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  1. Nothing better to do on the couch with the flu. So thought Id pen a few thoughts. These wont wear well with many here. i couldnt care less. This for mine is a very Black and White review of our Red and Blue. By that I mean I havent tried to gloss anything. Im just calling it as I see it. I re-iterate for those unaware. To me the players as individuals or personalities matter not one iota. Its how any and all participate and add value to a team that matters to me. Far to much leeway is given for my comfort to many players. They are paid ( very well ) professionals , doing a job they choose and love. So youd think theyd be at the cutting edge and keen as mustard. Well my-my dont some seem to get very cozy with it all and offer up very 2nd rate performances. I am still agape that we seem to have so many on our list incapable of the the fundamentals of this game. How any one gets on an AFL list and cant kick for **** is beyond me. How some cant handball to a player 2m away and not get them is laughable. How some think its a good idea to kick to a 3 on 1 contest is beyond my comprehension. Why do some think its fun to run BESIDE the oposition. Havent they heard od shepherding anymore. !! If I was really negative id say we have more than our fair share of numnuts on our list but I will now try to be a tad more candid and simply appraise in a very straightforward way. So far the Coaches and FD have earnt a massive 10 foot high FAIL. Irrespective of any supposed advances and improvements we are effectively the easy beats of the competition. Yes folks play us and we will play you back into form whilst offering the bonus of a healthy percentage boost. Do I particulalry like making parody of our beloved Dees ? Of course not but I cant take them seriously,i mean who does. Well here we go Nathan Jones Has developed himself wonderfully. Is what I would call a real footballer in that he actually has the skills and nouse and grunt to play the game. He gains a high pass Jack Watts Ive been a masive fan over the journey but my fondness is dulling. Heres a guy who could and should be everything, he ought to be our Nick Reiwoldt but for what ever reasons really runs hard without effecting too much of the game. Currently a major disappointment. If he can immerse himself into the game he could really be something. I still have fingers crossed but he'll probably end up elsewhere. He seems to have gone backwards. Currently a fail Jimmy Toumpas Was thought to be a ready made, he isnt. Is a bit underdone for AFL really atm but will come on I suspect and probably get some exposure in latter half of thi sseason in preparation for next year. Another good hard preseason and some maturity will benefit him.. Neither pass nor fail. A project thats coming along. Chri Dawes Unknown really. Many want him to be a mini messiah , he wont be. He will and ought to provide a good 2nd option up front and will have to step up in the absence of Clark. Very much a watch this space. Im curious, and hopeful Jack Viney The would be soul of the team. Trying to do too much currently. Hasnt made a consistent impact yet , but he will. A pass James Frawley Finally finding some old form. Tentative ( and conditional ) pass , providing he maintains his intensity and focus. Canbe costly with the ball and needs to better this aspect of his game. Jack Trengove Jack cant be right. Hes slow and ineffective. Unsure of what he offers on the filed in terms of leadership but I wouldt be too impressed personally. That may seem harsh but you wear the stripes you takes the criticisms. Has gone backwards. Currently a Fail Shannon Byrnes Part of the great experiment. Brought in to provide small forward options. Havent seen much to write about. Fail Mitch Clark The great hope spends more time sidelined. Will he ever get a whole season in ? Hes hovering on Fail currently. If you arent on the park what use are you. Has to be said Colin Sylvia The great pretender. Runs around at about 75% effort. Makes cameo “look at me “ efforts. He ought to be tearing teams another orifice but never has. Whilst he is a Melbourne player we will never advance for he epitomoises compromise and settling for second best. In terms of ability..a massive fail Jordie McKenzie Nuggetty, great endeavour, crucifies the ball. Undoes all his good work with brain fades.. Does make it hard for his opponents though. Currently gets a gig because others cant usurp him. Thats not a great recommendation. Sneaks past as a conditional pass Lynden Dunn has reinvented