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  1. After 100 innings he gets dropped. Wonder what was in selectors heads pre first test.
  2. That slog to cow corner has been Haddins best and only shot for a decade. Watto is stiff as we dont get enough reviews for him to use.When was the last time in 100 innings that he has saved a match . Johnston back to the scene of his worst pie throwing days. clarke missus having a baby,so he gets a pass. Warner still battles with playing a long innings unless hes in the mood. So the moral to the story after the collapse would be to drop Voges.
  3. Somebody on this thread once said "its the ones they dont take that end up costing the most" Always have said his misses{easy}are the killer for picking a keeper and not a batsmen/keeper
  4. Anybody would think Auspost is run by a bunch of backward readers or something.
  5. Pictures,big fella.We need to see pictures.
  6. First quarter loose ball in the centre,2 loose players in forward 50 and he didnt run to the contest,{pretty normal im afraid} It was a huge swing,if he took the play on we have an open goal,Dont think it showed up on telly,Cross actually said something ti him on the way past. 2nd one was a definite chance to impact another contest and he didnt,geelong player chipped him about it. Yes he did play well,but these moments when the game can be broken open and he doesnt make the contest through lack of wanting to get there has been his downfall.Still id imagine most telly watchers to count his possies abnd not see the lack of drive. Whilst im no fan of his,yesterday he must have got a rocket at half time and showed some fair dinkum go in the second half.{getting to the contest}
  7. Spence,did a great job and still showed that he needs games yet. He was limping at one stage and i thought could be gone for the day and we would be in trouble balance wise. But he stood at FF in the 3rd and limped for another 10 minutes before being called back to the centre circle and went without fear. Clearly his best game and clearly was excited about being in a hard fought win after the game. Could actually be the making of him.
  8. Couple of minor things. Bail=first time he did a job and completed it without losing concentration and letting opponent off the hook. Spencer=played his best game and centre shutdown off opponents and not letting ball out of area was his best,also flew for marks down forward and had to be covered by geelongs spare down back,allowed others to run onto spillages. Jack Watts=has been written many times about his momentum clangers,provided 2 yesterday which had people hanging their heads and hoping it wouldnt effect the result.
  9. There were 6 players sitting behind us all day and when we got well in front during the last quarter i turned around and said "well that gets rid of 186",got smiles from the players as they rushed down to the concourse to be part of the win. It seemed that a new dawn had arrived for the playing list,and was beautiful to see.
  10. You should have a James Hird type boner for the next 5years. We are well on the way.
  11. About 10% of them left the stand i was in. But most stayed to applaud their champ off the ground. And many that walked past us after the game gave us a "well played today" as we stood in sheer happiness. Very nice of the supporters to admire our win and our supporters doggedness to be there yet again.
  12. Thats why Cross has been so important. He has been the leader for viney and the 2 years we get out of Cross will help fast track viney. Yesterday Crossy led all across the ground and made sure the younger player's got to opponents at every stoppage.
  13. Jamar just lost his playing licence yesterday. Unfortunate but these things happen to all older players at some stage. Bail played his first 4 quarter game along with a few others,the team effort thing was actually a "team effort thing" for once.
  14. Just got home,big day for dad and No1 daughter,We stood on the first tier after the game as the geelong fans rolled out,some made comments like "good game well done".Daughter{mindful respect of her interlect}replied "thanks your lot are chit though" Day was made and im now gloating in some sort of dad heaven.
  15. Was ok today and ran to right places. Its difficult when you watch games on telly and dont get to see the positions players get too and not be used. Today the boy did well.
  16. Just got in and had to switch on the computer. Front row first tier seats and 6 dee player's sat right behind us.If i knew how to post my telephone pictures i would. Played with 2 ruckmen today and yes they had thier best games for the club. Bernie played a blinder. Dunny BOG,by a mile. Brayshaw is a gun and today earnt him another 50 games.tuff an hard at it. Best win weve seen for awhile and definitely the best win at cat park. Also was surprised at how many Dee fans actually showed up. The bloke wearing No12 did okay.
  17. Think danger is heading our way actually. What was your local club? And did you notice limps get worse with old age.
  18. Can supply and can teach how to use. Anybody know how that sooky kid did at training this morning? And can we select him?
  19. Using the water carriers would be the silliest idea ive heard so far. Perhaps the afl should put a clock on the scoreboard.
  20. OD,doesnt want anybody to know about his birthday.
  21. Probably things like,"thank christ i left the farm" and the classic,"i was never like that when i lived in the country"
  22. Our list isnt as bad as some people say. Also OD does the misery thing alone with a bottle or 3.
  23. Couple of ex players and ex players association members. It doesnt matter how many games they played,to me they are just old team mates or neighbours from the district. We talk afl and local footy alot and they dont express hatrid for the dees,they actually emphasise with our club and make reasonable comments about our list.
  24. Got a good reason to be in geelong and have a few connections at that club. Also when i go to footy i look for improvements ,not dwelling so much on the mistakes but looking at how many mistakes are being taken out of our players.. The ones that make the same errors generally dont get any time from me and are put on the de-list list.
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