosen up or is he shot? It's a real problem as he is a proud team leader but I honestly believe he was a big part of our poor start against Port. This is also coaching though. TMac is such a presence out there and I think some of the guys weren't given clear instructions. They looked unsure, which is strange coming off two wins.

    Also Jones doesn't look like he is buying in. Again a coaching issue. He needs to stop sulking and get involved or he is gone too. Unlike TMac I think his body is okay, but he has been slighted by not being in the top 22 and consequently isn't involved enough. I think it's almost an attitude issue. Needs a bit of love.

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  8. From reading some suggestions I really like the idea of giving Jackson a go on the wing. He is developing so well and Kossie, Jacko and Rivers are a great credit to our trading team. Jackson has taken the centre square tap work on occasions to give Max a rest and has been handier as an extra mid moreso than the ruck work where he is still a bit light and can be pushed around. I would like to see TMac come back in and go straight back to the role in the forward line supporting Weid and Jacko go to the wing for half the game and rotate to the forward line when TMac or Weid need a break.

    Jackson has speed, skill and height and can get loose and play with a bit of freedom on a wing, maybe not this week but in a game where we are well up and we can experiment a bit.

  9. For me I would rest anyone who doesn't come up.

    A wet ground, will mean quite a few of the guys will have heavy legs on Thursday night. We really needed that win and even though we are now probably out of contention for a top four spot and consequently winning the whole thing, we can possibly handle a loss on Thursday night and still make the 8. But a loss plus injuries would really hurt us, so even though some players were poor tonight it probably comes down to fitness and ability to back up.

    So Nev, Jones and Bennell will probably struggle to get up and we're praying no-one does a hammy Thursday.

  10. I would have thought that while they were assessing the injury and determining if he needed weeks off or could somehow get up to play, they are better telling nobody nothin'. Then they control the story and who knows what.

    I would think they were somewhat disappointed there was a leak through to this website

    Just read chookrats reply and I basically agree

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  11. 6 hours ago, Macca said:

    We should nearly always swap our 1st & 2nd round picks for proven talent anyway.  And by proven talent I mean B+ or A grade (never Dawes,  Clark or Lumumba) More like Buddy,  Dangerfield,  Judd,  Lynch,  Treloar,  Mitchell etc etc

    Drafting is high risk where as trading draft picks for proven talent has very little risk attached. And draft picks are overvalued anyway so it's hard to lose out from an overall perspective (trading draft picks for proven talent)  Trading for Lever & May were the right moves.  So was trading a top end pick for Jeff White back in 1997. 

    Injuries can happen to draftees as well (Hogan,  Petracca,  Brayshaw,  Trengove etc etc)

    And I have been saying the same thing for decades.  Just think how better off we'd be if we'd traded for talent from 2007 onwards.

    The long list of busts wouldn't have happened and we'd have been relevant and a finals contender throughout. 

    Morton,  Watts,  Scully,  Trengove,  Gysberts,  Strauss,  Maric,  Blease,  Cook,  Tapscott, Weideman,  Tyson (a former pick 3) and a few others would never have happened

    We'd have lost the chance to draft Oliver,  Brayshaw,  Petracca,  Salem (and a departing Hogan) but those 5 players are all we can point at over a 12 year period.  A massive,  catastrophic fail.  The system stinks and we need to stop blaming the A-end of the problem.

    What we could always have done is to trade for picks with those who have a bit of currency and then bundled up the picks for proven talent.  Given how high risk drafting is I'm astonished that a club hasn't tried it (consistently) You'll never win backing long shots.

    But belief systems are belief systems.  Faith,  hope & trust wins out.  We want to believe what we're being told by the draft believers but the truth says otherwise.

    Talented draftees should be therefore targeted after they have been in the AFL system for 2-4 years.  So you don't actually ever miss out (if you're smart) 

    You still have to do the mandatory 3 picks but that can be picks 62,  63 & 64.  All expendable. 

    Nice argument. Well argued. I am from the "take your pick to the draft" belief and absolutely love new untried talent, but you are correct, especially with Melbourne (consider Jack Watts), we heap unrealistic pressure on them and they rarely deliver.

    You've got me almost agreeing with you but I love Oliver and I still am more than happy to go to the draft. As you say its my "belief system"

  12. If a good coach got hold of him ( hopefully ) in our system and set us up with Frost, Lever and May as the three talls I think it would work well. He has really developed his punch and has good closing speed. He has also become much more reliable. He has learnt this year to leave his opponent and help be the third man up as well. He had very good results against some very good footballers.

    He has had one and a half years in the senior team where he has gone way past Oscar and can be rightfully proud of this years output. Apart from his on-field dust up with May I think he understands better how we want him to play and for us there is an upside as he can develop further with confidence as a regular team member.

