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  1. Two instances of incredible football irony occurred last round.

    1. Picket’s suspension because of the “Maynard rule.” Brayshaw(and Melbourne) suffered deeply when Maynard viciously poleaxed him in the final last year. ( no penalty). Picket’s indiscretion was in no way similar to Maynard’s, with absolutely no injury, but he’s suspended because he brushed the face after trying to spoil, and that’s the new rule. 

    2. Carlton’s win after the obviously touched mark. We lost the final to them last year, because , in Q 2, Nibbler’s goal was disallowed due to replays suggesting possibly, but not definitely,the ball brushed  Marchbank’s finger.

    Carlton and Collingwood don’t seem to realise how blessed they’ve been with recent controversial decisions.


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  2. 10 hours ago, dee-tox said:

    Generally speaking, Aussie Rules fans are far too parochial and critical of umpiring decisions. All you hear on Monday's after the weekend are so called fans whinging about umpires costing them the game. So much so that there is some conspiracy attached to it .

    Mistakes are made and there will be inconsistencies like most sports. But Aussie Rules is so difficult to adjudicate. There is so much happening at one time. So much grey area. 36 players often in a confined space. There has been a trend of late in deliberately burrowing your head into an opponent, rugby league style. But how can you police it? Players duck their head all the time. We were taught as kids to burrow into packs to get the ball. I worry it just adds another layer of complication to an already difficult game to adjudicate.

    But in the instance I've illustrated in the opening post, the Carlton player picked up the ball, saw an opponent approaching, and dived his head between the tackler's legs. (as mentioned above, very like the Viney incident in the 2021 GF, but there's more emphasis on head protection nowadays)

    The umpire that gave Carlton the free just has no understanding of the game.  This was not a difficult adjudication....it was an egregious error.  If that error is repeated, serious injuries will inevitably follow.

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  3. I witnessed a shocking decision by the umpire in the North/Carlton game on Friday.

    I have tried to attach a video of it below. The Carlton player received a free for "high contact".

    I think this is worthy of being a new topic, since it is such an important digression from the AFL's determined efforts to lessen concussion injuries.

    Surely the umpire must realise,that  by awarding a free to the player who is leading with his head, it will encourage players to adopt this method.  The result??? More concussions, even possibly a  broken neck.

    That umpire should be dropped and forgotten. He has no understanding of basic football.

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  4. On 11/03/2024 at 08:54, Ollie fan said:

    I'm not sure of this thread is about defending against the switch, or proposing that we use it more. 

    In terms of defence, all teams can get caught out by it if it is well done; that is why it is used. But our method is to use our fitness to switch sides in defence, in response. I think we do it pretty well, like most things in our defence system.

    It’s about both.

  5. The commentators kept saying on Thursday night how well the Dees set up “ behind the ball”.

    But the Sydney defenders countered this very effectively by switching…….a long kick slightly backwards to an unattended player wide on the other side of the ground. Options often then open up along the wings, and sometimes in the “corridor”.

    Most other sides switch a lot more often than the Dees.

    Sometimes switching fails ,and the wide receiver has no options upfield. In this case, there’s nothing wrong with switching again, even though it’s frustrating for fans.

    Did anyone else notice how switching worked for Sydney.?

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  6. 22 hours ago, BangBnagBang said:


    We know McVee can do that job, moving him onto Bolton would have shown us nothing. Now Goody knows Howes is a long way off it and Howes know what he needs to do to play on a player like Bolton. Who by the way is one of the hardest match up going. This is what practice games are for.


    Your assuming we tried to lock them down

    Last year we put McVee on Dusty in the practice match. It seemed to show him what’s required .

    This year we gave Howes the unenviable assignment on the brilliant Bolton.

    wouldnt it be great if history repeated itself!

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  7. 29 minutes ago, Dingo said:

    Spoke to a friend this morning who is a Swans supporter.Paul is well connected to the Swans management and last week met a recruiter who told him the Swans are very happy with Brodie.

    So he's not Brodie Grumpy!

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  8. Bloody Hammers robbed again!

    Dubious penalty to Sheffield in the 103rd minute!! Latest goal in EPL history! ( to make it a draw....seconds later, similar incident at the other end....no penalty.

    Moyes not amused!

    Hammers remind me of the Demons so much.

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