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  1. On 11/11/2023 at 22:46, Macca said:

    @ANG13 @Lexinator @hardtack @Jumping Jack Clennett @leave it to deever @dl4e @Slartibartfast  @WalkingCivilWar @H_T  @grazman  @DutchDemons @Jara


    Glenn Maxwell's classic double hundred reminds me of the 2 Australians who both scored 200's in test cricket but never scored another century!

    It's actually happened 7 times with Reginald Foster (way back when) scoring a massive 287 but never reached 3 fugures any other time

    So who are the 2 Aussies?  We're working on an honour system here so googling is not allowed!!

    I just googled R E  ("Tip") Foster.

    That 287 in 1903 was his first test!  It was the highest Test score till 1930 (when Sandham, then the Don, scored triples.)

    287 remained the highest score on the SCG till Michael Clarke's triple century.

    Foster captained England in cricket and soccer.

    I wonder if his nickname, "Tip" came because of his profession......he was a stockbroker.  He died aged 36 of diabetes.


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  2. It's an interesting dilemma  for  its management.

    I presume Ratings are important, but the reason the station is so hard to listen to is all the advertising. I don't count them, but sometimes I think  there must be  about  ten ads between discussion segments.

    Obviously their  revenue must  depend  largely on advertising,but they just couldn't have more than they do now.

    If the ratings are low, they can' t charge the advertisers more than they  do now.

    I occasionally ask a friend  "did you hear  that interview on SEN". Invariably, they"ll reply...I just can't listen to that station  because of all the ads!"

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  3. On 08/11/2023 at 18:12, Macca said:

    Recorded and now watching from 7-112 (Maxwell could have been out 3 times in the last 10 minutes!)

    Did listen to the broadcast throughout the night and fell asleep (again) when we needed 60 off 60 (or thereabouts) 

    The innings is certainly one for the ages and high praise indeed from Sachin Tendulkar, describing the knock as the best he's seen at ODI level


    Edit:  Just finished watching 'The Innings' ... truly amazing and when considering that his whole body was cramping, quite incredible!! I've never seen anything like it although there are parallels with the late Dean Jones' double century in Madras in 1986

    Glenn Maxwell take a bow!

    Interesting that Maxi and Deano both made 201, and both were out on their feet during their innings in stifling conditions.

    I recorded it from 7/91 and went to bed, disgusted.  I watched it in the morning not knowing the result. Very exciting, but  I  expected Maxwell to go out next ball the whole innings, since he  was playing such risky shots.

    The end came so amazingly quickly!

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  4. 6 hours ago, JimmyGadson said:

    Future AA defender in the making, big men take time remember..

    Bit of perspective thanks! 

    Apparently Brendan McCartney thought he was a potential AA defender.

    I always thought he was under-rated by most Dee supporters.

    Tall defenders are often the "whipping boy." Remember Alistair Nicholson?....he had a lot of detractors.

    The classic was Kevin Walsh at Essendon. Their supporters game him real grief.

    It was surprising that Omac was the best golfer in the club. The guy had unrecognised hand-eye co-ordination, that's for sure.

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  5. What I find hard to digest is that that violent miscreant actually won them the premiership. If he hadn’t pole-axed Gus, we probably would have won the flag.

    A bit like ‘58….violence wins.

    I hope their chooks turn into emus and kick their dunny doors down.

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  6. On 9/19/2023 at 8:10 PM, Whispering_Jack said:

    On this day, 19 September, 1987, an even worse result than last Friday ~

    Thanks for these old clips, WJ.

    Are you aware that John Kennedy’s “goal”in Q4 hit the post.

    As you can see on the film of the match, the goal umpire was momentarily unsighted by the pack of players above him. He then looked up to see the ball on the goal side of the post.

    Jimmy Stynes tried to tell him it was a point, but of course he took no notice.

    That would have put, us through to the GF to play Carlton, whom we beat three times in 1988, including in the finals.



