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  1. Regarding Harmes, i don't want him back in as i'm not sure currently he makes us any better. Maybe he does, i think he was best as a tagger, but viney is doing that role, so could he come in fora Jones? I'm sure he will be back soon regardless!
  2. Yea why risk it. The news has reported on people testing negative overseas, hoping on a plane to melb or NZ and when of testing positive. I doubt that would happen here, but i'd prefer to not risk it with our team.
  3. Fritsch BBrown Jackson Spargo Weid Melksham Not much pressure being applied. Not sure we can fit all of ANB, Tmac, Pickett and Jones in. I'd almost say Tmac is playing better/more consistent than Weid really ever has, so is our best team might actually be: Fritsch BBrown Jackson Spargo TMac Melksham With Picket and ANB rotating through to apply more pressure (Jones and Weid are emergencies moving forward).
  4. I worry about forward pressure moving forward. Melk in for sparrow and our pressure dropped a little. Mitch brown in for fritsch and similar i'd say (don't think Fritsch is really a pressure forward). So if Brown and Weid come back i was wondering where TMAC goes that doesn't further reduce our pressure and speed around the ground. I believe the obvious solution is Jones's position (not this week - he gets 300 regardless of how crap hes playing). But afterwards i'd say who would you prefer? Jones who is not tall, slow and is according to our 2021 stats page on Demonland the worst pla
  5. I'd like to see us keep the same structure we have been running with (think tigers, one out and replace with a similar "soldier" lol), so May will be back and hes a tall, so replace with a tall = Petty. That way tomilson and lever can play their same roles, rather than one going to main tall etc. when first 4 rounds didn't play it. I'd also avoid moving a player from back to forward for this same reason (i.e. Hunt from back forward). But less sure on Fritsch replacement (hearing people say brown because of his leading patterns, so guess go with that and will give us an insight to other Br
  6. I think we have been on the favouring end for most rounds this year, so was bound to turn at some time. See what happens!
  7. We are 16th for inside 50 rate from kick ins: https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/afl-news-2021-champion-data-index-kick-in-record-stats-kick-ladder-jake-lloyd-jack-ziebell/news-story/6d73493dbc067eea06db75fcd5d3e2f5. Sitting 4-0 means it's probably not that big a deal, but would be a stat that would be nice if we could improve on (we are probably more of a forward half pressure/turnover score team anyway and so far most teams haven't scored much against us anyway). 1. Sydney Swans: 37.3% 2. Geelong Cats: 31.4% 3. North Melbourne: 29.4% 4. Port Adelaide: 27.5% 5. Fremantl
  8. Last year didn't everyone think that Melk was Goodwins love child because he was never dropped no matter how poor he played? aka if he is, it's almost guaranteed that he comes back in this week regardless of the fact that the team is working really well together.
  9. This is what i am wondering about... when they are all fit, do we replace a small (spargo, ANB, Jones) with a tall (Ben Brown). making it TMac, Ben Brown and Jackson, with Fritsch and 2 smalls. I worry that we then won't apply enough pressure. Obviously talk of TMac going to wing (but then where does Brayshaw go)? Can deal with the problem when they are fit and ready i guess.
  10. On Philips, it may have been that Collingwood said to the cubs the options are this: 1) you take his full salary and we take a crap draft pick (what happened) or 2) you pay a high draft pick similar to what he is worth and we take some of the contract. For Melbourne they had no cap space and wanted to retain draft picks so didn't chase it up (hypothetical). Plus maybe they decided he was a crap kick and didn't want another in the team.. I personally wanted him opposite Langdon :(.
  11. I thought similar, the video showed lots of nice shorter kicks - but didn't see any from the 50 or further out in the clip (doesn't mean he can't). Regardless, he looked good and reminded me of a Gresham / Higgins type and would be happy to have him (especially if he can apply F50 pressure - we have only 1 pressure forward in our best 22 so far (pickett, would love a second to help crumb under 3 talls).
  12. Brisbane got daniher for free (Essendon got pick 7 as compo from AFL I believe).
  13. Not that excited about this, but if it helps us get a first then all good :)
  14. Hogan done for third round selection to GWS = wow. 50 something :O
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