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  1. 4 hours ago, robbiefrom13 said:

    I would be very surprised to hear they were not delighted to welcome him back.  They shared a lot.  Also, he played some very good football for us.  He may need to behave himself and perhaps that would not be as easy for him as it is for others, but there's a lot of different types of people and Hoges is not somewhere way off the scale...  Carl Ditterich returned.  Hardeman.  Donny Williams.  It happens - and with success in those cases.  Just one more talented player to be properly harnessed for the big dance.  Which the players surely would understand - and recognise what he brings for them all.

    Have him back in a heartbeat - would undoubtedly draw the best defender thereby freeing up The Weid & Fritta.

    (Beside that, the life-size blow up figure with No.1 on his back has been slowly deflating for the past 2 years...)

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  2. 5 hours ago, Wells 11 said:

    As good as it is on the replay, it was even better live. He found time and space where there was none and made otherwise very good players look foolish. Robbie was a cut above the league in his day. It always used to irritate me that Keith Greig got so much more recognition... because he played finals. Robbie was def  a once in a generation player

    Spot on - Greig, Hawkins etc. were routinely bested by Robbie.

    The only opponent who genuinely 'stopped' him was that talentless oaf, Dipierdomenico, who managed to shatter Robbie's shoulder in the fateful 1987 Preliminary Final.

    One of football's cruellest of ironies that 'Dipper' collected a Brownlow + multiple Premierships whilst Robbie's cupboard was bare

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  3. Never classified as 'elite' skill-wise, but the composure and calmness that comes from years of experience are surely reasons for giving Nathan a chance to nail down a spot on the HBF.

    Yes, he will struggle to catch a fleet-footed half-forward, but, as contested 'front half' footy these days seems to be 'flavour of the month', Nathan can be relied upon to put his body on the line when required.

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  4. 43 minutes ago, dee-tox said:

    Wow, AvdB is one of the quickest players on the list!

    Agree - his initial burst speed is impressive and if he is pursuing an oppo player, you just know it is going to end in a (legitimate) bone-crunching tackle that lifts teammates and makes the opposition wary

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  5. 50 minutes ago, Pates said:

    I like the idea of playing Pruess over Smith personally. Smith didn’t do a whole lot wrong but a massive game from Gawn last week over in the West and with Mumford inevitably going to rough Max up, I like the idea of having Pruess there not only as a tall target to go to up forward (and instruct him that if he’s not marking it must go to ground) and we have someone to chop Max out when needed and he can even go to town on Mumford physically. 

    I’m really glad to hear they aren’t rushing Lever back and in fact will wait for him to put his name forward. 

    In: Pruess, Lewis

    Out: Smith, Stretch/ANB

    Agree - Max really needs some relief this week. Over the past 2 weeks he has rucked 1 out against Witts up on the Gold Coast and then flown across the country to again ruck 1 out against Vardy/Hickey.

    Let's not burn him out before the bye.

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  6. 3 hours ago, The Swimming Dee said:

    I think Viney should have another week off. He has rushed it too many times before and a 3/4 fit Jack has performed badly in the past. Just my opinion.

    No change or Preuss for Kielty if they decide to bring in the big boy 

    Agree - no one could doubt Jack's commitment BUT if we cannot win against GCS without him then it is well & truly 'goodnight season 2019'.

    The boy Sparrow apparently went OK for Casey last weekend so give him some interstate exposure to accelrtate his development. 

    As for Keilty, admire his persistence but at this stage he is 'warming the bench' for Preuss or The Bull.


  7. Up against a true ruckman, Frost would undoubtedly be found wanting.

    Tomorrow, Geelong are putting up Stanley with Ratugolea as relief - neither of them are true ruckmen but both are fast/mobile.

    Frost would be a fair chance to match them in short bursts when relieving Max

  8. Frost retained = relief/chop out for Max (therefore allow TMac and Weeds to play foward fulltime) ?

    Alternatively, gives flexibility to allow May to spend some time up forward (which IIRC was one of the 'teasers' that persuaded May to choose us)

  9. 3 hours ago, Skuit said:

    Loved the look James gave Selwood after their initial scuffle on the boundary fence.

    It wasn't menace or hatred but some sort of emotionless fixation/concentration. 

    Like a Blue Heeler locked on a sheep. 

    Basically when I felt certain we had it in the bag. 

    Spot on - the composed but intense stare that he gave Duckwood whilst Duckwood was doing his best to rile/provoke Harmes clearly worried the Cats skipper and of course led to the momentum killing free kick in the 3rd quarter

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  10. Jeffy is your classic old-fashioned 'will-o-the-wisp' opportunist small forward.

    As others have commented, he is simply never going to string together multiple 20+ possession games at Casey - if that is the KPI for his recall he will never play another senior game for us.

    Jeffy has kicked 300+ goals at senior AFL level - yes, he wil be crap for 5 - 7 games per year and probably just OK for another 9 - 10.

    BUT, for those other 6 - 8 games, he could well be the difference between winning and losing.

    Is there any one of us who does not feel a quickening of the heart rate when Jeffy gets 'out the back' and there is nothing but space between him and the goalmouth ?

    How exhilarating for the fans (and inspiring for his team mates) when he gathers the ball, looks over his shoulder, and just knows that the bloke chasing has Buckley's of being able to catch him ?

    Question is, will Goodwin and the coaching staff accept the "Curate's egg" offering that Jeffy represents ?

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