himself and woken up to whats required. If only Sylvia could follow this guys efforts, if only. Has played some good utility /shut down games. Pass David Rodan Great dancer Sam Blease Has a way to go Sam. Has talent but for his time in our pool hasnt set world on fire. Bordering on fail James Strauss Has a lot to learn, will he ? Not a pass, not a fail...not anything really. Pull your finger out James Colin Garland probably our best and most consistent defender. Not world class but shines amongst our lot. Definite pass Cameron Pedersen Might take lessons off of Rodan and find a real purpose in life. Being on our list is a waste of time, fail Josh Tynan Great endeavor, and efforts. Not quite there in the ability dept but worth persevering with, ftm. Tom McDonald Tom, Tom, Tom; One step forwards 3 back. Pretty well describes your kicking ability , which practically doesnt exit.. In a way the new Rivers. Does a lot of good, followed by some massively poor executions and effectively detracts from teams progress. Needs to learn some footy fundamentals. He isnt alone. That astounds me Daniel Nicholson I like his upside , I curse his sloppiness. Might improve, hope so Tom Gillies Someone remind me why he's on the list Joel MacDonald Has faded to grey. Fail James Sellar An in and out bit part player. Not really of great value , but could be. We have so many of his ilk currently on our list. Because he hasnt beenable to step up and cement a place in a very average team he must also have earnt a fail Jack Grimes great player, but not really a game day Captain, though would be the one to retain if you had to choose. Plays a bit too loose at times and seems weighted down by responsibilities. Good on him for trying. Let him just be a good player, demote him and set him free. Cant question his dedication. Get beter mate. Pass Michael Evans A work in progress. Some good , some bad. The bad ought to iron out with more experience. Qualified pass Dom Barry who the f knows..Way too early. Watch this space Dean Kent Someone who can play footy, how bloody novel. How did he sneak in !! lol PASS Luke Tapscott Hmm. If he can lose the assassin nature of his play and just be a hard at it , toast and jam , no nonsense player he may yet evolve into something quite interesting. Jury out on Luke Aaron Davey Take up dancing, see Rodan. Footy is over Im sorry Aaron Max Gawn hasnt really had enough exposure to really suggest what he may or may not be. Some interesting efforts to this point.. Id like to see more of Maxy. He just might be something Jeremy Howe Jeremy is an amazing talent who needs to develop his footy nouse. We know what he can do in the air but its on the ground he needs to develop. Get this right and we have a winner . PASS Neville Jetta Not 100% sure what he brings to the plate. He may not have the ticker for AFL level footy. Mark Jamar was AA, isnt now. Still for mine is a better ruck and footballer than Spencer. . On a good day hes great. Not a lot of good days . Just a pass Troy Davis Troy who Jake Spencer He ought to be a lot better. He wins a lot of taps to no advantage. For a big boy gets bumber very easily off his perch.. Ho-hm Rory Taggert A bit of a goer is Rory. Needs more games under belt before we'll know whether he will really blossom. Rohan Bail A great winger in a team that doesnt play with the need of one. He shines , he fades. Maybe the gigs up for Rohan. Matt Jones See Matt, see Matt play...because he can and can well. Matt is rare on our team, hes a real fair dinkum footy player...clone him !! PASS Dean Terlich Interesting to date. Shows something. Watch this space Jack Fitzpatrick We dont really know yet., who knows. edit ( forgot ) Couch, Magner. Well it cant be that hard to break into our 22 if any good.. They cant, enough said Stark , Clisby...too early to call well there you have it. Told you you probably wouldnt like it or agree We are a very average/medicore team. We are this way because we seem to have a lot of blokes with some form of talent but we have very few really good FOOTBALLERS !! A few a starting to emerge but how high will they go ..or indeed last. Clark being an abject example. Some may consider my views terribly simplistic and/or heavy handed. My answer : In all my years of following this game it has made me quite savvy to the appreciation of being able to spot blokes who CAN play...and those that are imposters.. I have no time for the latter. Not all decent players are super talented but a fair dinkum player brings something to the jumper..
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