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  1. Was curious to hear thoughts on how well we’ve traded out when the player was happy or keen to stay? I.e. Frosty, Watts, Clark, Dunn, etc... Did we get a good deal, has the player played better and made it a poor deal..? I’m NOT talking about when a player wants to go to another club I.e. Hogan, Howe for various reasons. Thoughts?
  2. Thinking about the Dons probable intransigence with trading Ryder and other disenchanted players, our challenges in getting a fair price for Mitch Clark, it occurred to me that there may be increased value in our PSD pick 2, to pick up players. I.e. more players slipping through to this draft. How does it work if we can't do a deal on MC, would he go into the PSD? Similarly with the Dons, assuming their players can claim failure of duty of care and the Dons don't facilitate a deal, which draft would these players then fall into? Can we trade our PSD pick?
  3. OUT: Scully, Gysberts, ND3, ND12, & ND45 IN: Clark, Hogan, Barry, Dawes, Toumpas and Pedersen I think we may have got the 2009 draft right... Clark is indirectly affected but we wouldn't have him if HWFUA was still around. He may be a great player but I am calling this a win for the Dees. Hell, we got two three KPFs because he pizzed off... *Edited after Dawes trade and for accuracy with Pick 3 and 4. Also edited as the pick we got in the Dawes trade went to NM for Gysberts.
  4. I would be keen to get the thoughts of Landers over what we have invested in. The last questions surrounds that investment as I have my concerns over those who say that Clark is a back-up ruck/forward - I don't think that position requires such a massive investment.
  5. Guest

    Player Development

    Clark is a much better player under Neeld. His output (if it continues) and his influence on games will surpass previous years (by alot) under different coaches. Many ridiculed his value and he is living up to his pay packet. The guy has class. Morton has been a revelation IMO. his skill level is up. He is out playing other more seasoned midfielders and his attack on the ball and player is up to par. I'm not saying he puts fear into the opposition physically, but he is performing admirably in a midfield that is not feeding him and playing to his strengths. Jones is performing as an inside midfielder and is kicking goals. I don't see 'dumb' football and decisions any more. In a better team he would be considered a A grader. The guy us playing like a first found draft pick (as he should) Magner has stepped up into AFL grade seamlessly. The game plan suits him and Neeld knows he will get a contest with him. Putting him on Scarlett is testament to his play. This gives me hope that player development is on track or improving.
  6. The flag window has been maintained. I wrote when he-must-not-be-named left that these future picks will put our window back a year or two - with Clark providing a massive forward line presence I believe that the window has now shifted back to where it was. The game is won or lost in the middle but a Clark-Watts-Jurrah-Howe forward line has repercussions down the line that make life easier for a few people - including midfielders looking into the forward line. It would be good to see the club spend some of the comp currency on a Josh Caddy, but waiting for this draft next year is fine too and will help us build for our time. I am not saying we will be top 4 next year but I am saying that we have managed to maintain what I thought was pushed back, and it feels good.
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