  7. I mentioned this in another thread, but it's more relevant in this one.

    In round 18, 2018 , we were leading Geelong at Geelong by less than a goal with about a minute remaining.

    The ball was in our forward pocket, and Max Gawn sustained a tiny split on the lip from (another, unpenalised), headhigh tackle.

    I don't know if a Geelong player dobbed him in , or one of the umps noticed that there was a tiny blood speck on his lip.

      He was ordered off the ground.

    Tom McDonald ran up from the backline to  compete in the ruck.  Geelong won a clearance, and the ball went to Touhy in our undermanned backline,35m from goal when the siren went. He goaled, we lost, and  at the end of the season we missed the top 4 by one game.

    I think it was that game where Dangerfield cheated early on by quietly telling the ump he'd be rucking in their forward pocket,  so our guys didn't hear it.  They tried to block him, he got the free, and the goal, then winked smugly at Hawkins.

    The moral?......don't be a good sport to Geelong, Clarrie!   (or Collingwood, for god's sake)



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  8. 5 hours ago, Timothy Reddan-A'Blew said:

    Great get, George! Did you remember it was there, or are you a dedicated (obsessive?) researcher?

    Calling @deegirl, your answer is served!

    Let's hope we can sing the above  on Sat. night.

    But I like.... "Oh, the premiership's a pipedream, for poor old Collingwood!"

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  9. 49 minutes ago, Kick_It_To_Pickett said:

    Oh the team played fine

    in the year ‘39

    We’re the demons that no one can lick, lick, lick

    and you’ll find us there

    at the final bell

    with spirit of 26, six, six, six 

    This rather feeble verse, is the SECOND, not the third verse.

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  10. 23 minutes ago, Gawndy the Great said:

    There didn't appear to be much from memory but I was at the ground and refuse to watch any footage of that game other than what is posted here on DL. But I'm sure all clubs have been told that all goals / points will be reviewed, so you could argue that he was confident that it would be picked up via the ARC. 

    Unlikely scenario!

    If the Carlton guy got a fingernail to it, he would have desperately gesticulated to the umpire immediately….. not just hoped the routine review would pick it up despite his indifference.

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  11. We were basically denied 3 goals…..

    The Neal Bullen “touched”.

    The obvious front on interference on Smith, directly in front of goal, in Q1.

    The reversal after Smith’s good mark in front, when Pickett and McGovern jumper pushed each other in the upper chest.

              Also, but less definite,late in the last quarter Viney was thrown off the ball during a scrimmage in our goal-square.

              Does anyone know what the free was for, against Oliver in Q4, in our forward pocket?(when he was given a millisecond to move back, but penalised 50 metres for not stepping back fast enough.) Compare that to the non-50 metres when he was retarded in the centre after marking in Q4.

    It seems we were unlucky repeatedly with 50:50 decisions, so we lost by 2 points and are branded “chokers”, while every Carlton player is a gutsy champion.

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  12. Carlton  belittled MFC about 15 yrs ago after they beat us, saying they were bruise free after playing us.

    On Friday, their supporters whinged like banshees when Kozzie bumped a couple of guys.

    Theyd be sorer than us after their lucky win. 

    They “know that they’ve been playing” against the Dees!

    Theyll suffer against Brisbane with no “ noise of affirmation” influencing the umpires.

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  13. On 9/16/2023 at 12:25 PM, leave it to deever said:

    Tx for mentioning the umpiring.  I know ultimately we lost it by poor kicking but with some balanced umpiring we would have won. Carlton got some very soft fries that directly caused goals. Umps were red hot on rolling over on top of the ball but for some reason just stopped paying it.

    Carlton got a lot of 50 m penalties and we had none despite their infringements.

    It wasn't just the many more frees paid to Carlton it was the many more they ignored paying us.

    To add injury it got worse in the last quarter. Suspicious.

    What about the obvious and undeniable front-on contact on Smith 2 yards out from goal in Q1 !

    If it happened to a Carlton  player , the noise from their fans would have made it impossible not to pay the free.

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