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  1. SOS and Barrett surprised at this 🙃. But hopefully he understands he may not play a single game if his form doesn't warrant it. Could be a playing coach role at VFL.
  2. As a junior Champion data ranked him the highest scoring player ever (144 ranking points on average a match). From trade radio just now. I would be willing to give up a future first for him (ouch i know in a strong draft) as he was a first round pick and nothing shows he is slowing down.
  3. I want Higgins to us Bad!!! Will give us two crumbing forwards to go with potentially 3 talls and then a petracca/melksham/hunt as the 6th forward. Much better than having another slow non-pressure-type forward sitting there (like Jones resting forward).
  4. I like the idea as back -up, but i think the problem from the start has been his salary. We can't afford to have a back-up backman earning top 5-10 salary at the club. Especially if we bring in Brown which will require the $$ that Tmac is tying up (which sounds like we will). So it's a hard decision, as he could regain form in future and burn us (front bar rocka brothers and jaffles anyone hahaha) OR maybe he will fade to nothing at another team. Either way i think we just need his salary off the books to get the deals done we want (plus i think Oliver money for a new contract can't be hurt wi
  5. SEN reporting he’s going to Adelaide for a nothing pick to free up space, which then at kilda use to pay more for crouch = pick 2 for Adelaide. I’d call that draft tampering 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  6. If they were ever going to cut or move a club, North Melbourne is in the best (worst) position for them to do this.. potentially 1/3rd of their list moved on, most coaches gone, low membership etc. and combine this with COVID. So if the AFL don't move North this year i can't see them ever moving a victorian club (or any club for that matter).
  7. I think that doesn't help Daniher or hurt Essendon though. Lions are probably paying way under what essendon can afford, so if they put the offer in at whatever it is, and Essendon match.. To me that equals Essendon winning big time as they get Daniher for a long term deal for way less money. So although i agree with you that it would be good to let them match as a stuff you, in this case it won't work (it would be a gift). If Jeremy cameron was a restricted free agent (hypothetically) on the other hand and say he wanted to go to geelong for 50-100k more than GWS was offereing and GWS sai
  8. https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/afl-2020-afl-trades-trade-talk-news-updates-rumours-whispers-live-chat-tom-morris-afl-finals-2020-trade-period/news-story/467c36d796f0c99d3dcf23693aa01675 A person in the chat with tom morris has asked about carlton getting oliver and Morris has said: Ollie Wines or Clayton Oliver to Blues? Not Wines. Rumours about Oliver have been strongly denied by his management. The Demons midfielder is unsettled but until he requests a trade I will believe his management that he's going nowhere.
  9. https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/afl-2020-afl-trades-trade-talk-news-updates-rumours-whispers-live-chat-tom-morris-afl-finals-2020-trade-period/news-story/467c36d796f0c99d3dcf23693aa01675 Collingwood apparently going to offer Jetta a long-term deal and he is weighing it up. Melbourne would agree to trade if it's a fair price (see article).
  10. If we get him i think we start looking at West coast or Brisbane structures with 2 big key forwards and then the third being the second ruck. We would be doing alright if we could perform like them.
  11. https://www.sen.com.au/news/2020/10/09/trade-exit-for-bulldogs-star-may-not-be-out-of-the-question/ Lachie Hunter - could be on the table, is he an outside/inside mid? if he has that outside skill i would be interested to see if we tried to pursue him (although obviously has some D head factor about him).
  12. Completely agree, it's funny that whenever max is injured our midfield seems to be more productive clearance wise in my mind. And really that shouldn't be the case, with Max in we should be so much better. Hopefully what you said comes through and we fix it next year (but i doubt it).
  13. I was thinking pick 23 for polec and brown #dream
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