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  1. The umpires historically haven't liked Clarrie (as Webber referenced).  The dislike has thawed but won't be enough to see him win it.   Clearly, Bontempelli was the favoured one for much of the season and would have a lot of votes banked.

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  2. 43 minutes ago, M_9 said:

    Chook is correct. I don't want to derail this thread, but in case you haven't seen this you'll quickly see both Clarry and Robbie are/were elite in different ways.


    One thing that should just be added for the benefit of our younger members is that probably only 10-15% of Melbourne games from the bulk of the Robbie Flower era were covered by television.  So there's a vast amount of Flower highlights that will remain etched in the memories of those of us luck enough to see him play his entire career.  FWIW, I now have Clarry as the equal of Flower after his efforts this year.  He has a very different skill set to Flower and his kicking skills are notably inferior, but his consistency and ferocity at the contest are phenomenal and his handballing skills and sixth sense of team mates positioning is the stuff of legend, have no doubt.

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  3. 4 minutes ago, willmoy said:

    My 40 plus year old son.... they couldn't engineer who they want us to play, could they?

    It is us who can engineer who we want to play, as we'll know the Friday night result ahead of us playing on Saturday night.  If it suits us to lose against Geelong in order to meet or not meet a team in a qualifying final, that option would be open to us.  I'm not suggesting it's something we should do.

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  4. 18 hours ago, drdrake said:

    Its pretty simple, beat Adelaide and get ready for Geelong which will be Saturday night the following week.

    And given that we can't be the Friday night fixture, you would think that will be Dogs and Port.  So we will know ahead of time if Port has a top 2 spot (in which case we need to win to get top spot in order to avoid playing them at home in a 2v3 QF).  If they have lost, then we are playing for 2nd or 3rd place and that would only be of significance if the GMHBA home final delusion hasn't been extinguished.....

  5. I can't believe there isn't more indignation over this t**d's blatant hatred of all things MFC.    Surely someone is in a position to call out the bias and hypocrisy?   He is continually launching campaigns like this in the lead-up to finals as he grapples with the alarming possibility we might be a chance.  The other week he launched the throw campaign specifically targeting Clayton Oliver.   I am hoping there are Demonlanders out there with sufficient influence to get a counter campaign launched that shines a light on this punce's agenda.

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  6. 11 minutes ago, dazzledavey36 said:

    No way was that 15m.

    Interestingly nobody has focused on the mark itself.....which wasn't in fact a mark!  Whilst he gets his hand under the footy, the belly of the ball is clearly in contact with the grass.  Not that I'm unhappy with the result!

  7. 2 minutes ago, Better days ahead said:

    you don't know whether he was concussed or not and even if he was it didn't affect him too much for the rest of that game.

    He had an off game last week. It happens. I mean Rampe is no slouch when it comes to defending. He'll be better today i'm sure

    Go back and have a look at Fritsch in the contests immediately after the off the ball hit.   It is clear that he's NQR.   The pattern of players having a quiet week after a significant hit in the AFL is sufficiently well established to be indisputable.   It doesn't stop clubs selecting them however in the hope they can play to their capability.   I've no doubt he'll be good today.

  8. 3 hours ago, Bay Riffin said:

    Our best forward and highest goal kicker who had one quiet game last week ? I think he’d have to have quite a few crap games to be dropped. 

    Indeed Bay Riffin.   And anyone with a modicum of understanding of the game would appreciate that Fritsch was likely concussed in the off the ball hit by Bonar the week before in Hobart and hence was always likely to be quiet last week.....

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  9. On 9/15/2020 at 9:38 AM, mauriesy said:

    Since the best we can do is finish 8th, we wouldn't get a home final so it's a moot point.

    Not true.  If St Kilda and Dogs BOTH lose AND we bridge the % gap to St Kilda, we finish 7th and play Pies at a ground of their choice.

  10. 54 minutes ago, Dr.D said:

    you realise if gws win we still won't make finals? The % diffis far too great. 

    maybe actually crunch all of the numbers first. The season ended against fremantle. 


    Dr.D, the odds are against us making it but GWS and the Dees are two of the higher scoring sides in the competition, so a combined Dees win / Saints loss margin of 54 or 55 points is not beyond the pale, particularly as our game is an afternoon fixture that hopefully will see dry (no rain OR dew) conditions with correspondingly higher scoring...