    If he goes elsewhere it will take him a while to settle in as he is unpredictable and will spook his new teammates at times. Much better for Frost if he stays, much better for us if he stays. 

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  13. 10 hours ago, binman said:

    Normally I would either ignore such a mindless, rubbish post or make some sarcastic, facetious comment.

    Didn't want to do the first. Couldn't be bothered with the latter.

    So I will instead I'll respectfully ask you to sod off.


    2 hours ago, AaronDaveyChipsAndGravey said:

    I’m honestly convinced that anyone disagreeing that we dont need someone like Elliot at the club truely doesnt want our club to succeed. 


    2 hours ago, Moonshadow said:

    You must be the fun guy at parties

    Well I accept my comments were against the common flow of the thread and were over emotional but I get sick of most threads where a player looks like he might move and posters go "yes, yes, yes" without really thinking through the consequenses.

    I also accept that he is a better player than Ben Ken was but is he that much of an upgrade on Kent who had good potential but couldn't and still can't get on the park?

    We have spent the last three years "importing" talent and now as a result when Frost says "I've been the best defender this year, show me the money" we can't. Yet were throwing money at another "import".

    I certainly want success for the club but the last two years of getting in May and Lever for NO success I think may have caused rumblings within the group. Personally I think it might be time to pull our heads in and go to the draft and develop our own talent.

    Lastly the first two comments were just attacking me for having an opinion. pretty poor posts but Moonshadow I liked the humor, yeah I'm pretty .. no very boring when I talk footy, after all I barrack for Melbourne

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  14. If we think getting Elliot is in any small way going to improve our side or be the answer to any of our woes then we really are in trouble. $600,000 for a bloke that will add about as much as Kennedy from the Pies did a few years ago, just stinks of desperation. Elliot isn't worth a pinch of s##t.

    The fact we've even attached our name to him means we are f##cked. We have no idea how to play money ball and we are gone, game over, forget it, walk away.

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  15. 31 minutes ago, Fork 'em said:

    Collingwood played in the 2002 and 2003 GF only to tank and lose their last 11 games to scoop up Thomas and Pendlbury at pick 2 and 5 in the 2005 draft.

    Hawthorn tanked in 2004 to get both Roughead and Franklin at pick 2&5.
    Richmond also tanked in 2004 with Wallace admitting as much  to pick up Deledio at 1 and Tambling at 4

    Carlton tanked to win both the "Krueser and Gibbs cups" with assistant coach Libratore again admitting as much but warned to keep his mouth shut by the AFL.

    Eagles tanked in 2008 to get Nic Nat at pick 2 after playing in both the 2005 & '06 Grand Finals.

    And we were absolutely garbage for multiple years and yet were the only club that got stung for tanking.
    What a hatchet job.

    Beautifully put. I couldn't believe during that whole time how we were the only club being hung out to dry.

    I actually liked the priority pick and the way the clubs managed to never win more than 4 games, or they would go on and win at least 7 or so. Not one team landed on 5 wins throughout the period of time there was a priority pick on offer. 

    I hate how the priority pick is now at the discretion of the commission. Just corrupt. Why should those gooses get to choose. Play little tin pot gods. ###ck them. Either there is a formula that gives the club a priority pick or scrap it. This competition is getting less equal by the day.

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  16. This is all very excellent from Gil. 

    I'm sure just as he came out for those thousa..... hundreds of GWS supporters to make sure they kept their man he'll be feeling for all us MFC supporters and will go out of his way ( AFL approved extra cash for game development ambassador style role ) for our Petracca and now he's going to stay at Melbourne. 

    Thanks Gil. A real peoples person. One for the supporters.

  17. Don't tell me we're going to lose Petracca. It'll probably end up being Langdon in and Petracca out. And no better off in the draft. Yeah great MFC.

    Just so long as we sign up ANB and JKH and Oscar and Stretch. Yeah well done. Hoorah.

    Can we sell some more home games as well so I don't have to turn up anymore.


  18. No, no, please no. There are better options out there. 

    He is not a good footballer, looks okay in a well drilled team. Knows when to lead etc. He would be an abject failure with our game plan. If we fix up our game plan you will know it because Weidemann will become a good player and all of a sudden worth what he was asking early this year. Put Weidemann in the Collingwood forward line and teach him the system, the leads etc, and he would become a star.

    Look what Stephenson did to us on Queens B'day. He would have kicked 10 if he kicked straight. Just a well drilled team who pantsed Goodwin with a game plan that isolated the quick Stephenson against one of our slow back-men. 

    When considering a player you have to weigh up if they will fit into our system and Elliot would just get lost, then injured, like all the others who don't get given clear instructions. 

    We are a rabble and it will take men with leadership qualities to right the ship. Elliot doesn;t have them.

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