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  1. Call me a diehard old traditionalist if you wish (be nice, Old Dee ) but one thing I am looking forward to for the Port game is that it is a "red ball" game, ie one played around the traditional starting time of 2.00, and completed without lights. My introducton to the Dees was going to games as a kid with my Dad, which back in those days was always on a Saturday afternoon. So for mine, there is no sight in footy quite like the MCG on a sunny winter afternoon with a bright red Sherrin being kicked around. I notice that for some reason all the rest of our home-and-away games are red ball ones (with the possible exception of the floating Round 23 game against the filth), so it a red ball festival for the next few weeks. When reflecting on this, it came to me that I really don't like the yellow balls used in twilight or night games. I can't put a rational reason on it (well, we are Demons supporters, so rhyme and reason ain't the prime thing ), but somehow the yellow ball just doesn't look right. I understand that the lights mean the red ball probably isn't practical, but there must be a better colour than yellow. Bright pink? (like in one of the Pink Lady games). Glow-in-the-dark green? (not the tennis ball colour, more like the 1970s game Green Ghost). Orange? Even gold? (think the snitch in Harry Potter). I don't have a clear idea of what works best, but just about anything works better than yellow for me. Perhaps it is not beyond the bounds of technology to have a ball that lights up when kicked -- imagine that with Hunt's torp the other night! If the cricketers can make Test cricket work at night with a pinkish ball rather than a white one, then surely so can footy. I don't suppose we can ever hope to use a red and blue ball in our home games, but a man can dream ...
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