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Found 2 results

  1. It's almost 4:00am. I am still angry and upset. Feeling numb too. And yes, I can't sleep! Arggghhh!!! 😫 I actually made a post like this 12 months ago. Saying it was a wasted season. It caused a bit of controversy, but I had to get off my chest the way that I felt! I think in someways it is yet again a wasted season in 2023. However, finishing top 4 again and "almost" beating Collingwood and "almost" beating Carlton leaves a lot of "what ifs" and hypothetical scenarios of what we should have and could have done differently. So close yet so far! Talk about misfortune! In the end it is probably more a wasted opportunity. Something which I hope really BURNS in the guts of all the Melbourne players and coaching staff. Especially as for the past 2 seasons we were a good chance to win the Premiership. Luck definitely was a factor too. Having injuries at bad times. Losing Harry Petty and Jake Melksham really had a detrimental affect on our forwardline. Yet we still could of won our finals games if we had better execution into the forwardline and we had kicked more goals than we did behinds! Poor kicking is poor football! Another embarassing factor is that we will now be known as "chokers" in big finals matches! Especially going out in straight sets 2 finals series in a row! What bad luck! How incredibly frustrating too! The harsh truth is, many opposition supporters and the general football public as well as the football media still don't respect us. Our 2021 AFL Premiership, while wonderful, was won over in Perth. We need to win the AFL Premiership at the MCG. By holding that Premiership cup up in front of a Melbourne crowd we will finally be able to shut up those who ridicule us. That is the only way to prove the naysayers wrong! I hope that all the Melbourne players go and get far away from football and have a nice long enjoyable break. But they also come back fit and ready with a determined resolve to make sure that in 2024 we will become AFL Premiers. It is now all about a Premiership or bust at the MCG for the Melbourne players! The rest of us fanatical Melbourne Demons supporters who simply can't accept the phrase "it's only a game" will try and cool down over time and then distract ourselves with the upcoming trade and drafting periods later in a few weeks time. As @Demonland has mentioned many times, MFCSS is a real phenomenon......it effects many of us. It literally drives us insane and causes pain, agony and sleepless nights. The only cure is more Premierships! GO DEMONS IN 2024!!! 🔴🔵👹
  2. Just as I am sure many of us here are...I am still in a blind rage after losing to the Brisbane Lions. What an absolutely disgraceful waste of a season! Especially after winning the first 10 games of the season and hoping to go back to back as Premiers. What a pathetic end to the finals too. Dumb turnovers and decision-making and dumb coaching. I spent over $500+ on a Melbourne Demons reserve seat Redlegs memberships and also bought finals tickets. Only to be served up a big steaming pile of excrement by the players and coaches. To go out in straight sets is a utter humiliation. The players and coaches should be ashamed on themselves for that. No more pats on the back for a "good effort" by the players. We cannot accept such a disappointing end to the season. We as Melbourne members and supporters should not tolerate this if we want to be a serious AFL Club that demands success. Clubs like Hawthorn, Geelong, Sydney and Collingwood wouldn't accept this. The Melbourne Football Club needs to know that we as supporters and members won't put up with this type of garbage. From now on anything less than a Premiership is a failure. It is going to take me an extremely long time to cool down after this gigantic embarassment! I demand a Flag next season! Rant over.
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