  11. Go Suns but can't see it.  Need for GWS to put the Saints away on Friday night.  We will then know the equation for Sat afternoon....and we want a dry deck to facilitate high scoring against the druggies.  If that doesn't do the trick, get on the Freo bandwagon on Sunday......

  12. Born in Feb 65 so my only claim to fame is that I was conceived ahead of Sep 64. 

    I'm as flat as I've ever been in terms of watching this club.  There's lots of good analysis on here in terms of the origins of the multitude of ills but I need look no further than the effort based indicators.  18th in the competition for tackling says it all.  The two way running is another.  Sloppy handballs are another.   Goodwin has lost them.  It's terminal.

    I long for the days of John Northey and the concept of having a red hot go.


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  13. 29 minutes ago, titan_uranus said:

    Yep, a tough stretch for West Coast away from Perth and missing some players.

    The key issue for us is that if they drop either of the Dogs/Saints games they will be helping those sides get to 10 wins. If the Eagles win both, it keeps alive the possibility that we can qualify for finals on 9 wins.

    Exactly Titan and that's why I don't think 9 wins will do it for the Dees, even with a good percentage.  I can see Giants getting to 10 wins and one or other of Dogs / Saints and I wouldn't want to rely on Pies losing all three.   Need three wins for mine.....

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  14. First of three games for WCE in 9 days.  Next two against Dogs and Saints.  Difficult to envisage them winning both.  To stay in 4th place they definitely need to win one as Tigs have Adelaide and Freo.  If we want to avoid an elimination final in Perth or against Tigs, we need to finish 6th or 7th so as to play Pies.  Saints or Giants or Dogs to get 8th.  That means three wins required and a percentage boost to comfortably be above Saints.  It starts tomorrow night.....

  15. 2 minutes ago, A F said:

    His kick to Clarry that cost us a goal earlier was absolutely the right move, and Clarry went one-handed. That goal was totally on Oliver, not on Jones.

    Oliver looks low on confidence tonight.

    Clarry went one handed because he didn't want to commit to the contest.  Ditto Langdon on the ground ball.  Jeez they're hard to watch....

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  16. 21 degs forecast, sunny with low humidity.  But the strong westerly is still forecast (32kmh gusting to over 40).  That is slightly diagonally across the ground at Metricon.  Probably not a great day for Naughton and a fair bit of ground ball to be won.

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  17. 41 minutes ago, Lord Nev said:

    Dimma: 'People should really think about what they say in the media'

    Also Dimma: 'David Schwarz is a little cry baby'


    Actual Dimwit quote: “Because I guarantee you a few players out there making comment, mainly David Schwarz, I played a Grand Final (in 2000) against that bloke and within 20 minutes of the game he was crying, so (he should) have a look at himself at some stage.”          

    I have always hated every one of the thugs from that 2000 team of scum:  Wallis, Hardwick, Long to name a few.   Indeed, it has carried over to the point where I abhor Richmond more than any other team in the AFL and I am hoping like hell there's an Adelaide oval elimination final coming up.  If I was Goodwin, I'd get the Ox to address the boys during the week. 

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  18. 3 hours ago, Nasher said:

    You’ve got to love it when both sets of supporters think they got the rough end of the pineapple with the umpiring. It’s why I don’t bother - I know I’m too one-eyed to judge objectively. Everyone who is invested in a team is.

    Our game is hard to umpire, made harder by ever-changing rules and interpretations, and weird and wonderful calls will get made sometimes. I reckon the culture of moaning about all the time is one of the uglier aspects of our game.

    Whilst I'm completely aligned with the thrust of your thread Nasher, I'm really surprised not to have read any analysis on the near elimination of biased umpiring performances during the Covid crisis and the obvious conclusion that the "noise of affirmation" phenomena is an irrefutable reality.

  19. 25 minutes ago, Leoncelli_36 said:

    I’m both a football club member (full) and a MCC member. If crowds return to the MCG, it’ll be interesting to see what the arrangements are for MCC members. I would expect that Full MCC members would get priority over restricted members and would doubt there will be guest tickets available 

    All MCC members are required to nominate the club they support.  Tickets should be made available to the Full members of the competing clubs in the first instance, with a ballot process if necessary.

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  20. The biggest concern I have with Jack is that he's stopped pivoting on his feet when laying tackles.  I think they concluded that the driving action in his aggressive tackling was conveying too much pressure through his feet and exacerbating his injury.  His tackling has fallen away dramatically and lost its impotency as a result.  A great shame as it was his one wood.

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